The Dawn Of The Witch English dub release, cast, and more revealed by Crunchyroll

Main characters of Dawn of the witch anime on the dub release cover image
The Dawn of the Witch anime main characters on the dub release cover image. Pic credit: Tezuka productions

Crunchyroll, the online streaming platform, has announced that the Dawn of the Witch English dub release date was on April 21, 2022.

The Dawn of the Witch, or Mahotsukai Reimeiki, premiered on April 7th on Crunchyroll.

As anime has gained popularity all over the world, viewers are on the edge of their seats waiting for the release of English dubs.

This makes for an easier and more relaxed watch, particularly for viewers who don’t fancy watching with subs.

This fantasy adventure anime is based on the light novel series by Kakeru Kobashiri and Takashi Iwasaki.

Satoshi Kuwabara takes credit for scriptwriting and direction at Tezuka productions.

The English dub owes its conception to the cast and crew who have delivered spectacular work time and time again.

The Dawn of the Witch English Dub release date, cast, and crew

The Dawn of the Witch dub has released on April 21st at 1:45 PM PT (4:45 PM EST).

Also, fans who want to watch the series can do so on Crunchyroll, which will have both the sub and dub versions available.

The English dub Cast:

  • Saybil is played by Travis Mullenix (Haruki Yamauchi in Classroom of the Elite).
  • Albus is played by Chelsea McCurdy (Sayuri in FLIP FLAPPERS).
  • Holdem is played by David Wald (Hannes in Attack on Titan).
  • Kudo is played by Joe Cucinotti (Shiratake in (ID: INVADED).
  • Zero is played by Amanda Lee (Rui Nikaido in ODDTAXI).
  • Monica Rial plays Los (Bulma in Dragon Ball Z)
  • Hort is played by Kimmie Britt (Seven in No Guns Life)
  • The Tyrant is played by Josh Putnam (Kurokawa in SABIKUI BISCO).
  • Male Underling 1A: Anthony DiMascio
  • Kristian Eros in the role of Male Student 1A
  • Male Student 1B: Jacob Eisman
  • Male Student 1C Ashley Thereon
  • Quinn Angell in the role of Male Student 1D
  • Matt Holmes in the role of Male Student 1E
  • Female Student 1A Kelsey Maher
  • Female Student 1B (Dusty Feeney)
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The Dawn Of the Witch official poster
Dawn of the witch official poster, featuring main characters. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

The Dawn of the Witch English dub Crew:

The ADR Director is Jeremy Inman; Sara Ragsdale is the assistant ADR Director.

Jeremy Woods helms the lead ADR engineer role.

The assistant ADR engineers are Ian Emerson, Xavier Earl, and Derric Benavides.

The ADR scripting is done by writer Macy Anne Johnson.

Finally, the ADR mix engineer is Andrew Tipps.

The Dawn Of The Witch anime Plot:

This fantasy and adventure anime surrounds the main protagonist, Saybil, who enrolls in the Royal Academy of Magic of the Kingdom of Wenias. However, he has no memory of his time before enrolling in the Academy.

As part of his training, he is sent to the Southern reaches of the continent by the Headmaster, Albus. In his quest, he is accompanied by Roux Cristasse, the Witch of the Dawn, who seeks to uncover the secrets of primeval magic in the “Grimoire of Zero.”

This grimoire is a forbidden book of magic written by a powerful magician Zero, the genius girl Holtz, as well as the school’s sole beast, Kudd.

This journey brings forth adventures and discoveries which broaden the story.

A war that raged five centuries earlier Between the witches and the church supposedly ends in peace in this time. However, the tension of war still lingers.

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