Spy x Family cosplay a live-action look at Anya Forger’s family

The forger family on a family outing.
The Forger family is in the park sightseeing. Pic credit: Wit studio

Spy x Family may be one of the most popular new anime series, not just for the spring season but for the entire year of 2022. Cosplayers have brought characters like Loid, Yor, and Anya to life.

A stunning new batch of images from a trio of cosplayers gives Spy x Family fans a glimpse of how the Forgers might appear in live-action. A trio of Chinese cosplayers perfectly captured the appearance and character of Spy x Family’s Forgers.

Spy x Family’s new Cosplay

In new Instagram photographs, the cosplayers identified as @weilanran, @lujiuerhei, and “Wo Jiù Chi” depict Loid, Yor, and Anya Forger.

Loid and Yor are seen in their informal, everyday clothes and the more professional dress they wear to their real occupations. Anya is shown in her Eden Academy uniform. The cosplayers demonstrate how precise their costumes and make-up are by replicating some of the manga’s most renowned covers and art pieces.

Cosplay of the forger family on Instagram
Cosplay of the Forger family. Pic credit: weilanran and lujiuerhei

You can find more of @lujiuerhei and @weilanran’s cosplay on their Instagram.

Aside from their recent Spy x Family collaboration, the duo has previously collaborated on several photo shootings. They include ones based on the computer game Genshin Impact and the internationally famous donghua Heaven Official’s Blessing. More pictures below

The Forger family Spy x Family cosplay poster
The Forger family Spy x Family cosplay poster. Pic credit: weilanran and lujiuerhei
Spy x Family Cosplay of the Forger family
lujiuerhei posted lujiuerhei posted Spy x Family Cosplay of the Forger family on Instagram. Pic credit: weilanran and lujiuerhei

Spy x Family: The story so far

The attention has been on Anya Forger, the child psychic. Anya has one of the most crucial roles in Twilight’s covert operation, aka her father Loid, in the latest exploits of the Forger Family. Despite her psychic skills, Anya has struggled to make friends and get close to her target.

Anya has been accepted into the prestigious Eden College, but this is only the first stage in the convoluted scheme. With the first season of the anime adaptation by Wit Studio and CloverWorks planned to include 25 episodes, the Forgers are in for many more adventures. The Spy x Family Part 2 release date is in Fall 2022.

Tatsuya Endo created the story in 2019. It was initially launched as an exclusive for Shonen Jump+, a digital manga platform run by Shueisha. Shonen Jump+ is the famous Weekly Shonen Jump magazine publisher. The espionage-themed family comedy has swiftly become one of the service’s most successful titles, with print releases selling over 21 million copies worldwide.

Endo’s manga has been a commercial and critical success. It has already been nominated for two Eisner Awards, first in 2021, when it lost to the highly renowned Remina, and again in 2022, when it is up for the Best U.S. Edition of International Material-Asia award.

Have you been enjoying the Forger Family’s adventures so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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