Spy x Family Episode 11 celebrated with a new Anya Forger art visual

Spy x Family promo art
Spy x Family promo art showcasing the forger family. Pic credit:Wit studios and Cloverworks

Spy x family Episode 11 has dropped and it came packed with all the buzz and feels serving as the anime’s penultimate episode.

Spy x Family is arguably one of the most anticipated new anime series to debut in 2022, with the anime adaption quickly becoming the most beloved television series in Japan as it follows the humorous and sometimes dangerous story of the Forger Family.

With the youngest member of the trio, Anya, still navigating her way through the prestigious Eden College to assist her father, Loid, in accomplishing his quest as the master spy Twilight, the latest episode sees the father of the family attempting to go to extreme lengths to ensure peace between two warring nations.

Spy x Family Episode 11 Anya art

The official Spy x Family website has shared a new visual to commemorate the arrival of the episode 11 of the series from Wit and CloverWorks, which continues to give hints as to Anya’s current mission within the halls of Eden College as Loid and Yor lend support as a master spy and a world-class assassin.

Anya is depicted dreaming about passing her tests. Hopefully, she succeeds in real life.

Check out the new visual below:

New art, showcasing Anya forger dreaming.
New art showcasing Anya Forger dreaming. Pic credit: spy-family.net

With the anime adaptation over halfway through its first season, fans should brace themselves for a break, as the first season’s ending will take place following the arrival of episode 12, with the series expected to return with fresh episodes this fall 2022.

Based on what we’ve seen thus far, we wouldn’t be surprised if the last episode of the first season ends with a cliffhanger involving the trio of the Forger Family.

Spy x Family 11 recap (Spoilers)

Donovan Desmond’s plans are moving forward, and WISE wants Anya Forger to keep up academically. While his daughter Anya is enjoying her favorite anime, Loid Forger aka Twilight goes over her exam results. Loid knows he needs to modify Anya’s study habits in order for her to achieve better marks and at least eight stella in order for him to advance on his own goal.

Loid takes Anya to a hospital to volunteer. Unfortunately, Anya is unable of doing any work without damaging something.

However, Anya saves a boy named Ken from drowning in a pool, despite nearly drowning herself. She receives her first stella at school, becoming the first first-grader to do so. Anya gets the attention of her classmates and teachers, but Damian Desmond is envious since she beat him to the punch.

On a train, Loid meets with his supervisor to get an update on Operation Strix. His boss is worried about some of Donovan Desmond’s recent financial transactions. They must accelerate the process of contacting Desmond and encourage Anya to befriend Desmond’s younger son Damian as soon as feasible.

Anya feels confident she can now help Loid’s mission after earning a stella. However, Anya quickly learns her success has only intensified Damian’s attention toward her. The other students at school begin to show their contempt by spreading false rumors about Anya.

Anya decides she wants a puppy to bond with Damian and asks Loid to get her one. Anya comes upon an abused psychic dog in a low-quality dog shelter while looking for a puppy. The dog detects Anya’s desire for a dog and attempts to persuade her to adopt her.

What are your predictions for the Forger Family before the anime adaptation’s first batch of episodes concludes? Please let us know in the comments.

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