Toon Gate manga creator webtoon contest has Shogakukan and Bandai joining forces

Shonen Jump jump festa promo visual. Hopefully more legendary manga come from Toon Gate
Shonen Jump jump festa promo visual. Pic credit: Viz media

Shogakukan, the publisher of popular manga series such as Detective Conan (also known as Case Closed) and Komi Can’t Communicate, is collaborating with Bandai, the firm behind legendary properties such as Gundam and Code Geass, to produce Toon Gate, a reality competition web series.

Shogakukan established Shueisha, which in turn established Hakusensha. These are three distinct companies that, when combined, form the Hitotsubashi Group, one of Japan’s major publishing conglomerates. Namco Bandai Holdings’ North American manga and anime division is Bandai Entertainment.

Toon Gate: The mangaka creator competition

Toon Gate as the competition is called will feature ten groups of mangaka competing against one another to create the best full-color vertical scrolling manga, according to the show’s bright, funny teaser trailer. The series’ producers and personnel chose the competitors from a pool of over 500 submissions.

The mangaka will complete a series of activities while working alongside professional production teams to create their team’s original manga. Check out the ecstatic trailer by Toon Gate below:

The winners will receive JP 3 million (about $22,000), and they will also have the option to have their story published on LINE manga. LINE manga is a prominent webtoon platform and smartphone app.

Because Bandai and Shogakukan think webtoons can promote a profound relationship between readers and the material, LINE Manga was chosen as the publication site. Furthermore, the corporations picked the vertical scrolling style over the more conventional manga formats because the former is typically made by teams of creators throughout the industry.

Toon Gate is set to premiere on YouTube on June 28 at 8:00 p.m. JST, so anime fans and manga lovers worldwide can check-in and watch the series. The show will be narrated by Minami Koike of Sakurazaka46 and hosted by the comedic team New York.

Toon Gate has various manga/anime industry supporters, including voice performer Arisa Komiya (Love Live! Sunshine!!).

Bandai and the Gundam universe

Namco Bandai intends to invest Jpy 15 billion (about $130 million) in bringing Mobile Suit Gundam to the Metaverse. Bandai will utilize the virtual environment to broadcast mecha-themed performances and hold online games. It will also interface with real-world arcades and hobby shops, allowing players to buy Gunpla model kits from the virtual arena. Bandai has also hinted that it intends to launch additional titles in the Metaverse.

The final episode of the second season of the Komi Can’t Communicate anime has already aired in Japan. Two animated adaptations of Detective Conan spinoff manga, The Culprit Hanzawa and Zero’s Tea Time, are due to premiere on Netflix later this year.

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