Spy x Family shirt by Uniqlo has 2nd wave of merch scheduled for November 2022

Anya and Bond Forger
Anya and Bond Forger napping together. Pic credit: WIT studio

Bond Forger, a hairy canine who happens to be holding a secret unique to the family made up of expert spy Twilight, world-class assassin Thorn Princess, and the telepathic Anya has joined the Spy x Family.

As the clairvoyant dog has become an official part of the Forger family, some Uniqlo and Spy x Family merch is slated to arrive soon. The Spy x Family shirts will make an excellent addition to the collections of anime lovers who have a soft spot for the Forgers.

Crunchyroll is currently broadcasting Spy x Family Part 2. On Friday, November 11, 2022, the Spy x Family Uniqlo merch will be sold in Uniqlo Japan stores countrywide and on their website.

Spy x Family’s new Uniqlo merch

Five distinct Spy x Family designs in a variety of different colors shirts have been posted on Uniqlo Japan’s Twitter account. One features a collection of Anya’s great meme expressions with the statement, “I enjoy eating peanuts. I despise carrots “on it.

A second design features Bond on the shirt pocket, while a third design is inspired by the first season’s ending song and features an illustration of an old-school TV with the Forgers in it.

The fourth design focuses on Anya and Bond’s lovely bond, while the final design features the entire Forger family.

Check out the various shirt designs:

Spy x Family Uniqlo collection
Spy x Family and Uniqlo collection. Pic credit: Uniqlo

If you’re wondering how Bond ended up in the family with so many secrets, Yor and Anya happened to encounter the huge hound when looking for a dog to add to their brood. Unfortunately, the encounter could not have happened at a worse time, since Bond was being used as a tool by terrorists attempting to spark a confrontation between the two warring nations, something Twilight had hoped to avoid.

Bond quickly became a fan favorite, with the dog uttering his characteristic slogan, “Borf,” while quickly building a rapport with Anya that would ultimately lead to his joining the anime household of the year.

The second collaboration includes children’s T-shirts

The first three designs in Uniqlo Japan’s tweet are exclusively available in child sizes, but the next four are unisex. The hit anime originally teamed with the apparel line earlier this year, with one of their designs portraying a smug Anya lurking in the shirt pocket. Uniqlo has previously collaborated with other series such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Pok√©mon, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal, and the Mobile Suit Gundam series. One of their next collaborations is with One Piece Film: Red.

The funny Anya pocket design
The funny Anya pocket design. Pic credit: Uniqlo

Spy x Family, created by Tatsuya Endo, combines comedy, action, and heart in a narrative about a spy, assassin, and telepath. Twilight is an elite spy charged with the critical operation called Operation Strix, the purpose of which is to get close to Donovan Desmond, a man set on breaking the East-West war. One of the things he needs to accomplish is to get a child admitted to Eden Academy, so Twilight adopts Anya and marries Yor under the guise of Loid Forger. They balance their lives as ordinary, law-abiding individuals with their hidden double identities, all the while learning that their fictitious family is becoming more genuine by the day. The series quickly became a big success, selling over 26 million copies as of October.

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