Shy anime trailer, teaser visual reveals adaptation by Studio 8bit

Key visual for the upcoming anime Shy.
Key visual for the upcoming anime Shy. Pic credit: @SHY_off/Twitter

On October 5, 2022, the official Twitter account for Bukimi Miki’s SHY action, superhero manga announced that it would be getting an anime adaptation by Studio 8-bit.

A key visual featuring the heroine of the story – Teru Momijiyama, who goes by the hero name “Shy” was also released. The key visual shows Teru’s usual everyday appearance when she goes to school, and her hero look.

You can see the key visual here:

Full-size key visual for the upcoming anime Shy, featuring the heroine Shy (on right) and her civilian appearance as Teru Momijiyama (left).
Full-size key visual for the upcoming anime Shy, featuring the heroine Shy (on right) and her civilian appearance as Teru Momijiyama (left). Pic credit: @SHY_off/Twitter

You can watch the teaser trailer on Emotion Label Channel’s official YouTube channel here:

Shy trailer.

In the trailer, we get our first glimpse of the heroine Shy, who will be played by voice actress Shino Shimoji (Aikatsu!, Hakumei and Mikochi).

What is the plot of SHY?

The setting of the story is a time when the world was on the brink of World War 3 and that’s when a group of superheroes stepped up to the plate in order to restore order and bring world peace. After the threat passed, each hero was assigned to a specific country in order to handle domestic matters, and their respective citizens accepted them.

The heroes meet periodically at a space station called the Heroes’ Hideout in order to oversee and discuss matters back on Earth. The heroes must do their best to protect people’s hearts from corruption by evil villains, who seek to manipulate them. Aiding them on their quest, the heroes are equipped with Heart Conversion Bracelets, which allow them to transform from their civilian appearance to their hero identity. The bracelets also give them the ability to understand any language.

A hero must sync their heart with the bracelets and the bracelets store “Heart Power”, which becomes the source of a hero’s power and abilities. The stronger a hero’s conviction and determination are the more power the bracelets will produce. When a hero’s “Heart Power” runs out they return to their civilian form.

Meanwhile, the villains use similar rings on people in order to manipulate their hearts. These rings are connected to the villains’ leader and were actually made from parts of his heart. The rings draw out the deepest, darkest feelings in one’s heart and cause black crystals to emerge from one’s body.

The story centers on 14-year-old Teru Momijiyama, who goes by the hero name Shy due to her bashful personality. Shy was chosen to serve the country of Japan and one day she is invited to make an appearance at an amusement park to give a public speech. However, the audience grows weary of her shyness and she’s forced to leave the stage. Later, a roller coaster derails and when Shy tries to save the riders one girl, Iko Koishikawa, suffers severe injuries. The public is quick to put the blame on Shy and declare she failed in her duties as a hero. Due to falling into a deep depression, Teru loses her powers and she decides to isolate herself for a month.

The Russian hero, Spirits (named after her drinking habit), who is a friend of Teru, tries to offer encouragement to Teru and explains that she can’t please everyone. When Teru is suddenly confronted with a burning building later she has to make a choice. Teru manages to scrounge up the courage to transform into Shy, enters the burning building, and is able to save a woman and child.

Later, Teru is surprised to learn that the girl she saved, Iko Koishikawa, has been transferred to her school. Iko thanks Teru for saving her life and the two of them become friends.

Although, Shy has decided to return to being a hero a huge threat looms over the world – the evil villainous organization known as Amalareiks. Amalareiks appeared after the threat of a Third World War had been averted and is led by their leader Stigma, who dreams of an ideal world made just for children.

Will Shy be able to become a better, more confident hero in time to save the world from Amalareiks? You’ll have to watch the upcoming anime in order to find out!

Who are the members of the production team?

SHY production team members include:

  • Director – Masaomi Andou (Astra Lost in Space, Scum’s Wish, School-Live!)
  • Animation – 8-Bit (Blue Lock, Encouragement of Climb).
  • Original Story – Bukimi Miki

Where can I read the manga?

Weekly Shounen Champion #35 issue cover, featuring Shy and other heroes.
Weekly Shounen Champion #35 issue cover, featuring Shy and other heroes. Pic credit: Weekly Shounen Champion

Shy is a Japanese superhero manga series written and illustrated by Bukimi Miki. On April 1, 2019, the series began serialization in Akita Shoten’s shounen manga magazine Weekly Shounen Champion in issue #35. The manga’s chapters have been collected into sixteen tankobon volumes by Akita Shoten as of October 6, 2022.

The manga’s English version has been licensed by Yen Press for release in North America. The manga is also available in other languages: French by Kana (September 2020), German by Kaze (October 2020), Spanish by Panini Comics (April 2021), and Italian by Planet Manga (August 2021).

Are you looking forward to the anime SHY? Let us know in the comment section below! If you’re a fan of My Hero Academia this is definitely one you won’t want to miss!

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