The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody Episode 7 review: Sword King Battle Tournament is a sad disappointment

Ard meteor the demon lord reborn as a typical nobody is brought to tears
Ard Meteor, the main protagonist in The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody, is brought to tears. Pic credit: Silver Link and Blade animation studios

Ard, Ginny, and Ireena compete in the newest Sword King Battle Tournament, which is more underwhelming than before.

In The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody Episode 7: The Exciting Festival, Ard is placed into the Sword King Battle Tournament by Lady Olivia. The latter is now trying to determine if he is Demon Lord Varvatos.

Unsurprisingly, Ard has figured out Lady Olivia’s plot and is afraid to participate in the event for fear of revealing his identity. The event is held at the Laville National Academy of Magic’s festival.

The disappointment of the Sword King Battle Tournament

Unfortunately, the tournament is as uninspiring as the last one, with virtually little action on display for fans to watch. With Ireena, Ginny, and the recently debuted Sylphy Marheaven all competing, fans got to experience each of the characters’ fighting styles and talents. However, these bouts are a series of brief clips with minimal character development or crucial moments. Unfortunately, the episode seems like another missed opportunity for actual storytelling. The series looks to be devolving into a more exact condition of cheap comedy and trickery. The series depends more and more on its harem oddities. Here are a few reasons why the Sword King Battle Tournament turned into a disappointment.

Fast Pacing

Sylphy in her round during the tournament
Sylphy in her round during the Sword King Battle Tournament. Pic credit: Silver Link and Blade studios

The main issue with this episode’s battle sequences is that they are too brief. We see three significant battles (Ginny vs. Unnamed Opponent, Ard vs. Olivia, and Ginny versus Ireena), each of which could have gotten their episode. Instead, they are jammed into fewer than 10 minutes because of the abundance of harem filler scenes. When Ginny fights an unnamed opponent, who is a favorite, to win the entire tournament with Lady Olivia, fans expect a battle full of twists and turns in which Ginny must overcome her fear of defeat. While this happens to an extent, the battle is so short. All she needs to win is a cheer from Ard and a single swing of her sword.

These problems persist to the tournament’s last round when Ginny faces Ireena. This fight has been in the making since Episode 4, “Duel,” when their previous encounter is cut owing to Ireena’s sudden kidnapping. The current event provided the ideal chance for their rivalry to bloom. Also, they could express their feelings about their connection with Ard. However, it is brief, as are the rest of the conflicts, with little to no regard for detail or concern for the characters’ growth.

Fight scenes covered by humor

Olivia Varvatos former top-ranking general wielded a sword during The Sword King Battle Tournament.
Olivia battles Ard Meteor(Varvatos) with a sword: Pic credit: Silver link and blade studios

Fans of the show have been anticipating Ard’s clash with Olivia for several episodes now. As “One of the Top Four Heavenly Kings,” many expected Lady Oliva” to stand up to Ard’s overpowering magical talents and hold her own.

However, just as the battle begins, Ard casts a spell that launches Olivia flying out of the stadium in Team Rocket-style. While this is amusing, it does not compensate for the potentially epic conflict that may have occurred.

Ard’s exceptional abilities have become so out of control that even one of his top-ranking generals seems unable to face him in a fight. However, Ard broke the rules in this case, which likely caught Oliva off guard. Oddly, she didn’t predict his spell or give a proper reply. Finally, the humor of this moment will probably leave many viewers with a foul taste in their mouths as they experience difficulties discerning where the series is going.

Lack of unique fighting styles

Ard trying to calm sylphy down before the tournament
Ard Meteor is trying to calm Sylphy down before the tournament. Pic credit: Silverlink and Blade studios

Fans might have forgiven the duration of these scenes and the poorly placed humorous components if each minute had been filled with an intriguing and original battle. However, none of the show’s characters have a particular combat style or magical spell arsenal. While this cliche isn’t necessarily essential in fantasy-style anime, it’s something that fans of the genre have grown to expect.

Although this strategy can result in equally dull fighting sequences, the chronic use of this cliche isn’t something that other creators have done for no reason. Giving characters special magical abilities allows their individuality to shine a little more. These special abilities also engage fans with the more extensive lore of the series’ world.

In the coming episodes, The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody will hopefully begin to explore each character in greater depth. And hopefully, take the time necessary to develop some spectacular fight sequences. Fight sequences that showcase each character’s unique powers and approaches to combat. However, the show is currently suffering from weak pacing and a lack of distinguishing elements. These factors could allow viewers to connect with the plot deeper.

What do you think about The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn, a Typical Nobody anime? Did you enjoy the Sword King Battle Tournament? What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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