The Legendary Hero is Dead! anime release date confirmed for Spring 2023

Key visual for the upcoming anime The Legendary Hero Is Dead.
Key visual for the upcoming anime The Legendary Hero is Dead. Pic credit:

Shogakukan’s MangaONE app has announced that The Legendary Hero is Dead! release date is scheduled for April 2023, the Spring 2023 anime season.

The TV anime The Legendary Hero is Dead! will be animated by Japanese Studio Liden Films.

Directing the anime is Rion Kujo (Aesthetica of a rogue Hero, s-CRY-ed) with music composed by Kana Konishi and Yukio Kondo (of the band MOKA). Sound production will be handled by Tohokushinsha with music production by Pony Canyon. Producing the anime is WOWMAX.

Voice actors Wataru Kato and Shunichi Toki will play the main character Touka Scott. Toki will also voice the dead hero Sion Bladan.

Commemorative illustration for the upcoming anime The Legendary Hero Is Dead by Subaruichi.
Subaruichi’s commemorative illustration for the upcoming anime The Legendary Hero Is Dead! Pic credit:

The Legendary Hero Is Dead! is a comedic fantasy Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Subaruichi. From December 16, 2014 to December 14, 2020, it was serialized in Shogakukan’s Ura Sunday website and the MangaONE app. From May 2015 to March 2021, the manga’s chapters have been collected into 20 tankobon volumes.

Shogakukan Asia has licensed the manga series in Southeast Asia. On May 9, 2022, a spin-off manga titled Yusha ga Shinda! Kami no Kun-hen was serialized in the MangaONE app. On April 28, 2022, it was announced that the manga The Legendary Hero is Dead! would receive an anime television series adaptation.

Subaruichi created a special illustration to commemorate the anime’s production announcement:

The official trailer for the upcoming anime The Legendary Hero Is Dead.

A comedic fantasy anime with a surprising twist!

Three years ago a Hero sealed a Hell Gate. However, the seal has been weakening ever since and monsters sporadically manage to find a way through. After a large group of monsters managed to escape into the country through the Hell Gate, the profession of “heroes” was needed again.

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Key visual for the upcoming anime The Legendary Hero Is Dead.
New key visual for the upcoming anime The Legendary Hero Is Dead. Pic credit:

The story centers on a small radish farmer named Touka Scott, who lives in the southern town of Cheza. Touka has been preparing for a sudden monster attack on the village and built a hidden pitfall trap with bamboo spikes in order to lure unsuspecting monsters to their death.

When a monster suddenly attacks the village, Touka uses some freshly roasted bacon to try and lire it into his trap. Unfortunately, the monster doesn’t like bacon and prefers human meat.

What’s a normie guy to do when he accidentally kills the world’s hero?

The local hero steps up to the plate and saves the village from the monster just in the nick of time. Just when Touka is thinking things are hunky-dory again, the hungry hero who burned a lot of calories while fighting the monster tries to grab a bite of bacon and ends up stumbling into Touka’s pitfall trap and dies.

Feeling responsible for the hero’s death, Touka decides to take matters into his own hands and protect the region from attacking monsters with a little advice from the dead hero along the way.

Are you looking forward to the debut of The Legendary Hero Is Dead? Let us know in the comment section below!

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