Top 10 best moments in Dr. Stone Special Episode Ryusui and new Crunchyroll Ryusui-centric trailer [Review]

Screenshot from the Dr. Stone Special Ryusui trailer, featuring Ryusui in a red coat and blue pirate hat.
Screenshot from the Dr. Stone Special Ryusui trailer, featuring Ryusui in a red coat and blue pirate hat. Pic credit: TMS Entertainment

On July 15, 2022, Crunchyroll released a second trailer for the Dr. Stone Special Episode: Ryusui highlighting some of its most memorable scenes, which occur in the 54-minute long episode. It should really come as no surprise that the man who wants everything in the world, Ryusui, got his own special trailer, which includes plenty of fanservice. Eat your heart out, Dark Schneider (the dark wizard from Bastard!! Anime, who is notorious for appearing without any clothes).

You can watch the trailer on Crunchyroll’s official YouTube channel here:

Official Trailer #2 for the Dr. Stone Special Episode Ryusui.

My Top 10 list highlights some of the most memorable moments that occur in the special episode, and will give you 10 very important reasons to watch the Dr. Stone Special Episode Ryusui if you haven’t already.

The episode opens with the characters putting on a stage play in order to explain the events of the petrificiation and that in order to solve the mystery behind the petrification they need to travel to the other side of the planet where the petrification beam came from. The only way to accomplish this is to build a ship.

Metalist Gen was behind the idea of having a stage play in order to raise everyone’s morale by sharing information. After that, Gen hosts a ship building competition, even though he knows Senku’s design will ultimately win. This is because Gen wants everyone to believe that they made the final decision.

Magma comes up with a surprisingly nice design of a catamaran and Yo tries to hide the fact he wanted to build a simple raft. Ultimately, when Senku learns its possible to make sails out of straw he reveals his own ship design.

10. Senku designs a pirate ship

Senku’s sailboat/sailing ship design resembles a pirate ship and will take over a hundred people to build it. Luckily, Gen managed to motivate everyone, but they will need one more special talent – a captain. Senku seeks out the information broker and journalist, Minami, in order to gain her help in finding a captain.

Senku and the others head to an island where the sailing school Nanami Gakuen (Nanami Academy) is located. On their way, Minami thinks about a certain individual, but stops halfway through saying his name. She’s unable to stop herself from saying his name clearly once she sees his stone statue, however.

Senku immediately demands to know who Ryusui is, and Minami is forced to reveal that he’s the heir of the king of maritime trade, the Nanami Conglomerate, which owns the academy. While in middle school, Ryusui used his hundreds of millions of yen in allowance to collect model bottle ships and later had a ship made that he used to sail around the world.

Minami still hopes Senku will chose a sailing teacher over Ryusui because he is self-indulgent and has a horrible personality. However, as Minami is explaining that they should really find someone maybe less talented but with a better personality, Senku brings Ryusui back to life using the Revival Fluid. Talent comes first in Senku’s book.

9. Ryusui is revived and he’s naked – Captain acquired

Screenshot from the Dr. Stone Special Episode Ryusui, featuring naked Ryusui.
Screenshot from the Dr. Stone Special Episode Ryusui, featuring naked Ryusui. Pic credit: TMS Entertainment

Ryusui fangirls this fanservice moment is definitely for you, and we get a good couple of minutes with Ryusui just walking around naked, showing off his chiseled muscular chest, and monologuing about how the world is his again. Sadly, Minami quickly offers him some clothes and a pirate-esque hat. Although, Ryusui’s red outfit and blue hat are pretty cool.

8. Ryusui mentions Francois

Manga readers and Ryusui X Fancois shippers, will note that Ryusui brought up his butler Francois, and anime fans will have to wait to see who Ryusui’s awesome butler is in the upcoming Season 3 of Dr. Stone! For now, you can see a picture of Francois here:

Image from Ch 98 of the Dr. Stone manga, featuring Ryusui and his butler Francois.
Image from Ch 98 of the Dr. Stone manga, featuring Ryusui and his butler Francois. Pic credit: Boichi

Right off the bat, Ryusui shows off his sailor’s instincts by informing everyone that they need to protect the ship they’re all working on because a spring shower is coming. Later, when Ryusui points out that sailing a ship with straw sails is risky, Senku reveals that he was already aware of this and plans to create a motor-sail hybrid vessel. The Kingdom of Science plans to drill for oil in the Sagara Oil Field.

7. Currency is acquired

An expedition team made up of: Kohaku, Ukyo and Chrome, sets out to find the oil field, and Ryusui declares that in return for sailing the ship he wants the rights to the oil field that they’ll discover. Ryusui wants people to buy the oil from him and creates his own currency called “drago”, which Ryusyu claims is issued by the Nanami Conglomerate.

Meanwhile, the expedition team discovers that because of Mt. Fuji’s eruptions the landscape has been changed drastically, and they can’t find the oil field. Suika wisely suggests that they need a bird’s eye view and Senku decides to make a hot-air balloon, so they can take a look of the changed landscape from overhead and make a new map.

It’s up to mentalist Gen to get everyone motivated to gather the hemp they will need to make the balloon. With Yuzuriha’s help everyone learns how to make cloth from the hemp. The hemp must first be spun on a spinner, turned into thread, and then woven into cloth on a loom. In order to get all the thread they need spun, Gen comes up with a competition where the person who spins the longest thread wins 10,000 dragos.

6. Dr. Stone Fashion Show – Stylish clothes acquired

Senku becomes worried about this plan since they don’t have 10,000 dragos, but Gen already has an idea to make stylish clothes out of the cloth that was too thin to turn into the hot-air balloon. Yuzuriha excitedly makes the clothes and they have a fashion show. Suika models an adorable pink skirt, Kinro models a cool modern outfit, Ruri models a lovely skirt, and Kaseki models a sharp suit.

Their biggest customer ironically ends up being Ryusui, and the Kingdom of Science acquires a huge war chest.

5. Gen being Gen (who doesn’t love our mentalist?)

After the balloon is made, they have to decide on three people to fly it. Gen knows they need Ryusui but doesn’t want Ryusui to rip them off again so decides to hold a lottery. Whoever draws the two Joker cards will get to go with Senku in the hot-air balloon. Gen tricks Ryusui into drawing a card he thinks is the Joker and draws the Joker card himself. Gen then sells Ryusui the chance to fly in the balloon and earns even more drago.

When Chrome learns that Senku and Ryusui are about to take flight in a balloon he runs all the way back from Ishigami Village in order to draw a card. Gen takes pity on Chrome and manipulates the cards so that Chrome draws the joker.

4. Flight is acquired

Chrome wants to see if the world really is round like Senku said it is. Soon after, Senku, Ryusui and Chrome take off in the hot-air balloon and see the dawn before everyone else on the ground below. Chrome is moved to tears when he realizes that the Earth is indeed round. A flock of seagulls fly past them, but don’t appear to damage the balloon.

3. Chrome and Ryusui butt heads like Zoro and Sanji

Screenshot from Dr. Stone Special Episode Ryusui, featuring Chrome and Ryusui butting heads.
Screenshot from Dr. Stone Special Episode Ryusui, featuring Chrome and Ryusui butting heads. Pic credit: TMS Entertainment

The group heads to Ishigami Village using a low-pressure system to travel west. Ryusui teases Chrome about being a professional adventurer and claims Chrome is just an amateur, causing Chrome to get competitive with his knowledge of traveling. As they’re traveling over the river Chrome points out that wind tends to blow along the rivers and Senku and Ryusui realize that their balloon is indeed beginning to follow the river, and that they’ll have to climb higher to avoid being taken out to sea.

2. The demon cloud Cumulonimbus appears

Screenshot from Dr. Stone Special Episode Ryusui, featuring demon cloud and hot-air balloon.
Screenshot from Dr. Stone Special Episode Ryusui, featuring demon cloud and hot-air balloon. Pic credit: TMS Entertainment

All of a sudden a storm cloud appears before them that is shaped like a dragon and flashes of crackling, silver lightning are seen from within the cloud. What was once a peaceful journey through the sky has suddenly become a life-and-death situation. From this point forward, Senku and the others refer to the cloud as the demon cloud Cumulonimbus.

They realize they need to descend quickly, but discover that their balloon was damaged earlier in the bird strike and can no longer do that. As Senku and Ryusui wrack their brains for another way to survive, Chrome thinks about how when humans try to run away from nature they usually die. He pictures running away from a bear and having to face the bear in the end in order to scare it away.

1. Science overcomes nature

Chrome declares they need to face the cloud head on and burst through it. Senku and Ryusui agree to Chrome’s daring plan and they decide to use all of their fuel in order to climb up and through the cloud. Senku explains they can climb a few thousand meters up, but have to be careful not to go too high or else they will suffocate.

As they start to make their climb, Senku realizes they aren’t moving fast enough and throws a bottle of Revival Fluid (alcohol and nitric acid) into the furnace and the balloon shoots upwards at an incredible speed. Senku is thrown back and out of the balloon, and has to hold on for dear life as the balloon continues to ascend.

Meanwhile, Ryusui and Chrome are trying to navigate the balloon out of the storm cloud. Ryusui tosses his hat into the air and they watch as it climbs up through the air and discovers a hole in the updraft. Ryusui guides the balloon to take the exact same path as his hat and catches his hat as they burst through the hole, and out into the clear sky.

Ryusui and Chrome rejoice when they see Ishigami Village in the distance, but then discover that Senku is dangling from the basket and quickly pull him back inside. Everyone’s reactions to Senku’s team making it to Ishigami Village are seen, and everyone is excited that they are one step closer to their goal of solving the mystery behind the petrification once and for all.

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