Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean English dub VA Kira Buckland shows off her Jolyne cosplay

Jolyne Cujoh and her stand, Stone Free.

In the most recent edition of the anime adaptation called Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, Joylne Cujoh, the series’ first female protagonist, leads the charge. When it concerns the Joestar family, stand battles undoubtedly run in the family. As new episodes of the anime series from David Production are scheduled to premiere on Netflix this … Read more

This Yu-Gi-Oh cosplay perfectly reenacts Joey’s chin

Joseph wheeler (Joey). Picture of his infamous jaw.

One unexpected Yu-Gi-Oh cosplay has gone viral on social media for flawlessly emulating Joey’s now-famous chin! Kazuki Takahashi’s classic manga franchise has grown significantly since its inception. Yu-Gi-oh was initially intended to be a much darker series with magical death sports. The series took a huge turn after card games were added to the mix and … Read more