The Eminence in Shadow character designs by Makoto Iino released

Key visual for the upcoming anime The Eminence in Shadow and character design for Shadow.
Key visual for the upcoming anime The Eminence in Shadow and character design for Shadow. Pic credit:

The Eminence in Shadow is a Japanese light novel series written by Daisuke Aizawa and illustrated by Tozai. An anime TV series adaptation by Nexus Studio is set to premiere in October 2022. Illustrator Makoto Iino known for his work on the animes: Suppose a Kid From the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town and Demon Lord, Retry! Is adapting Tozai’s original character designs for animation.

Makoto Iino has released the characters designs for Cid Kagenou, Alexia Midgar, Iris Midgar, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta and Eta.

You can learn more about the upcoming anime TV series, including its plot, cast, and staff, and where you can read the light novel series and manga here: Eminence in Shadow anime’s new trailer highlights characters: Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta

Main characters’ profiles and designs

Character designs for Cid and Shadow.
Character designs for Cid and Shadow. Pic credit:

Cid Kagenou (played by Seiichiro Yamashita) is the protagonist, who when reincarnated from Japan to a magical world ends up as the son of a noble family. He is also secretly the leader of an organization he created that fights in the shadows against the imaginary Cult of Diabolos – Shadow Garden. (In reality, the Cult actually exists and Cid’s operations unknowingly interfere with the nefarious schemes of the Cult).

Claire Kagenou is Cid’s older sister, who thinks that she’s stronger than Cid due to being a talented spellsword (warrior mage), and has the tendency to overreact when he annoys her and ends up punching him. Even though she acts hard on him, she does care for him and will risk her own well-being when she thinks her brother is in danger.

Character design for Alexia Midgar.
Character design for Alexia Midgar. Pic credit:

Alexia Midgar (played by Kana Hanazawa) is a haughty princess, who likes to tease Cid. Although, she got to see “Shadow” in action she didn’t realize that Shadow was in fact Cid.

Character design for Iris Midgar.
Character design for Iris Midgar. Pic credit:

Iris Midgar (played by Yoko Hikasa) is Alexia’s older sister and the first princess of the Kingdom of Midgar. She is reputed to be the strongest swordfighter in the kingdom and belongs to the Knights of the Kingdom of Midgar. She has a strong sense of justice and tends to become overprotective of her sister.

Rose Oriana is the princess of the neighboring kingdom of Oriana known for its art. She was expected to take up traditional arts, but decided to become a transfer student at the Midgard Spellsword academy and learn swordmastery instead. She becomes the student council president and gains a reputation for being the best swordswoman in the academy only second to the first princess of Midgar, Iris Midgar.

Shadow Garden members’ profiles and character designs

Character design for Alpha.
Character design for Alpha. Pic credit:

Alpha (played by Asami Seto) is a beautiful elven girl, who becomes the first member of Shadow Garden. When Cid first encountered her she was demon-possessed. Cid decided to experiment on her and managed to find a cure for her affliction. As soon as she realized that Cid saved her life she swore fealty to him. She became in charge of recruiting the other six members of Shadow Garden and leads them in their pursuit of the Cult of Diabolos.

Character design for Beta.
Character design for Beta. Pic credit:

Beta (played by Inori Minase) is the second member of Shadow Garden, who was discovered by Alpha. She is a natural beauty with a curvaceous figure. In her spare time she is writing a book titled The War Chronicles of Shadow-sama, which details the exploits of Cid while in his Shadow Persona.

Character design for Gamma.
Character design for Gamma. Pic credit:

Gamma (played by Suzuko Mimori) is a young woman who is physically weak and lacks magical power, but makes up for this with her high intellect. Gamma is the boss of the Mitsugoshi Company – the company that Shadow Garden gains its funds from. Cid decided to tell Gamma about concepts and products that existed in Japan, dubbing it his “Shadow Knowledge” in order for Gamma to recreate and sell such items for great profits.

Character design of Delta.
Character design of Delta. Pic credit:

Delta (played by Fairouz Ai) is a beast-kin girl who lacks magical power and doesn’t have very good sword skills. Delta makes up for this by using raw power to defeat her enemies. Delta also uses her keen sense of smell to track down and hunt her targets. Delta only listens to those she considers to be stronger than her and has only acknowledged Alpha and Cid thus far.

Character design of Epsilon.
Character design of Epsilon. Pic credit:

Epsilon (played by Hisako Kanemoto) is an elven girl gifted with refined magic control, and due to her great skill has adopted a haughty attitude. She is skilled in the use and manipulation of “slime bodysuits” that all the members of Shadow Garden use.

Character design for Zeta.
Character design for Zeta. Pic credit:

Zeta (played by Ayaka Asai) is a loner, and acts like a ninja going around on secret missions to gather intelligence and lurking in the shadows stealthily.

Character design for Eta.
Character design for Eta. Pic credit:

Eta (played by Reina Kondo) is an elf who likes to do research and she’s also an architect. Eta has a hard time getting up in the morning and also has the tendency to sleepwalk.

Nu is a formerly noble lady who was cast aside when she became demon-possessed. She was later saved by one of the Seven Shadows and offered a position in the Shadow Garden as a member of a new division called “Numbers”. Her name “Nu” means 13. Nu is a master of disguise. She is also able to use specially treated slime to mimic skin and shape it to its desired form in order to impersonate anyone she wishes.

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