SPY x FAMILY Yor Forger figure shocks with removable clothing, anatomically correct Thorn Princess statue

Yor Figure Atlas Studio
Peak ÉLÉGANCE! Atlas Studio’s Yor Forger figure captures all of the details perfectly of the Thorn Princess. Pic credit: Atlas Studio

Lately, it seems as if the anime figurine market is doing its best to shock fans. A recently released SPY x FAMILY Yor Forger figure by Atlas Studio is generating Anya Forger meme-like expressions on fans’ faces since the statue not only has removable clothing like Barbie dolls… it’s 100 percent anatomically correct!

If the sight of that naked Yor figure makes you feel faint, then the price for this Yor figurine might do you in. It goes for roughly $165 USD ($230.97 SGD) or higher on anime collectibles websites so it’s not exactly an entry-level way to jump into the hobby.

Still, you’re getting what you pay for in Altas Studio’s Yor Forger figure. Made out of detailed resin, it’s 1/6 scale and stands at approximately 33.7 cm including the base (otherwise, Yor’s height would be 6.5 feet tall!).

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This video shows the making of Atlas Studio’s Yor Briar figurine. The video is age-restricted since it does briefly show 3D models of the Thorn Princess figure without clothing, but it’s not as explicit as the finished product.

You can purchase the Yor Forger figure set on multiple websites including Favor GK, Sugo! Toys, and GAC (Games Animation Collectibles). Some online shops can contain explicit images so click carefully. Shops vary when it comes to payment and shipping options so fans wanting to take Yor Forger home should hunt around for the best deal or even add a companion figure to their order.

The Yor Forger figure release date (which is subject to change) is in Q4/Fall 2022, which just happens to be the same time frame as the SPY x FAMILY Part 2 release date. Thus, the Yor figure is currently only available for preorder and it’ll arrive sometime in Q4 2022 or Q1 2023.

The Yor Forger/Yor Briar figure comes in two versions in the box set. Pic credit: Atlas Studio

SPY x FAMILY Yor figure set comes with two statues: Standard and Deluxe

The photos shown on the shop sites may not reflect the final design since the pics are of the prototype. Also, the package technically includes two separate Yor figure statues.

The Standard Version depicts Yor’s assassin outfit from SPY x FAMILY Episode 2 and it’s perfectly appropriate for displaying around the family home without invoking any disapproving stares.

As for your, ahem, private collection, there is the Deluxe Version that comes with the “changeable naked body” set on another base pedestal. It’s apparently intended for anime collectibles fans to create other clothing for their Yor Forger doll similar to My Dress-Up Darling.

Yor Forger outfits
Presumably, like a Barbie doll, the Yor figure could be dressed to wear all sorts of clothing. After all, the SPY x FAMILY manga and anime character is known for wearing a variety of styles and fashions according to this omake (bonus) feature. Pic credit: Tatuysa Endo

Is there a family safe Yor Forger figure?

Obviously, the deluxe Yor Forger figure is not for everyone. Some may want the high detail of the fully clothed standard version of the SPY x FAMILY figure without paying such a high price (and without having a second Thorn Princess figure that’s embarrassing to display in public).

Thankfully, there are multiple options. If you want a chibi Yor Forger with an overly large head, then the Crunchyroll store fills that need with its Yor Briar figure. And it’s only $30 for the 3.5-inch tall mini-figure that was created by Bandai.

Yor Figure Mini
This Yor Forger mini figure’s release date is in September 2022. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

If you’re seeking peak ÉLÉGANCE, then SEGA’s Yor Forger figure probably fits the bill. “Featuring an elegant design” (as the ads phrase it), this 7.5-inch tall Yor figure is cut from PVC rather than resin so its lesser quality reflects the going price of $20 to $50.

It’s also in stock right now at many online stores so it may make for a good placeholder until the higher detailed Yor figure comes out in Fall 2022.

Yor Figure SEGA
SEGA’s Yor figure isn’t quite as detailed as the Atlas Studio design, but it’s certainly more affordable. Pic credit: SEGA

Regardless of which version of the Yor Forger figure gets you going, let’s just hope that the series’ rocketing success leads to a SPY x FAMILY Season 2 anime sequel being announced!

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