Pokemon Legends Arceus: Yuki Hodo Kishi Futaai Episode 2 release date on Pokemon YouTube channel in June 2022

Akio and the Pokemon Zorua.
Akio and the new mysterious Pokemon Zorua. Pic credit: @pokemon.co.jp

Pokemon Presents, a streaming event that takes place on Sunday (Pokemon Day), announced that the Pokemon Legends Arceus game will have a three-episode online anime series. Episode 1 debuted on May 18, 2022.

Watch Pokemon Legends Arceus: Yuki Hodo Kishi Futaai Episode 1 here:

Episode 1 of Pokemon Legends Arceus: Yuki Hodo Kishi Futaai.

At the end of the first episode, it was revealed that the Pokemon Legends Arceus Episode 2 release date is on June 8, 2022. You can watch the videos on the official Pokemon YouTube channel or on their Pokemon website.

The story revolves around a curious teenage boy named Akio, who is an apprentice of a doctor. When Akio was a kid his father, who works as a woodcutter, warned him that Pokemon are dangerous and that they can’t live together with people. Despite the warning, when Akio encounters an adorable cat-like (and possibly fox-like) Pokemon named Zorua, while on the search for medicinal herbs, he instantly lowers his guard and begins to befriend it.

The new Pokemon Zorua.
A screenshot of the Pokemon Zorua. Pic credit: @pokemon.co.jp

What is the truth behind the mysterious Pokemon Zorua’s true identity

Unfortunately, a Pokemon that has a vendetta against the humans who killed it, lurks in the forest nearby. We will have to wait and see how Akio and Zorua will handle their encounter with this Pokemon, and whether or not their friendship will be able to survive in a village where Pokemon and humans are enemies due to an event that occurred a long time ago. (All I can say, is that I’m rooting for them!)

The anime and the game both take place in the snowy, Pokemon-inhabited fantasy region of Hisui – the past version of the Sinnoh region from the Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl games. The mythical Pokemon Arceus will be making an appearance within the game, and maybe the anime as well. 

The production team for this short anime series includes:

  • Director: Ken Yamamoto
  • Character design: KURO
  • Art director: Yuji Kaneko
  • Offline editing: Akari Saito (Mishima Editing Room)
  • Music: Cornish
  • Screenplay: Taku Kishimoto
  • Color design: Aya Nakamura (WIT Studio)
  • Cinematographer: Takeru Yokoi (WIT Studio)
  • Sound director: Masafumi Mima
  • Animation production: WIT Studio

Pokemon Legends Arceus game: gotta catch all the new Pokemon!

On January 28, 2022 Pokemon Legends: Arceus game launched worldwide for Switch. Players can do a variety of fun and interesting things within the game including riding Pokemon, crafting items, taking photographs, trainer customization, and the ability to join the Galaxy Expedition Team’s Survey Corps in Jubilife Village to go on Pokemon research and survey quests. 

The game will also feature brand new Pokemon: Wyrdeer (an evolution of Stantler), Basculegion (an evolution of Basculin), Kleavor (an evolution of Scyther), and Hisuiian forms of Braviary and Growlithe.

Players can capture Pokemon by throwing Pokeballs, but may have to do battle against them if the Pokemon attack. The Pokemon will be tricky to catch since they can fight in two different ways. The first way is prioritizing speed over strength and the second way is prioritizing strength over speed. The feel of Pokemon Legends: Arceus’s world will be similar to the Wild Area in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games.

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