The Missing 8 original sci-fi web anime releases Episode 8 finale on YouTube with English subtitles

The Missing 8 Episode 8 screenshot, featuring Pop and Punk about to transform.
The Missing 8 Episode 8 screenshot, featuring Pop and Punk about to transform. Pic credit: Naoki Yoshibe and Wit Studio

On November 8, 2022, Fuzi released the final episode of the original web anime The Missing 8 by animator Naoki Yoshibe (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) and Wit Studio (Attack on Titan), which was inspired by Fuzi’s music videos, on their official YouTube channel.

You can watch the final episode here:

The Missing 8 final episode.

(Just turn on the CC to get the English subtitles). All 8 episodes are available on Fuzi’s YouTube channel.

If you haven’t been watching this incredible anime yet, you can start from Episode 1 here:

The Missing 8 Episode 1.

In July 2019, the concept of The Missing 8 debuted in a music video by Fuzi and Neru titled “0verflow” (feat. Luschka and Panaman).

You can watch the video here:

“0verflow” music video.

In March 2020, a second video with Nero titled “0ptimi2er” (feat. Luschka & Mas Kimura) launched.

You can watch the video here:

“0ptimi2er” music video.

What is the plot of The Missing 8?

The story is set in an alien world inhabited by robots, androids, and Dragonnewt. One day, a human named Lux lands on the planet and encounters an empty, mechanical doll without a heart. Lux feels sorry for it and decides to grant it the Power of 8.

The humanoid machine now endowed with this power gained a soul. (Were these Lux’s memories?) The android also gained unlimited power in the form of imagination and creativity, which it passed down to its “children” in the form of data.

The story centers on an android girl named Poppy, who has a dream about a wolf even though “dreaming” is supposed to be something only humans can do. When Poppy decides to tell her friend Punkun about it he asks if she’s broken.

Later, Poppy and Punkun set out on a mission to exterminate Dragonnewt that have infiltrated Mother’s domain. Poppy is so distracted by her dream about the wolf and desiring to create a weapon to fight the Dragonnewt based on it that Punkun gets injured.

Poppy swiftly apologizes and uses her power of imagination together with Punkun, who uses his power of creativity, to transform Punkun into a spear, which Poppy then uses to defeat the Dragonnewt and save the remaining robots and androids in the area. When they combine their power it is called “infiniteight”.

Poppy and Punkun’s duty is to use their unique power to protect the city from the Dragonnewt. Poppy gets visions of weapons they can use to defeat the Dragonnewt and she wants to use the “wolf” she dreamed about because she thinks it will be incredibly strong. Unfortunately, she has to convince the stubborn Punkun first.

Later, Mother heals Punkun’s arm, but warns him not to push himself because his body can only be repaired so many times. When Punk goes to seek out Poppy to apologize to her for being stubborn, he finally sees the image of the wolf that Poppy has been going on about and decides that he likes it. The two witness a star falling…what could it mean?

Who are the cast members?

The Missing 8 cast members include:

  • Hikaru Tohno – Poppy
  • Makoto Koichi – Punkun
  • Atsumi Tanezaki – Maesarc
  • Risae Matsuda – Emory
  • Ai Kayano – Mother
  • Mitsuru Miyamoto – Father
  • Hibiku Yamamura – Raphaela
  • Misaki Watada – Corey

Who are the production team members?

The Missing 8 production team members include:

  • Director, Storyboard Artist, and Editor – Yoshibe
  • Animation – Wit Studio
  • Assistant Director – Aoi Umeki
  • Scriptwriters – Naoki Sato, Fuzi, and Yoshibe
  • Music composers – Yamato Kasai from Mili and Neru
  • Color setting and finish animation – Miyuki Kowata
  • Character Designers – Fuzi, tokiki, and sowiti
  • Font Designer – Tsuyoshi Kusano
  • Concept artists – Fuzi and tokiki
  • Background Director at Studio RUFUS – Miu Niyamoto
  • Background board at Wit Studio – Perryko Kitajima
  • Background artists at Studio RUFUS – Miu Miyamoto, E-CHO, and tokiki
  • Compositing director and compositing artist – Azuma
  • Sound effects – Katsuhiro Nakajima
  • Studio arrangement at SSS-Studio – Rio Mitsuyama
  • Studio assistant – Saori Mannen
  • Sound Director – Watanabe Yusuke
  • Sound production manager at HALF HP STUDIO – Tsukiho Saito
  • Animation producers – Tetsuya Nakatake and Shou Ohtani
  • Line manager – Ayaka Sasaki

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