The Greatest Demon Lord is Reborn as a Typical Nobody Episode 9 reveals Ard’s mysterious past

Ard meteor the greatest demon lord
Ard meteor, aka Varvatos reborn as a regular human. Pic credit: Silver Link and Blade

Ard, the reincarnated greatest demon lord, and his classmates participate in a play to close the Laville National Academy of Magic’s festival, which leads to a significant flashback!

The Laville National Academy of Magic festival concludes in Episode 8 of The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody, “The Masked Man Sneers.”

Ard, Ireena, Ginny, Sylphy, and other students performed a play about one of the Demon Lord’s biggest battles for the rest of the school. Understandably, Ard takes the lead and plays Varvatos, his old self. While the play is riddled with mistakes, things become familiar for Ard, and he recalls his battle with the Evil god.

Ard hasn’t changed in the last 3,000 years, despite getting reincarnated into another body, and Sylphy’s unstable behavior hasn’t. Fans are exposed to prolonged moments of the Demon Lord, his actions, and his connection with Sylphy for the first time. Here are some takeaways from the most recent episode.

Ard and Sylphy’s past

Varvatos, the demon lord, and his generals are against a formidable foe. The Evil God cowered in his castle and threatened them with death the following day if they approached.

While Varvatos was as sure of himself as Ard, Sylphy was less sure of herself and everyone around her. She protested their decision to keep her sister Lydia away from the fight, doubting Varvatos’ capacity to defend her. Lydia swiftly commanded her to “shut up” and “be quiet,” leaving Sylphy skeptical of her powers despite her protests.

Sylphy, Lydia and Varvatos marching with their army.
Sylphy, Lydia, and Varvatos marched with their army. Pic credit: Silver Link and Blade studios

At night, she sought Varvatos’ approval, who comforted her that both he and her sister acknowledged her abilities. They do not want to be without her.

Despite this, Varvatos brutally reminded Sylphy that she, like her sister, is “stupid and short-tempered” but eventually agreed to her participating in the fight.

Sylphy defeated the Evil God and his army by trapping the whole battlefield with magical explosive spells. But, being the slacker that she is, Sylphy forgot where she put the traps, and even Varvatos can’t find them. Varvatos’ army is dealt a painful blow when they, too, begin to set off all of the spells she has set up.

The problems of these flashbacks

Ard and Sylphy share the same strong points and faults after 3,000 years. Varvatos, now Ard Meteor, is as self-assured and assertive as ever.

Despite her extensive training, Sylphy is just as weak and inept. Aside from the lack of realism, the characters in the series have become emotionally and psychologically shoehorned.

This has left little room for the characters to grow… After all, if they haven’t changed in millennia, how can the viewers expect them to change throughout the show?

Varvatos the demon lord talking to sylphy by nightfall
Varvatos, the demon lord, talks to Sylphy by nightfall in a flashback. Pic credit: Silver Link and Blade studios

Sylphy was hypnotized when the Masked Man came at the Laville National Academy of Magic’s celebration, putting Ard and his friends in terrible danger. This incident resulted in Ard rushing to the rescue yet again to take down the enemy in an attempt to correct Sylphy’s mistakes.

Finally, if the anime had reversed this circumstance, viewers would have thought that these characters learned something from their trials. Sylphy would have found that she is more potent and more brilliant than she or others around her believe, and Ard would have realized that he is not infallible.

With the show now nine episodes in, we can hope for more developments on the characters. Hopefully, we get more insight into the past of Ard meteor, the greatest demon Lord.

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