Star Wars: Visions manga ending but fans get spin-off Ronin and the Blind

Key visual for the Star Wars: Visions manga adaptation.
Key visual for the Star Wars: Visions manga adaptation. Pic credit: LucasFilm Ltd.

The September 2022 issue of Square Enix’s Big Gangan magazine included the ending story (The Twins) to the canon manga adaptation of the Star Wars: Visions anthology anime franchise. Keisuke Sato (Little Witch Academia) handled the manga adaptation of “The Twins”. On May 25, 2022, Star Wars: Visions began serialization in Japan in the Big Gangan Vol. 06 magazine and ended on August 25, 2022 in its 9th volume.

Now that the manga has been completed Square Enix plans to release Star Wars: Visions as a complete volume, which is perfect for binge reading all four stories at once. The release date hasn’t been announced yet, but we will be sure to keep you posted!

Who are the manga creators?

Star Wars: Visions manga creators include:

  • Kamome Shirahama (Witch Hat Atelier) – “The Elder” character designs
  • Haruichi (Star Wars Leia, Princess of Alderaan) – “Lop and Ocho” illustrator
  • Yusuke Osawa (Spider-Man: Rake Red) – “The Ninth Jedi” illustrator
  • Keisuke Sato – “The Twins” illustrator
  • Takashi Okazaki – “The Duel” inspired original story and illustrations, titled Ronin and the Blind

What is the plot of The Duel?

The Duel is the first episode from the anime Star Wars: Visions that was adapted into a manga story by Takashi Okazaki (Afro Samurai) that was heavily inspired by that episode titled Ronin and the Blind. The manga story features the popular character Ronin, and is infused with elements of Feudal Japan and the mythology of Star Wars.

An exclusive preview of the manga adaptation of “The Duel” inspired story was released on Star War’s official website here. The official cover for the first issue, and concept sketches were released.

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Star Wars: Visions volume 1 cover.
Star Wars: Visions volume 1 cover. Pic credit:

The anime’s story “The Duel” is set in an alternate history, twenty years after a war between the Feudal-Jedi Empire and a renegade Jedi sect called the Sith. The story begins when a wandering samurai, who is only known as “the Ronin”, witnesses a legion of former stormtroopers attempt to loot a small village.

Concept sketch for The Duel inspired story featuring the Ronin.
Concept sketch for The Duel inspired story featuring the Ronin. Pic credit:

The Ronin faces off against the leader of the bandits, who is a self-proclaimed Dark Lord of the Sith, and armed with a heavily-modified lightsaber (Star Wars fans concluded this was the best Sith lightsaber). Ronin is greatly amused by the bandit leader’s claims since he happens to be an actual ex-Sith. Meanwhile, Ronin’s droid saves the villagers. Later, Ronin manages to lure the bandit leader into a trap and kills her. Ronin finds a red kyber crystal on the bandit leader’s person and decides to gift it to the villagers, claiming that it can ward off evil.

Concept sketch for The Duel inspired story featuring the Ronin.
Concept sketch for The Duel inspired story featuring the Ronin. Pic credit:

The new original upcoming story Ronin and the Blind will be available in Marvel’s September 2022 Star Wars comic book.

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Concept sketches for The Duel inspired story featuring the Ronin.
Concept sketches for The Duel inspired story featuring the Ronin. Pic credit:

What is the Star Wars: Visions anime?

Star Wars: Visions is an animated anthology series created for Disney+ from Japanese creators and anime studios, such as: Studio Colorido, Trigger, Kinema Citrus, Kamikaze Douga, Science SARU, Production I.G., and Geno Studio. In September 2021, the Star Wars: Visions anime debuted. The 9 original stories are set in and often inspired by the Star Wars Universe.

The Japanese creators at each studio were given free reign to re-envision the ideas of Star Wars as they saw fit and also received guidance from the Lucasfilm’s executive team. On September 22, 2021, the compiled volume was released and has received good reviews.

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A second volume for Star Wars: Visions will be released in early 2023, and will feature shorts from animation studios in Japan, India, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Chile, France, South Africa, and the United States.

You can watch a trailer for Star Wars: Visions here:

Star Wars: Visions | English Dub Trailer | Disney+
Trailer for Star Wars: Visions
Key visual for Star Wars: Visons manga.
Key visual for Star Wars: Visons manga. Pic credit: Big Gangan magazine

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The Mandalorian gets manga adaptation

On May 25, 2022, author and illustrator, Yusuke Osawa, launched the manga adaptation of The Mandalorian. The story centers on a lone bounty hunter, known as the Mandalorian, and his adventures as he takes on various jobs. During one such job he hunts down a Force Sensitive infant, and delivers it to the Empire. He later regrets his actions and decides to rescue the child instead. This action is the catalyst for a series of events where the Mandalorian is forced to protect the child from the Empire, and eventually deliver it to a Jedi Knight for proper training in the Force. The child is of the same species as Yoda and many Star Wars fans thought it was “Baby Yoda”, but it was later discovered the child’s real name is Grogu.

Are you looking forward to binge-reading the Star Wars: Visions manga? Are you looking forward to Star Wars: Visions Season 2? Let us know in the comment section below!

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