The Orient Part 2 anime streaming on Crunchyroll with a bang

Orient anime promo poster
Orient anime promo poster. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

The Orient anime has finally returned for the summer season after three months, and it did it in style. Musashi and his fellow Bushi bandmates are now conversing and learning more about the Uesugi Alliance, just as the series’ trailer hinted.

The three are stunned by the quick swaths of warriors, spectacular mobile citadels, and amazing technology that each of these formidable Bushi groups had been able to gather in an effort to defeat the Kishin that had just appeared on Awaji Island.

The return of the Orient anime heralds spectacular events

Musashi, Kojirou, and Tsugumi quickly find themselves in peril and must battle a variety of talented Bushi to live. This season’s main emphasis seems to be on the Kanemaki Band joining the Uesugi Alliance and learning what happened to Kojirou’s father.

Many people felt that the first half of The Orient anime inaugural season lacked momentum, but this episode moves the plot along and shows that things are probably going to become hotter from this point forward.

Here are some spectacular occurrences:

The Green Kishin and The Uesugi Alliance

The green kishin that took over Awaji Island.
The green kishin that took over Awaji Island. Pic credit: A.C.G.T

One of the Five Grand Generals of Hinomoto and Tatsuomi Uesugi, captain of the Uesugi Bushi, founded the Uesugi Alliance, a union of Bushi Bands. the alliance was formed to defeat the Green Kishin (Yamata no Orochi), who has gained control of Awaji Island. Normally, Bushi Bands and their commanders don’t work together to bring down Kishin, but in this case, an exception was made.

Yamata no Orochi is a tremendously potent Kishin, with powers far surpassing those of Engoku Tengu or any other entity previously encountered in the series. One of the Four Blights, a group of demons produced by the Black Kishin, is the Green Kishin. Over 150 years ago, this was the first oni to appear in Hinomoto, and ever since, its ominous aura has engulfed most of the surrounding area.

Two of the Takeda Band’s most elite members, Sanada Aoshi and Yamamoto Shunrai, explain that no one has come close to conquering this creature in more than a thousand years. But with the assistance of other Bushi Bands from all across Hinomoto, they are hoping that their sheer numbers and a well-thought-out plan would be sufficient to defeat this monster.

The discovery of the Kanemaki Band 

The Uesugi Alliance is initially perceived by Musashi, Kokirou, and Tsugumi as an open invitation to any Bushi Band. They soon learn, however, that each faction is extremely secretive and wary of outsiders, which alienates them and puts them at risk of being revealed. While Takeda is able to defend the group and keep them from being detained or even put to death, Musashi’s lack of expertise and experience, combined with his big mouth, manage to get the Kanemaki Band into trouble.

Musashi and the rest of his band are quickly hauled to the barracks and told they must battle the Green Kishin after Musashi was unable to give Kanetatsu Naoe, the Uesugi Band’s accountant, his post castle, unit name, blade color, and rank. After that, Musashi, Kokirou, and Tsugumi are put in separate rooms with other new recruits.

Despite the fact that everyone of the heroes of the program is talented in their own right, it seems unlikely that any of them will have a chance against this formidable adversary.

The Orient latest episode gave viewers of the show what they’ve been waiting for: a greater exploration of Hinomoto, its lore, and the interaction of a larger cast of characters in this universe. It appears that Musashi and the rest of the Takeda Band will finally begin to comprehend the land that has been kept secret from them for so long.

Hopefully, the show will stay on course and deliver even more gripping tales and dramatic clashes with the Kishin. There must be more surprises in store as the Obsidian Goddess and Obsidian Eight haven’t yet made themselves known. To test their readiness to take on the Green Kishin, the Takeda Band will have to deal with one issue at a time for the time being.

Watch Orient on Crunchyroll now.

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