Tiger & Bunny Season 2 Part 2 trailer PV highlights new antagonist Gregory Sunshine

Tiger and Bunny Season 2 Part 2 trailer screenshot, featuring a new villain our heroes will have to defeat.
Tiger and Bunny Season 2 Part 2 trailer screenshot, featuring a new villain our heroes will have to defeat. Pic credit: Bandai Namco Pictures

The Tiger & Bunny 2 Part 2 release date on Netflix will be worldwide on October 7, 2022.

On September 30, 2022, the staff for Masafumi Nishida’s Tiger & Bunny released a trailer for the Tiger & Bunny 2 Episodes 14 to 25. The trailer gives us our first look at a new villain, Gregory Sunshine, who decides to join Ouroboros. The trailer also features the anime’s ending theme song “Pilot” by Taichi Mukai.

You can watch the trailer on Netflix Anime’s official YouTube channel here:

Tiger & Bunny Season 2 Part 2 trailer.

The trailer begins with Lunatic stirring up trouble for our heroes once more. Then we get our first look at a new villain, Gregory Sunshine, who is holding up a smartphone and filming something. Maybe he has realized Lunatic’s true identity? Tiger appears to be happy with how the hero teams are doing, but apparently, there’s a “whistleblower” in their midst.

The trailer immediately shows Barnaby’s childhood friend and rival, Mattia, so he might be the one behind this new predicament the heroes will find themselves in. What are Mattia’s true intentions? Now that Gregory Sunshine has been injected with the NEXT power-amplifying drug that Mattia developed what will happen to him? Gregory Sunshine appears to join Ouroboros, but we don’t know why yet. Although, at the end of the trailer Gregory appears to be happy with the chaos he ends up creating in Sternbild City.

Taichi Mukai’s song “Pilot” embodies fighting spirit

Cover of the album, which includes the single "Pilot", featuring Taichi Mukai.
Cover of the album, which includes the single “Pilot”, featuring Taichi Mukai. Pic credit: @taichimukai.com

Taichi Mukai is a Japanese singer, songwriter, and model from Fukuoka. Mukai was previously a member of the funk band Modio. Later in 2017, he sighed with Miya Terrace as a solo artist and released his debut studio album titled “Blue”. Mukai has collaborated with various talented artists such as: Sik-K, Joven, M-Flo, and Minmi.

His new single “Pilot”, which is previewed in the latest installment of the Tiger & Bunny franchise, appears to be a perfect fit for the hero anime as it gives off motivational “Let’s do this!” vibes. “Pilot” will be distributed on Netflix from October 7, 2022, and released on October 5, 2022.

Mukai explained the message in his song as follows, “There may be a fate that cannot be resisted in the big picture, but as much as possible, let’s control (steer) our own destiny as a pilot”. Mukai loves anime and includes the common themes of “strong bonds” and “powerful emotions” in his songs. He sings about the strength to move forward in the midst of sadness and anger.

Mukai is also known for his song “Reset” which was the first ending theme for the TV anime “Kaze ga Takumi”, the first (second season) ending theme song “Michi” for the anime Kaze ga Takumi, the opening theme song “Bravest” for the anime Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken.

The anime’s opening theme song “Kaleido proud fiesta” is performed by UNION SQUARE GARDEN.

The dark legacy of Ouroboros lives on

Ouroboros is a large and mysterious terrorist organization in Sternbild City. Years ago, Maverick made a deal with the organization for it to provide Hero TV with villains in exchange for Emily Brooks’s and Barnaby Brooks’s technology. Later, Kriem hinted that Ouroboros is larger than anyone believes and hinted that it has infiltrated the ruling government of Sternbild. The way to identify an Ouroboros member continues to be the Ouroboros tattoo of a snake eating its own tail with a spade for an eye and a sword running through its body. Nicolai Brahe had an Ouroboros tattoo on his right hand.

Gregory Sunshine ended up finishing off Fugan and Mugan at the end of Tiger &  Bunny Season 2 and also shot Nicolai Brahe in the chest multiple times. Gregory made his escape along with the NEXT boosting drug that Mattia developed. Will he run out of the drug and need to ask Mattia for more?

Gregory’s ability is to make other NEXT’s powers go out of control. How will our favorite hero duo Tiger and Barnaby combat this new threat? Gregory has to touch his target in order for his power to work, so hopefully, our heroes will realize this quickly as they continue to fight crime on live television while sporting their sponsor logos.

Where can I watch the previous seasons?

On April 8, 2022, Netflix began streaming Tiger and Bunny 2’s first part. The events in Tiger and Bunny 2 take place after the events in Tiger & Bunny The Movie – The Rising, which aired in 2014. Tiger and Bunny 2 features a returning cast. The first spin-off film was titled Tiger & Bunny the Movie: The Beginning and aired in 2012.

Tiger & Bunny is available for streaming on the Video Media website (individual episodes and full seasons), Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel Free, Google play, Apple TV, Tubi TV, and Pluto TV.

Who are the members of the production team?

Tiger and Bunny 2 production team members include:

  • Director – Atsuko Kase (Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory)
  • Scriptwriter – Masafumi Nishida (live-action Kaibutsu-kun)
  • Animation – Bandai Namco Pictures
  • Character and hero suit design – Masakazu Katsura (Video Girl Ai, NNA², I”s, Zetman, who is also known for being a superhero comic fan)

Are you looking forward to Tiger & Bunny 2 Part 2? What do you think will happen if Gregory Sunshine uses his power on Kotetsu (tiger), whose NEXT power has been diminishing? Let us know in the comment section below!

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