Sword Art Online Blu-Ray 20-Disc box set released for 10th anniversary

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Sword Art Online 10th anniversary box promo. Pic credit: Sword Art Online 10th-anniversary website

The Sword Art Online anime has unveiled a 20-Disc box set that celebrates the anime’s 10th anniversary. This is a posh but bonus-filled 20 disk box set.

Sword Art Online fans in Japan will soon be able to purchase a 10th-anniversary box set for Reki Kawahara’s popular isekai series. This collection will include the first two seasons of the anime, the first movie in the series, and a plethora of bonus materials. Aniplex will produce the Sword Art Online Blu-Ray 10th Anniversary Box to commemorate the anime adaptation.

Sword Art Online 10th anniversary box set

According to the show’s official 10th-anniversary website, this box set will include 20 discs. Twelve of these will be Blu-rays, including animated content, the first two seasons of Sword Art Online and the 2017 film, Ordinal Scale, and the full-length special, Sword Art Online-Extra Edition.

These discs will have the series’ trailers and many commentary videos featuring chibi versions of the characters. There will also be credit-free versions of the opening and closing segments.

Sword Art Online 10th anniversary recap visual
Sword Art Online visual from the 10th-anniversary recap video. Pic credit: Aniplex

The remaining eight discs will include sounds from the anime soundtrack. These CDs will contain almost 200 tracks, comprising 131 songs from the Sword Art online music collection and 60 from the Ordinal Scale film.

Along with the core anime soundtrack and the film’s soundtrack, there will be picks from the Sword Art Online Song Collection, distributed separately from the Music Collection and primarily features “character songs,” which are songs recorded by the series’ voice actors.

The anniversary bundle will feature a 500-page narrative book and a 100-page illustration book with the aforementioned video and audio discs.

The Sword Art Online 20-Disc box set is presently available for preorder on Japanese retail sites, including Amazon Japan. This collection is limited to 10,000 box sets, and the series is currently priced at 65,780 yen, or around $518. The box set will be available in Japan on October 31. The box set’s international release date has yet to be revealed.

Sword Art Online 10th-anniversary promo

The anime series Sword Art Online by Reiki Kawahara first debuted ten years ago. The series commemorated this momentous occasion with a new promo that looks back over the anime’s history!

Before the anime came, the light book series was already a great success in its own right. Still, it produced many anime seasons, spin-offs (including manga, novels, and anime), and two films (with a third in the works presently), and there are no indications of slowing down soon.

This extended promo highlights the significant moments from each anime version of the main series, including the three seasons and movies. It’s a fun trip down memory lane that helps identify how many years the franchise has been in existence. Check out the special promo by Aniplex:

Sword Art Online 10th-anniversary recap video.

Kirito and the others have come a long way since they were first confined inside a video game. The series’ story has grown well beyond the early days.

The TV series will one day come with a futuristic war featuring a virtual world that has evolved over millennia. Meanwhile, the franchise continues with big feature film releases that take entirely on the official Kawahara Partner series, Sword Art Online Progressive, which centers more on the circumstances of the Aincrad arc since the series’ inception.

Scherzo of Dark Dusk is the next film in this series. It is currently scheduled to be released in Japan later this fall. No international release details have been confirmed as of this writing. However, given that the first film was a success in North America last year, there’s a high probability the sequel will be released as well.

What are your thoughts? Are you going to purchase the Sword Art Online 20-Disc box set? What are some of your favorite Sword Art Online moments so far? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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