Shonen Jump Victory Carnival 2022 poster features One Piece, Dragon Ball, MHA, JJK, and other characters

Shonen jump promotional image featuring Goku, Luffy and boruto.
Shonen jump promotional image featuring Goku, Luffy, and Boruto. Pic credit: Viz media

The forthcoming Shonen Jump Jump Victory Carnival 2022 event has released new poster art featuring Goku, Luffy, Deku, and others.

For a good reason, Weekly Shonen Jump is one of Japan’s most popular manga publications, with regularly issued manga collections containing Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, and others. Its sister series usually has plenty of news for anime lovers. Many consider Jump Festa the publication’s primary event, which generally takes place at the end of the year each year. A new poster has appeared revealing which titles should be included in this summer event.

The new Shonen Jump Victory Carnival poster

Shonen Jump posted this poster on their website. It depicts characters from some of the manga magazine’s current and most popular anime series. Characters from One Piece, Dragon Ball, and My Hero Academia appear at the forefront of the poster. The background has characters from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Quest, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Demon Slayer.

The recently released Shonen Jump Victory Carnival poster
The recently released Shonen Jump Victory Carnival poster features Goku, Luffy, etc. Pic credit: Shonen Jump/Website

Jump Victory Carnival has returned after taking a year off due to the coronavirus outbreak, with the festival returning last year and including some of the most extensive Shonen series.

COVID-19 has numerous negative consequences on anime and manga storylines across the board. The medium has risen significantly in recent years. Because there will be considerable changes in the world of Shonen in 2022, we wouldn’t be shocked to see some significant announcements coming as a result of the forthcoming Jump Victory Carnival in July.

The fall anime season is slated to be one of the most stacked in recent memory. Also, with the return of My Hero Academia, Bleach, and Mob Psycho 100 and the first anime adaptations of Chainsaw Man and Uzumaki by Junji Ito, fans are excited. It will be fascinating to see what news comes in as the anime fandom continues to surge in popularity. As seen by sales data and audience desire for anime material, this year’s Jump Victory Carnival is for hungry anime fans.

Goku and Luffy poster appearances

The Dragon Ball Super sequel manga is still in progress, with over 80 chapters published. The current Super arc, “Granolah the Survivor,” follows a bounty hunter named Granolah, who works for an organization called the Heeters. The Heeters is aligned with the Frieza Force. Goku’s placement on the poster is no surprise, considering Dragon Ball is still one of Shonen Jump’s most popular titles. The storyline, which is scheduled to conclude shortly, also saw the introduction of Vegeta’s new Ultra Ego form. Because the series’ most recent film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, will be in Japanese cinemas by June, part of the announcements during Jump Victory Carnival 2022 may probably be about the manga series’ future.

Luffy’s appearance in the poster’s center is not a surprise, considering that One Piece is the most famous manga series. One Piece has over 500 million copies in print. The anime and Eiichiro Oda’s manga are still in the middle of the Wano Country storyline. The storyline pits the Straw Hat pirates against Kaido and his Beast Pirates. The arc also introduces a new member of the Straw Hat crew, Kaido’s daughter Yamato, defying their tyrannical father’s control. At Jump Victory Carnival 2022, further announcements concerning the manga series’ future and the upcoming One Piece Film: Red film are expected.

Are you hyped for the summer anime season? What do you think about the new Shonen Jump Victory Carnival poster? Are you excited about the Shonen Jump Victory Carnival? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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