Sasuke’s birthday is honored by a Naruto hotel offering fans a unique Uchiha clan experience

Sasuke in Naruto's kurama cloak as an adult
Sasuke in Naruto’s Kurama cloak as an adult. Pic credit: Toei animation

Would you stay the night in a Naruto hotel?

As one of the most well-known shonen series in history, Naruto has been around for many years and has participated in a significant number of events. You can only imagine all the things Sasuke has done to please his fan base, given how many of them Team 7 has sponsored.

With a unique hotel experience, a Naruto-themed hotel is now bringing the Uchiha back into the spotlight, allowing fans to interact with his renowned clan in person.

The Uchiha-themed hotel room

The Highland Resort Hotel and Spa is responsible for the entire event. If you didn’t know, the tourist attraction has a room themed to the anime back in 2019 that makes it a must-visit for lovers of Naruto. The room is decorated with numerous items, including ninja images and seal patterns. The hotel has just adopted a special Uchiha re-theme to honor Sasuke’s birthday.

The Uchiha themed hotel room
The Uchiha-themed hotel room. Pic credit: Grape Japan

The Summer of Uchiha event officially started on July 23, 2022, and will last until September 11, 2022, according to the hotel. Its Naruto-themed hotel room is undergoing a unique Uchiha renovation that includes Sharingan decorations. Additionally, there will be paintings of Sasuke and Itachi throughout the room. If guests complete a training side quest while staying there, they can obtain their own ninja accreditation.

If you don’t wish to do any additional tasks, there will be alternative methods to commemorate the Uchiha. The hotel has updated the Macaroni Club restaurant’s menu, which now offers a variety of delights in honor of the family. This also applies to specialty coffees and desserts if you desire something sweet. In addition, the hotel has obtained exclusive Sasuke and Itachi merchandise for guests during the event.

Sasuke’s biggest gift to Boruto

In manga chapter 69, Boruto stops to speak with his mentor, Sasuke, while Kawaki spends time with Naruto. Sasuke makes the momentous decision to apologize to Boruto as they find a vantage point with a view of Hidden Leaf. Sasuke feels terrible for not helping Boruto in the previous battle against both Code and Momoshiki, along with the rest of Team 7’s friends. Sasuke is also sorry that he wasn’t there to stand up and make the difficult decision that Kawaki had to (murder Boruto), as he had promised. He also understood that Kawaki might now be looked upon and despised in the village forever—just like Sasuke.

Although Boruto is prepared to return Sasuke’s keepsake to his master, he acknowledges that wearing the headband motivated him to persevere and fight harder. Sasuke informs Boruto, “It’s acceptable if it’s so beneficial. You cling to it.” I’ll cherish it for the rest of my life, says an ecstatic Boruto to the “Old Man.”

On the one hand, the bonding between Sasuke and Boruto is sweet and endearing, but it’s also difficult to miss the fact that it appears as though a large death flag is still flying over Sasuke. The “Shadow Hokage” warns Boruto, “I might be the one having to display my resolve next,” as he hands him his headband.

Would you think about visiting this Naruto-themed hotel? Or would a different clan’s accommodations suit you better? Share your comments here and let us know what you think.

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