Spy x Family Episode 14 unveils special PV trailer

Anya looking mysterious on sunglasses
Anya looks mysterious in sunglasses. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

Spy x Family is back and finally running with new episodes as part of the very crowded Fall 2022 anime calendar. The series has given fans the first peek at what we can anticipate from Spy x Family Episode 14 with the promo for the next episode of the anime!

The first season of the anime adaptation based on Tatsuya Endo’s original manga series absolutely took off with fans with the first part of its run earlier this Spring, so there was a lot of anticipation for what could come next. The show has now had its midseason premiere and an exciting new arc.

The Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 1 promo

Spy x Family has begun the second half of its first season, and the midseason opener has already started to set up the Forger Family’s subsequent important acquisition. At the same time, all three family members are now involved in a dangerous assassination plot.

This has put Anya in grave danger, and it’s one of the key highlights of the series’ trailer for Spy x Family Episode 14: Disarm the Time Bomb.

You can check it out below here:

SPY x Family episode 14 preview

Spy x Family is back with new episodes for the rest of the Fall season, and you can now watch it (along with the first 13 episodes of the season) on Crunchyroll. An English-dubbed version for the second half of the season will be available later, but no specific date has been announced as of this writing.

Spy x Family episode 13 recap

Spy x Family Cour 2 opens with a recap of Season 1’s first half: Ostania and Westalis are at odds with one another. Donovan Desmond, Ostania’s political leader, is at the center of both nations’ disputes. Agent Twilight is the spy tasked to study him as part of Operation Strix.

Twilight, now known as Loid Forger, adopts a telepathic daughter named Anya and marries an enemy assassin Yor Briar as part of his new masquerade. He is now ready for the next step of his mission after enrolling his daughter in the same school as Desmond’s youngest son Damian.

Loid reasoned early in the morning, after the Forger family had breakfast together, that getting Anya a puppy would keep her motivated to succeed in school until she earned the necessary eight points to get into Donovan’s social event. Unfortunately for Loid, he is called to an emergency meeting and must pretend to have a restroom emergency to leave swiftly. Before he departs, he requests that Yor accompany Anya to a pet adoption event.

Loid’s impersonation

Loid learns about an assassination plan against Brantz at the meeting he’s attending on the route to the meeting. The accused plotters are an insular group of Berlintz University students who are also on the Secret Police’s radar. Fortunately, Loid and the agency could catch one of the plotters and extract some information from him. Loid is requested to impersonate Keith, the group’s leader, to deceive the young man into disclosing everything he knows about the conspiracy.

The ploy is successful, as the agency discovers the names of the other members of the organization, their hiding places, and their plan to carry out the assassination. Keith’s plan is to strap bombs to a few dogs and ambush the Westalis Foreign Minister as he moves. Loid attempts to restrict the list of probable targets using the information provided by the plotter, but is unable to understand how university students can afford to train combat dogs to carry out an assassination. His friend believes the students must be supported by a third party who is either right-wing or an enemy sympathizer.

Yor and Anya are captivated by the number of animals present at the pet adoption event, and Yor laments why Loid didn’t bring them there first. Anya comes across a telepathic white dog that beams a thought into Anya’s head as he speaks with an employee about prospective pets to adopt.

Because Yor is too preoccupied with the employee, Anya decides to explore the dog on her own, which leads her to one of Keith’s hiding locations. Unfortunately for Anya, she overhears Keith’s plan to assassinate the Westalis Foreign Minister with his bomb dogs and is apprehended by one of Keith’s minions.

The white dog, sensing that Anya is in danger, frees itself in time to save the girl from being slain. Yor realizes her daughter has gone missing from the pet adoption event and anxiously looks for her all over the premises while Anya and the dog are working out how to get away from Keith. She begins to imagine every worst-case scenario when she is unable to locate Anya, including the chance that she was taken by a human trafficker. Yor begins to wish for her husband to return from the restroom as she delves more into the thought of Anya being sold off as a bride to some unscrupulous man.

Loid phones Sylvia after thoroughly investigating all of Keith’s possible hideouts to inform her of a lead involving two white vans rented out to one of Keith’s followers, Kevin Knowles. Sylvia then discloses her information about the canines Keith has been collecting: they are all Project Apple leftovers that have been sold on the illicit market. The former Ostanian government experimented on Project Apple canines in order to generate hyper-intelligent creatures that could serve military goals.

While at Keith’s safe house, his phone rings, and he is notified that two of his previous hideouts have been probed by suspicious agents. This compels Keith to implement Plan B, but before he does so, he observes that Anya and the dog have departed the premises. He chooses to pursue them instead, resulting in a chase that immediately attracts Yor’s notice. While fleeing Keith and his supporters, Anya discovers that the dog, like her, is telepathic, with the exception that he can predict the future.

Keith eventually cornered Anya and the dog after they ran around the block in circles. He then threatened to execute them both. Yor comes just in time to pick up her daughter before he has a chance to touch the girl. She succeeds in beating one of Keith’s followers before confronting Keith, mistaking him for a human trafficker. Anya, on the other hand, is grateful for her adopted mother’s early arrival.

What do you hope to see in Spy x Family Episode 14? What were your thoughts on the midseason premiere? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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