The Great Cleric anime TV adaptation of Seija Musou light novel, manga series announced

The Great Cleric commemorative illustration by Akikaze (creator), and celebratory illustration by original character designer sime.
The Great Cleric commemorative illustration by Akikaze (creator), and celebratory illustration by original character designer sime, featuring Luciel, guild receptionist and bunny girl Nanaella, and guild martial arts instructor Brod. Pic credit:

On October 6, 2022, the staff for The Great Cleric: The Path a Salaryman Must Walk to Survive in a Fantasy World anime announced the upcoming TV show.

The story will be based on the isekai, slice-of-life light novel series Seija Musou: Salaryman, Isekai de Ikiru Tame ni Ayumu Michi by Broccoli Lion.

What is the plot of The Great Cleric?

The story centers on an ordinary, hardworking Japanese salaryman whose life takes an unexpected turn. On the day he’s about to finally gets that promotion to section chief he’s been hoping for at work he suddenly keels over in pain and dies. (A stray bullet struck and killed him while he was walking down the street). Luckily, that’s not the end to his story and he is reincarnated into another world – one filled with magic, monsters, and other potentially life-shortening beings.

The god of fate made a bet with the chief god of another real and lost. The god of fate was forced to send 10 souls to the other world. Because of the salaryman’s strong desire to live he was specially selected to be one of the 10 souls sent to the other world.

The Great Cleric light novel cover, featuring Luciel's new appearance in the sword-and-sorcery world, and his co-workers.
The Great Cleric light novel cover features Luciel’s new appearance in the sword-and-sorcery world, and his co-workers at the Adventurers’ Guild. Pic credit:

Our reincarnated hero decides to adopt a new name – Luciel, and decides to put his past-life experiences and sharp business skills to good use by becoming a healer in the land of Galdardia. As soon as our hero materializes in the new world he must open his state window and allocate his skills – just like in a video game.

Luciel aims to become a hero since he’s a “support character”. Luciel’s first hurdle is simply entering the closest town without ID or enough money. When he tells the guard he’s a healer and wishes to find work at the local clinic the guard’s tune suddenly changes and Luciel is welcomed into the town with open arms.

The Great Cleric, manga page featuring the female knight Lumina.
The Great Cleric, a manga page featuring the female knight Lumina. Pic credit: Vertical

A beautiful female knight escorts Luciel to the Healer’s Guild where he is given an ID card. He learns the town’s name is Merratoni and it is located in the Republic of St. Shurule. The female knight whose name is Lumina tells Luciel he has three options: do a crash course studying magic on his own, go to school for 3 years but have to pay the Healer’s Guild 1 platinum coin afterward, or become someone’s apprentice and do chores during the day and self-study during his spare time.

Luciel knows from his past life that student loans are hard to pay back and he doesn’t like the idea of not knowing how much time he will have to study magic so decides to accept her first offer of doing a crash course. This means Luciel will have to study and recite spells until his magic runs dry and when it regenerates repeat the process until he eventually learns the spell.

One would think a job as a healer would be safe and cushy, but getting by in this new world isn’t easy or cheap. Luciel is prepared to hone his skills until he coughs blood to make his way as a successful healer, however.

Luciel’s goal is to make sure his next demise will be from old age and not something unexpected. Will Luciel succeed?

Where can I read The Great Cleric light novel series and manga adaptation?

The Great Cleric manga volume 1 cover.
The Great Cleric manga volume 1 cover. Pic credit:

The Great Cleric is a Japanese light novel series written by Broccoli Lion. On October 17, 2015, the series began publication on the novel posting website Shousetsuka ni Narou (Let’s Be Novelists). On August 30, 2016, it was acquired by Micro Magazine which began publishing the series in print with illustrations by Sime. Ten volumes of The Great Cleric have been released as of January 2022.

On January 27, 2017, a manga adaptation illustrated by Hiiro Akikaze began serialization on Kodansha’s Niconico-based Suiyoubi no Sirius manga service, and the manga’s chapters have been collected in ten tankobon volumes as of October 2022.

The manga’s English version has been licensed by Vertical for release in North America. This announcement was made at the 2019 Anime Expo.

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