Top 10 anime mothers: Attack On Titan, Naruto, My Hero Academia, and more

Kushina Uzumaki Naruto's mother
Kushina Uzumaki Naruto’s mother.

Today we give you our Top 10 anime mothers in honor of Mothers Day 2022.

Amazing mothers can be seen throughout the anime world, and they deserve to be recognized for their efforts.

Anime Moms are generally small characters in the background, yet no child can become a hero without their mom’s support and affection. Indeed, not all of the protagonists in the anime have a positive impression of their mom, and some of them have not seen their mother since infancy. Mothers, just like in real life, play an important part in their children’s lives.

However, there are a few anime moms that are a cut above the rest when it comes to parenting. They look after their children while battling the world’s problems.

So let us commemorate the mothers who made significant sacrifices and became outstanding mentors on Mother’s Day today! Here are our Top 10 anime mothers who demonstrate how a mother loves her children.

10. Sanae Furukawa (Clannad)

Sanae Furukawa Clannad
Sanae Furukawa Nagisa’s mother, Clannad anime. Pic credit: Zerochan

Clannad wouldn’t be half as enjoyable without Sane Furukawa’s “role” in Tomoya’s life.

Sanae doesn’t receive much screen time in the first few episodes of this light romance/slice of life series. Sanae only appears more frequently later on, when things become more severe. And she begins to “bless” the anime with her eccentricities.

Sanae wasn’t a terrific baker, but she was a wonderful mother. Sanae watched after Nagisa while she was pregnant. Tomoya was devastated by Nagisa’s death, and Sanae was caring for Ushio at the time.

Even after spending several years with Ushio, Sanae realized Ushio needed to return to her father, as Tomoya had been alone since his wife’s death. She exhibited exceptional bravery in the face of practically universal sadness. This is why she is one of the top 10 anime mothers.

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Sanae is an epitome of a mother who is always available to her children… Especially in difficult circumstances, and never wavers from that purpose.

Her quote best expresses it:

“If your life can change once, it can change again.”

Sane Furukawa

She is a strong-willed and trustworthy lady who adores her husband and kid while being immature and a crybaby at times (when someone mocks her bread). Given her young look, she likes being mistaken for Nagisa’s elder sister.

9. Trisha Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Trisha Elric, Alphonse and Edwards mother.
Trisha Elric, Alphonse and Edward’s mother. Pic credit: Studio Bones

Trisha Elric was only seen in flashbacks of Fullmetal Alchemist, but it was evident how amazing a person she is. Despite being an old, human Philosopher’s Stone, Trisha welcomed Van Hohenheim just for who he was and refused to perceive him as a monster.

Aside from being the mother of the show’s protagonists, Edward and Alphonse Elric, nothing is known about her, but she was regarded as a lovely and caring mother to the two.

Every day, Trisha lavished attention on her children. She urged them to reach their greatest potential, but she died before they could do so. She succumbed to an illness when Edward was just 11 years old, and she is sorely missed by everyone.

Even though her husband had forsaken their children, she maintained a pleasant demeanor and cared for them on her own. So if you tell me that this isn’t a mother worth an arm and a leg, I don’t know what to say.

8. Hana (Wolf Children)

Hana with her Wolf Children.
Hana moving with her Wolf children. Pic credit: IMDB

Hana fell in love with a wolfman, with whom she had two children. However, Hana’s luck ran out when her husband sadly died, leaving her with her two children. Hana’s optimism just wasn’t dampened as she prepared to care for her children.

To be a single parent is difficult, but raising two half-wolf, half-human children? THAT, however, is another tale. Hana must confront parenting her two gorgeous wolf children alone after losing her lover. Despite her children’s origins and all of the difficulties she faces, she managed to give her two children essential life skills, this is why she is one of the Top 10 anime mothers on our list.

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It was incredibly difficult for her to care for the children, but she persevered for their sake. She had to move out of the city and nurture them in the countryside since they were half-wolf and could not be controlled in a city.

7. Chi-chi (Dragon Ball)

Chi-chi from Dragon Ball
Chi-chi, Goku’s wife from Dragon Ball Pic credit: Toei Animation

Chi-chi is a tough and obstinate mother who will not take no for an answer and is more concerned with her child’s education and her husband’s safety than with the annihilation and survival of the world. But her motives are pure, like those of a real anime mother, and her heart is filled with only love for her boys and husband.

Chi-chi is a shining example of what it means to care for your children, even though she is nothing like as “wealthy” as Bulma. And raise them properly.

Without making excuses about how difficult it is or how there is “no” time for this and that.

Chichi isn’t flawless, but that’s what makes her more realistic in terms of anime moms and parents.

6. Yasuko Takasu (Toradora)

Yasuko Takasu from Toradora anime.
Yasuko Takasu from Toradora anime. Pic credit: J.C Staff

Ryuuji Takasu’s mother is Yasuko or Mirano from Toradora. As a mother, she occasionally acts recklessly and childishly when sleeping. Regardless of her behavior, Yasuko has spent her adolescence dealing with many issues that she has experienced.

It contrasts with her casual demeanor. Yasuko is well aware of her faults in life; she greatly loves her kid and is motivated to guarantee that he may focus on his studies and have a better future. This is the story of a woman who tries her hardest to raise her lone kid, Ryuuji Takasu, on her own.

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Yasuko Takasu is more than just an irresponsible alcoholic who makes her kid clean up after her. After her husband dies, she is left with the sole burden of raising her kid and putting him through school, this leads to her working many jobs to cover the bills and make ends meet.

She is very compassionate, gentle, and frequently naive, yet she adores her only son.

5. Inko Midoriya (My Hero Academia)

Inko-Midoriya hugging Izuku Midoriya
Inko-Midoriya hugs Izuku Midoriya when he finds out he has no quirk. Pic credit: Bones Inc.

Inko Midoriya only has one child, Izuku, and she has been concerned about his welfare and wellbeing since he was identified as Quirkless. Inko is mindful of anti-Quirkless prejudice, and she believes that Izuku will face a life of failure and loneliness.

Fortunately, Izuku was able to unleash his future with the assistance of One For All and All Might, but this exposes him to severe danger while battling enemies, and Inko is concerned. She’s a wonderful mother to be concerned about Izuku’s safety, and she’ll even argue with All Might himself.

Midoriya even got a superhero suit from Inko. Inko is a wonderful mother who has always tried to support her children. She also apologized to Izuku for not having a Quirk.

That appeared to be a burden for her, and she held herself responsible for what had happened to her kid. Inko and Izuku share nearly identical personality characteristics, ranging from excessive sobbing to extreme anxiety over something.

4. Miyako Ishida (A silent Voice)

Miyako Ishida, Shoya Ishida's mother
Miyako Ishida mother of Shoya Ishida.

She is a supporting character in the animated movie A Silent Voice. Shoya Ishida is Miyako’s son. She is also a kind and devoted single mother. Miyako also owns a salon to help support her family.

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Miyako’s son was difficult to manage as a child, yet she never gave up. When Shoyo got in trouble for tormenting Nishimiya, Miyako apologized to her mother.

She also used her funds to get Nishimiya replacement hearing aids. Despite Shoyo’s antics, Miyako never sought to beat him; rather, she was always loving and wanted to help her child.

3. Carla Yeagar (Attack on Titan)

Carla Yeagar Erens mother
Carla Yeager, Eren Yeager’s mother. Pic credit: Wit Studio

A strict mother is not always harmful, especially when she is acting for her child’s protection. This is precisely how Carla Yeager would be described. She often chastised Eren anytime he did something dangerous since she genuinely cared about his well-being. Mikasa was even accepted into the family.

Carla Yaegar adores both her kids and her husband, and she even attempts to prevent Eren from enlisting in the Survey Corps because she is concerned for his safety. She is constantly concerned about them, and when the opportunity arises, this anime mom makes a great sacrifice for her family. Her ultimate sacrifice makes her one top 10 anime mothers of all time.

2. Kushina Uzumaki (Naruto Shippuden)

Kushina Uzumaki Naruto's mother
Kushina Uzumaki Naruto’s mother.

Naruto Uzumaki is Kushina Uzumaki’s son. Obito chose to assault the Hidden Leaf, which ended Kushina’s motherhood. Kushina gave up her life to save Naruto from the Nine-Tails. Minato locked a part of Kushina’s chakra into Naruto before dying, which would be helpful later.

Kushina Uzumaki has a past with Kurama the nine-tailed fox because she was once its jinchuriki. She eventually ended up marrying Minato Namikaze and was a close friend of Mikoto Uchiha, who also had recently given birth to a baby boy, Sasuke. Kushina was a cheerful and pleasant lady at the time.

Later, Kushina’s spirit aided Naruto, which not only provided closure for both but also helped Naruto to better manage Kurama.

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Aside from her beautiful appearance, she has an extremely volatile disposition. She adored her family and was devoted to her unborn son, lavishing him with love following his birth.

1. Sachiko Fujinuma (Erased)

Sachiko Fujinuma from Erased anime.
Sachiko Fujinuma mother of Satoru Fujinuma. Pic credit: A-1 Pictures

Erased is among the most well-thought-out psychological series to be released in recent years.

It has depth, and well-written characters, and is a solid effort from A-1 Pictures. That’s why Satoru’s mom is such a heroic figure in the anime.

Sachiko Fujinuma is the mother of Satoru, the main character of Erased. She was aware of the killings going place in the city, but she chose to ignore them just for the sake of her kid. She didn’t want to put Satoru through any emotional anguish. Sachiko was astute, brave, and unselfish; all of these attributes combined to make her an excellent mother.

Sachiko used to be a newscaster. Sachiko is a gorgeous middle-aged woman who is also thin. She is a nice, caring mother who worked hard to provide for Satoru.

Sachiko is slain after establishing eye contact with the criminal implicated in a string of kidnappings. Her son subsequently discovers a means to erase the past, but he goes into a coma. Sachiko, a true anime mother who is loyal to a fault, remains by his bedside and cares for him for almost a decade until he wakes up.

Honorable mentions

Anime Mothers play a huge role in the development of a character, as our mothers play a pivotal role in our lives as well. Happy mother’s day.

Do you concur with our top 10 anime mothers list? Do you believe others are better deserving of placement on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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