Shaman King Part 4 release date revealed by Netflix trailer

Yoh Asakura and the spirit of the warrior amidamaru
Yoh Asakura and the spirit of the warrior Amidamaru. Pic credit: Studio Xebec

Netflix has announced the Shaman King Part 4 release date for the last batch of episodes to be May 23, 2022. The latest Shaman King trailer previews Yoh’s final clashes.

In addition, a true Shaman King Season 2 anime has already been announced that will adapt the Shaman King Flowers manga sequel.

Shaman King is the sequel to Hiroyuki Takei’s manga of the same name. Joji Furuta directs the anime at Bridge Animation Studio. In Japan, the series premiered on April 1, 2021. The series was bought by Netflix and premiered on the streaming site on August 9, 2021.

Shaman King’s new trailer

The teaser focuses on the series’ heroes’ conflict, with a frightening warning regarding the newly awakened Shaman King. Quick cuts from various characters depict difficult struggles and heartbreaking times as Yoh Asakura, and his allies come together to fight Yoh’s brother, Hao Asakura, from wiping humanity from the earth.

The new shaman king trailer.

Shaman King concluded broadcasting in Japan in April 2022, and a Shaman King sequel series has been greenlit for production. The new anime will focus on Takei’s 2012 sequel manga Shaman King: Flowers and center on Hana Asakura, Yoh, and Anna’s son. Additional information regarding the upcoming series, such as its cast, staff, and launch date, has yet to be released.

Shaman King 2021, directed by Joji Furuta (Visual Prison), has a lot of staff. Shouji Yonemura (One Piece 2013 — present, Death Note, Fairy Tail) handles the series composition. Furthermore, Studio Bridge handles the animation and is recognized for its performance on The Royal Tutor, Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens and the second half of Fairy Tail.

Since the manga’s conclusion in 2011, the rights to publish the series in English have been transferred from Viz Media to Kodansha, with the new publisher distributing Shaman King as a “full” 35-book series, both digitally and in print. The series was a commercial success both at home and abroad, with 38 million copies of the manga in print in March 2021. Shaman King even made the New York Times manga bestseller list with the publication of its 24th volume in 2009.

Shaman king synopsis and more

Originally published as a manga from 1998 to 2004, Shaman King was adapted into an anime in 2001 by studio Xebec (Negima! Magister Negi Magi, To Love Ru, BanG Dream!). Several 2001 anime voice cast reprised their roles; voice actress and singer Megumi Hayashibara also reappeared to provide the opening and finishing songs. Also, when it looked like the original voice cast would not be returning, Hiroyuki Takei, the original creator of the series, said in 2017 that he had turned down the opportunity to do a relaunch. Studio Bridge officially greenlighted the revival in June 2020.

Asakura Yoh is a shaman, a bridge between the living and the dead worlds. Yoh aspires to be the Shaman King, the one who can contact the Great Spirit and remake the universe in any manner they like, and to do so; he must overcome the Shaman Fight, a battle between rival shamans conducted once every 500 years. Yoh’s fiancée, Kyoyama Anna, soon arrives and recommends a rigorous training routine to train him for the competition.

What do you think about the Shaman King reboot? Also, are you excited about the upcoming sequel? What are your thoughts on the new trailer? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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