Spy x Family Episode 10 adds a surprising Dragon Ball Namek Easter Egg

Loid carrying anya home after she fell asleep. Spy x Family
Loid carried Anya home after she fell asleep. Pic credit: Wit studios

Spy x Family is nearing the end of its first season. The current episode, Spy x Family Episode 10, has smuggled in a stunning Easter Egg that pays homage to the Dragon Ball long Namek storyline unexpectedly!

The latest episode of the series reintroduced Anya to Eden Academy after a few weeks with Loid and Yor, and the anime disclosed that she had a chance to earn a Stella Star as part of a dodgeball game. The only difficulty was that the other students believed they had a similar slim probability.

Spy x Family Dragon Ball Easter Egg

Spy x Family Episode 10 saw Anya and the rest of her classmates getting ready for an upcoming dodgeball game after hearing a rumor that the game’s MVP would be awarded a Stella Star.

his had Anya training as hard as she could, as did her other schoolmates, especially Damien Desmond. Damien was working so hard that he envisioned himself in difficult circumstances, such as when he appeared to be stopping one of Frieza’s blasts on Namek in Dragon Ball. Take a look at it below:

Damien trying to catch a blast frieza type blast.
Damien is trying to catch a blast Frieza-type blast. Pic credit: Wit studios

Above Damien steadies himself to catch the Frieza-type blast; he could very well be Sayian.

Damien trying his best to hold back the blast.
Damien is trying his best to hold back the blast. Pic credit: Wit studios

The Dragon Ball Easter Egg appears as he attempts resistance training and imagines himself receiving a mighty ki blast. Then it is revealed that he was trying to push back against a tire swing. It’s just one of several fake-outs in the episode, explaining why fans are so attached to the series as it concludes.

Damien is Saiyan material (In his mind, though). Even though he doesn’t have the body of a Saiyan, he has the tenacity of one. A few sessions with Goku, and he would be ready in no time.

Spy x Family Episode 10 recap

Spy x Family Episode 10 features the students of Eden College participating in a furious game of dodgeball, with the anime offering a lot of funny turns throughout. Anya Forger and Damian Desmond are pushed to their limits during P.E. class by a rumor. However, their efforts do not bear fruit as expected.

With a dodgeball contest in P.E., the pupils assume the MVP will receive a Stella star. They all try to be top achievers after being pushed to do so. Of course, Anya and Damian appear to be the most determined to earn the ultimate prize.

And they each have similar reasons for attempting to obtain their first Stella. Anya wants to succeed for Twilight’s sake, knowing that her family’s fate is in the hands of Operation Strix. Damian, on the other hand, feels overshadowed by his older brother. He believes that the only way to attract his father’s attention is to excel in school and do so quickly.

In Spy x Family Episode 10, Emile “sacrificing” himself to save Damian is just one example of chivalry. And when the competition is reduced to just Anya and Damian versus their dangerous opponent Billy, a shocking turn of events occurs.

 The Stella star rumors were just that: rumors. Students are not awarded for their performance in the game. In fact, Billy is punished with a Tonitrus Bolt for wishing his peers death.

As a result, the current episode of Spy x Family returns the characters to where they began. Nonetheless, it provides an engaging and amusing television chapter – precisely what we’re hoping for with this animation.

What are your thoughts on this Dragon Ball reference? How are you enjoying the Spy x Family anime so far? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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