Top 10 anime cosplays for Halloween 2022: From Sailor Moon to Chainsaw Man these cosplays astound

Picture of Makima (@zealxv) and Denji (@boobooobs) cosplayers from the anime Chainsaw Man. These two cosplayers got an honorable mention.
Picture of Makima (@zealxv) and Denji (@boobooobs) cosplayers from the anime Chainsaw Man. These two cosplayers got an honorable mention. Pic credit: @Tkk220/Twitter

This Halloween 2022 countless anime fans showed their otaku spirit dressing up as their favorite anime characters from their favorite shows. Unsurprisingly, a lot of anime otaku chose to represent characters from the most popular series of 2022: Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, One Piece, Chainsaw Man, Spy X Family, My Hero Academia, Naruto, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Sailor Moon, and Mob Psycho 100.

Some of the anime Halloween cosplayers went above and beyond this year to emulate their favorite characters accurately with incredible results. Anime Geek’s staff have voted on their favorite Halloween anime cosplays and we’ve decided who deserves a spot in our Top 10 list.

With the global success the latest One Piece film has had it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that a lot of anime fans decided to cosplay their favorite characters from One Piece this year.

10. Uta – One Piece

Picture of Uta cosplayer from the anime One Piece.
Picture of Uta cosplayer from the anime One Piece. Pic credit: @semirinx/Twitter

Several One Piece fans decided to cosplay Uta this year and it was very hard to decide who did this best.

The plot of One Piece Film: Red centers on a new female character named Uta. Uta is a world-renowned diva in the world of One Piece. The setting of the film Red will take place on an island where Uta will be performing her first public concert. People in the world of One Piece are able to listen to Uta’s singing via their Den Den Mushis (magical transponder snails that work as communication devices).

The Den Den Mushis enabled Uta to be able to hide her true identity as the daughter of the notorious, wanted pirate Red-Haired Shanks. Half of Uta’s hair is red while the other half is lavender (which she probably inherited from her mother).

Uta’s fans from all over the world sail towards the island in order to attend her live concert, including Luffy and the Straw Hats. Unfortunately for the Straw Hats, the Navy pirate hunters and other pirates are also planning to attend the concert. The story truly begins when the shocking fact that Uta is Shanks’ daughter is discovered, and chaos ensues.

The official Twitter account for One Piece released a short video of Uta wishing everyone a Happy Halloween, which can be seen here:

Semirinx’s Uta cosplay is scarily accurate and she truly resembles the world-famous diva from One Piece and the adopted daughter of Red-Haired Shanks. Fun fact: Uta was a musician in Shanks’ crew before he left her while she was still a child.

9. Portgas D. Ace – One Piece

Picture Ace cosplayer from the anime One Piece.
Picture of Ace cosplayer from the anime One Piece. Pic credit: @SCMLOOKS/Twitter

Portgas D. Ace was instantly likable and charismatic the sworn older brother of Luffy and Sabo. He was born “Gol D. Ace” and he gained the nickname “Fire Fist” Ace after he ate the Fire Fire Fruit. What made Ace even more interesting was that he was the son of the late Pirate King Gol D. Roger and Portgas D. Rouge.

Ace grew up to become the 2nd division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and the one-time captain of the Spade Pirates. Ace’s death is still one of the saddest in all of anime history, and One Piece fans are still hoping that maybe someday Oda might decide to bring Ace back somehow. Zombie Zombie Fruit anyone? But as One Piece nears its conclusion time is running out for the chance to bring Ace back to life.

8. Trafalgar D. Water Law – One Piece

Picture of Trafalgar Law cosplayer from the anime One Piece.
Picture of Trafalgar Law cosplayer from the anime One Piece. Pic credit: @are_yuzu_ready/Twitter

Trafalgar D. Water Law is usually just called “Trafalgar Law”. He has gained the nickname “Surgeon of Death”. Law is a pirate from North Blue and the captain and doctor of the Heart Pirates. Law is a part of the Worst Generation – a group of 12 rebellious pirates. During the time skip, Law became one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, but he lost this position after he allied himself with the Straw Hat pirates. Law dreams of finding One Piece and also wants to know the purpose of the Will of D.

As One Piece reaches its conclusion fans are excited that the mystery behind the “Will of D” will soon be revealed!

7. Loid Forger aka Twilight – Spy X Family

Picture of Loid Forger cosplayer and his cat cosplaying Anya from the anime Spy X Family.
Picture of Loid Forger cosplayer and his cat cosplaying Anya from the anime Spy X Family. Pic credit: @baymaxedTV/Twitter

Spy X Family is one of the top animes for 2022, and it has inspired some amazing cosplays of the entire Forger Family. It was incredibly difficult to decide who did the best Forger Family cosplay, but two couple cosplayers and their cat did an incredible job.

The story of Spy X Family revolves around the premise that in order to maintain peace between the rival nations of Westalis and Ostania, a Westalian agent code-named “Twilight” is tasked with spying on Donovan Desmond – the leader of Ostania’s National Unity Party. However, Desmond is known for being an eccentric recluse, who is very wary of strangers. The only way for Twilight to get close to Desmond is to enroll a child in the same private school, Eden Academy, and pose as a fellow parent.

Twilight creates the alias of “Loid Forger”, adopts a young orphan girl named Anya, and marries a woman named Yor Briar so that he can present the front of a happy family to the school. However, Loid isn’t the only one keeping secrets in the family. Anya is secretly an Esper and can read minds. Anya is aware of the fact her adoptive father is actually a spy and her adoptive mother is a professional assassin.

Neither Loid nor Yor are aware of each other’s identities. Later, the family decides to adopt a dog that was experimented on until it gained precognitive abilities. Anya decides to name the dog Bond after her favorite spy cartoon. As Loid struggles with learning how to be a good father and husband while lacking common sense due to all his years of being a spy he somehow manages to form close bonds with his new family.

6. Yor – Spy X Family

Picture of Yor Forger cosplayer from the anime Spy X Family.
Picture of Yor Forger cosplayer from the anime Spy X Family. Pic credit: @baymaxedTV/Twitter

By day, Yor works as an ordinary clerk at the Berlint City Hall, but by night she works as a Garden assassin. She has gained the nickname “Thorn Princess”. Yor is beautiful and deadly, but she also has this surprisingly sweet and innocent side that has won the hearts of anime fans. Yor decides to marry Loid to protect her side job as an assassin without drawing suspicion from others. She becomes the adoptive mother of Anya Forger. As time passes she comes to sincerely care about Loid and Anya as if they were really her family.

5. Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts – Sailor Moon

Picture of Sailor Moon cosplayer.
Picture of Sailor Moon cosplayer. Pic credit: @JaharaJayde/Twitter

The upcoming Sailor Moon Cosmos movie is set to premiere in Japan in the summer of 2023 and the hype is real.

One Sailor Moon fan happens to be an amazing cosplayer and she has cosplayed not just one Sailor Moon character, but almost all of them!

The story of Sailor Moon centers on an average high school student named Usagi Tsukino, who happens to be a clumsy girl prone to crying easily. Usagi’s humdrum life is turned upside down when she decides to save a cat with a crescent moon on its forehead. Luan is no ordinary cat, however, and informs Usagi that their meeting wasn’t by chance. Luna informs Usagi that her destiny is to become Sailor Moon – a planetary guardian granted the power to protect the Earth.

Luna gives Usagi a special brooch that allows her to transform into Sailor Moon, and she uses her new powers to save the city from evil energy-stealing monsters sent by the malevolent Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom. As Usagi gets used to her powers and learns to fight the villains she is also tasked with finding the lost princess of the Moon Kingdom, the other Sailor Guardians, and the Legendary Silver Crystal in order to save Earth from destruction.

4. Cosmo – Chainsaw Man

Picture of Cosmo cosplayer from Chainsaw Man.
Picture of Cosmo cosplayer from Chainsaw Man. Pic credit: @KuroMiketsu/Twitter

The hottest and most talk-about anime right now is Chainsaw Man hands down. Numerous Chainsaw Man fans decided to cosplay their favorite character this Halloween 2022 and it was extremely difficult to narrow it down to the best ones.

The story of Chainsaw Man is set in a world where devils are born from human fears and are made manifest in reality. The devils tend to be evil and dangerous and are as powerful as the fear they are able to evoke. However, as the need for “Devil Hunters” arose so did the need to form contracts with the devils in order to gain their power and fight fire with fire. The devils usually live in a dimension called “Hell” but when they are killed there they’re transferred to the physical plane of Earth. Once a devil is killed on Earth they return to Hell.

The story centers on an impoverished young man named Denji, who due to the astounding debt his father left behind is struggling to find odd jobs in order to survive. He befriends a dog-like devil named Pochita and together they collect devil corpses to earn money.

However, one day Denji is betrayed and killed. Just as his consciousness is fading he decides to make a contract with Pochita. The devil merges its body with Denji granting him the ability to transform parts of his body into deadly chainsaws. Using his newfound power, Denji joins the Public Safety Devil Hunters – a government agency tasked with fighting devils whenever they become a threat to humanity. 

Cosmo is a fiend that hasn’t appeared in the anime yet. She is known as the “Cosmos Fiend”, and is one of Quanxi’s girlfriends. Cosmos is perfect for a Halloween cosplay since Cosmos is known for going around and saying a single word, “Halloween”. Inside of Cosmos’s mind is the knowledge of everything in the universe, which can be a bit overwhelming, hence why Cosmos is only able to say a single word.

3. Power – Chainsaw Man

Picture of Power cosplayer.
Picture of Power cosplayer. Pic credit: @NOTPONYO/Twitter

Power is the “Blood Fiend”, and has the ability to create weapons out of blood. She is a Public Safety Devil Hunter and a part of Makima’s special squad. Together she works with Denji and Aki to kill dangerous devils. At first, Power starts out as a possible love interest for Denji, but as he gets to know her better he begins to see her as a “little sister” and begins to care for her as family.

Power is an incredibly popular character in Chainsaw Man due to her wild personality, love of cats, sexy appearance, and ultimate loyalty to Denji.

2. Makima – Chainsaw Man

Picture of Makima cosplayer.
Picture of Makima cosplayer. Pic credit: @_417_1125/Twitter

Makima is a high-ranking Public Safety Devil Hunter, who decides to take Denji as her “pet”, but definitely has some sneaky ulterior motives. Makima is a femme fatale that Chainsaw Mans agree we all love to hate.

Currently, in the anime, Makima is the first person to treat Denji like a human being so he’s fallen in love with her. Makima appears to have an interest in Denji, but is it really Denji that she’s looking at?

1. Denji – Chainsaw Man

Picture of Denji cosplayer from the anime Chainsaw Man.
Picture of Denji cosplayer from the anime Chainsaw Man. Pic credit: @Merch25rises/Twitter

There were several incredible Denji cosplays, but this one takes the cake!

This particular Denji cosplay was able to grasp Denji’s devil-may-care attitude with his casual pose on the steps, and the cosplayer added the quote, “Denji just craves some tiddies”. Indeed, this is what Denji desires.

Currently, in Chainsaw Man Denji is working as a Devil Hunter for Makima. Later, Makima tells Denji that if he helps her to defeat the Gun Devil she will grant him any one wish. Denji’s new goal becomes to defeat the Gun Devil so that he can have sex with Makima. But will Makima keep her promise?

Honorable mentions:

Pochita- Chainsaw Man

Can a car win a Halloween anime costume contest? This one almost did looking like Pochita from Chainsaw Man.
Can a car win a Halloween anime costume contest? This one almost did look like Pochita from Chainsaw Man. Pic credit: @NezukoSocial/Twitter
Picture of KuroKoneko Kamen and her cat Cali cosplaying as an Akatsuki member from the anime Naruto.
Picture of KuroKoneko Kamen and her cat Cali cosplaying as an Akatsuki member from the anime Naruto. Pic credit: KuroKoneko Kamen

Do you agree with Anime Geek’s Top 10 picks? Let us know in the comment section below!

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