SK8 the Infinity OVA episode confirmed by SK8 S2 trailer

Reki Kyan main character of SK8 the Infinity anime
Reki Kyan is the main character of SK8 the Infinity anime. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

Fans have been on edge for the past week due to the SK8 the Infinity anime, but it appears that all of their patience has finally paid off. SK8 the Infinity Season 2 is currently in production, and it will also have a unique SK8 OVA episode!

According to the production team, more episodes of the sports series are now being produced.

The SK8 OVA announcement

The show’s production crew provided the update, which coincides with the announcement of SK8 Season 2 on social media. A new season of the anime has been approved by Studio Bones, according to the official page for the series.

Additionally, a SK8 the Infinity OVA episode will be released as a bonus. The primary cast from season one of the anime will return to direct these fresh initiatives. Therefore, if you miss the skateboarding anime, it won’t be gone for long.

Here is a sneak preview of what’s to come:

「SK∞ エスケーエイト」新アニメプロジェクト特報映像|新作OVA&TVシリーズ第2期制作決定!

For those who do not know, SK8 the Infinity was launched in January 2021 as an original narrative produced by Studio Bones. The sports anime went on to become a major sensation with viewers, inspiring the release of two manga spin-offs. Since the first season of SK8 the Infinity ended, fans have been anticipating a second, but studio officials have never confirmed it until now.

How Reki’s passion for skating goes beyond regular sports anime

Skateboarding is entirely about the delight it evokes for Reki; it’s not just about practicing or competing for him. Although this remark could come off as cliche, it nonetheless has resonance in the sports world at a time when brilliance and expectations are in excess. Reki’s motivational spirit is carried throughout Sk8: The Infinity, inspiring deep friendships and exciting adventures.

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Reki doesn’t think twice about taking on Langa, the new Canadian exchange student in his class, as a trainee when he shows the slightest interest in skateboarding. After Langa is unexpectedly hired to work at the skate shop where Reki is employed, they head to “S,” the exclusive (and covert) skateboard racing neighborhood, to deliver something. Langa is unpredictably challenged to a race and accepts it on the spot. Langa blows everyone away with his incredible speed and defeats talented skater Shadow, who had just beaten Reki in a race, despite having no prior skateboarding expertise.

Reki, who is overjoyed to have a new skateboarding partner, serves as Langa’s coach and primary cheerleader at first. Reki, an aspiring board maker, even creates a skateboard, especially for Langa’s snowboarding style. Langa’s eyes are opened to skateboarding’s limitless potential and the exhilarating rush that comes with it, thanks to him. However, as Langa continues to win every new racer, he confronts and his coach suffers terrible losses and injuries. As a result, Reki’s enthusiasm for Langa’s success begins to wane.

The doom and gloom of Reki

Reki becomes increasingly irritated as his new friend and partner continue to face difficult challenges. His training observations show the fundamental skill disparity between him and Langa, but so do the rivals’ condescending attitudes toward the unperfect skater gradually fading into the background. Reki grows an inferiority mentality that eventually consumes him and is impossible to overcome. He falls into a devastating spiral of self-doubt and disillusion with skating after losing touch with the sport’s enjoyable aspects. Reki and Langa become estranged from everyone due to this internal battle, and Reki declines to support Langa in the next “S” competition.

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Reki Kyan in his state of gloom
Reki Kyan in his state of gloom. Pic credit: Studio Bones

In contrast to sports anime athletes who typically experience a decline in confidence or an internal conflict during their character arc, the reason why Reki begins to feel distant from skateboarding in this chapter of Sk8 is more complicated. Reki believes that the “exhilarating” aspect of skating doesn’t come from judging who is more skilled or who can win a race. Reki felt reasonably insecure and torn due to the stark disparities between them, surrounded by others who are more naturally gifted than him and thrive off of that competitive edge. He even refers to Langa and Adam as “psycho geniuses” for relishing such intense rivalry.

Langa’s skating performance suffers, and he loses momentum without Reki’s assistance. Langa isn’t pulled back to why he loves skating so much until Reki reappears. He understands that Reki’s passion for the game, rather than his desire to become an all-star or push himself to compete, is what attracted him. Without the enjoyment of a skating partner, that type of drive is meaningless. Reki’s spirit is lifted after Langa explains to him how much he means to him and how much more significant their friendship is than their rivalry, and they decide to continue skating for infinity.

Are you anticipating the start of the upcoming SK8 the Infinity Season 2? Have you yet watched the first season? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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