Pokemon Journeys Episode 116 PV teases Lance vs Diantha, the next major clash between Champions

Pokemon Journeys series official poster
Pokemon Journeys series official poster. Pic credit: IMDB

Pokemon Journeys is now halfway through the World Coronation Series’ last Masters Tournament. The promo for the next episode in Japan is revving up for the next massive showdown between Champions!

The latest episode airing in Japan had started things off with the first match of this long-awaited tournament between the top eight trainers of the Pokemon world, with Ash Ketchum skillfully rising into the Masters’ Eight tiers of the world-spanning tournament throughout the newest iteration of the anime thus far. That means it’s time to move on to the next round of the bracket.

Pokemon Journeys’ new promo

With Pokemon Journeys completing the first match of the Masters’ Tournament quarterfinals between Leon and Alain, it’s time to move on to the rest of the bracket. The tournament’s second major clash will be between Kanto and Johto Champion Lance and Kalos Champion Diantha.

This will be the first duel between the two in the anime, so there will be a lot of speculation about who will be the superior trainer.

Check out the following promo for Pokemon Journeys Episode 116, which will show on July 8th in Japan:

Lance and Diantha gracefully accepted their fate as each other’s first foe in the competition and declared their intention to fight with everything they had. It’ll all come down to who faces Leon in the semifinals, so it’ll be a clash fans will want to watch.

In terms of the episode itself, “The Champions’ Pride! Lance vs. Diantha” is the title of Episode 116 of Pokemon Journeys.

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The Pokemon Journey’s most underrated champion

In Pokémon Journeys, the Masters’ Eight Tournament of the World Coronation Series is an epic gathering of the franchise’s most powerful and iconic trainers. However, it’s safe to say that Diantha is the least well-known of the Champions chosen for this tournament.

Diantha, the Kalos Champion, has received the least amount of exposure due to only a few appearances in the anime and only being included in two main series games, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Journeys have a chance to show Diantha the respect she deserves now that she has made the Masters’ Eight and has been partnered up against Lance in the first round.

Diantha’s lack of fame compared to Leon, Cynthia, Steven, and Lance makes her appear condemned to be a slot-filler bound for a first-round ouster in the Masters’ Eight. Leon is the LeBron James of Pokémon Journeys, while the others have been around for far longer in the anime and have made more appearances in other games and remakes.

While Leon, Cynthia, and Ash are guaranteed to win the first round due to their matchups and narratives, it’s to Diantha’s credit that her battle against Lance doesn’t feel like a foregone conclusion like the other matches does for Alain, Iris, and Steven.

The sole disadvantage to the Masters’ Eight tournament is that there won’t be many surprises, given that the fundamental objective of Journeys is for Ash to confront Leon. Lance believes he has a better chance of beating Diantha because of his more significant popularity.

However, given that whoever faces Leon would lose regardless, this is the Masters’ Eight’s only chance for an underdog triumph that will not be a product of narrative armor – as Ash’s victory against Steven will be.

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How do you feel about Lance and Diantha fighting each other? Who do you think will win the fight and face off against Leon? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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