Science Fell in Love Episode 9 adds depth to the most superficial trait of romance

Shinya Yiukimura and Ayame Himuro being romantic in front of the sunset. Science Fell truly in Love.
Shinya Yiukimura and Ayame Himuro being romantic in front of a sunset. Pic credit: Zero-G

First impressions matter a lot, and Shinya and Ayame want to delve into the deep science of looking attractive. Science Fell in Love Season 2 delves into the actual science of romance and happiness in novel methods.

To name a few, these methods include using saliva and oxytocin tests to assess how many individuals prefer 2D girls to 3D ladies. Himuro Ayame and Yukimira Shinya tackle the shallowest and darkest side of romance in Science Fell in Love Episode 9.

The science of appearances

As they say, looks aren’t everything, but they count a lot, and excellent looks are a deciding factor in first impressions. Many scientists have investigated this topic in the past.

At Saitama University’s next festival, Ayame and Shinya hope to uncover the secrets of how a person’s external beauty can affect the course of attraction and genuine love.

Ayame and Shina enthusiastically volunteer to set up a booth researching the science of physical appearances in Episode 9.

This is virtually a meta-comment on how gorgeous they are, even by modern anime norms, which are relatively high. No anime is weak enough to make a character’s appearance the only thing that matters, yet the deredere Ayame easily rates among modern anime’s most stunning waifus.

On the other hand, Shinya is a knockout stud of a scientist with a calm kuudere demeanor to match. Neither of them is self-conscious about their appearance, yet their external beauty makes them ideal candidates for the study.

Shinya Yiukimura grinning while also sparkling
Shinya Yiukimura sparkles while wearing a smile. Pic credit: Zero-G studios

To begin, in Science Fell in Love Episode 9, Shinya shows images of Ayame dressed as nurses and even catgirls. Kosuke is confident that Ayame will get major points with these photos.

While Ayame feels ashamed about it during the strategy discussion, there is no disputing that she enjoys flaunting herself. She is the perfect choice for testing what men seek in attractive women.

Shinya could also be his test case to see what ladies appreciate in gorgeous men like him, and Ayame and Shinya could collect all types of data on appearances simultaneously.

The benefits of good looks

It’s not only a matter of genetics. A person’s looks can help them create a good impression during dates, job interviews, and other occasions. This concept indicates that the science of good looks has a wide range of practical applications and significance for everyone.

Fortunately, as Ayame points out, “even if a person does not have an adorable face, their appearance can be modified by cosmetics, grooming/hygiene, clothes, haircuts, and even body language and posture.” Ayame implies that anyone can take direct control of how wonderful they seem.

An example of an attractive man
A prime example of an attractive man. Pic credit: Zero-G studios

Given the subjects discussed here, Science Fell in Love Episode 10 should be fascinating. So far, Science Fell in Love hasn’t focused on how attractive Ayame and Shinya are, leaving their looks to speak for themselves, but that could change shortly.

Episode 10 will probably feature Ayame experimenting on ridiculous PG-13 cosplay outfits and a frazzled Shinya being chased by admiring women. This should be a character test for both of them.

Shinya and Ayame are sure to be in over their heads when they use their appearances, so they should prepare. Otherwise, reliable data collection will be the least of their worries.

When they were both students, Ayame fell in love with Shinya not because he was attractive, but because he understood and empowered her. He taught her that she is beautiful on the inside and out. Since then, that has been a significant subject of Science Fell in Love.

Even if Episode 10 is all about appearances, the anime will never overlook what a holistic science love is indeed.

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