Top 10 best scenes in Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury Prologue and Suletta Mercury’s past revealed [Review]

Key visual from The Witch From Mercury Prologue, featuring Elnora and her daughter Eri (who grows up to be Suletta Mercury).
Key visual from The Witch From Mercury Prologue, featuring Elnora and her daughter Eri (who grows up to be Suletta Mercury). Pic credit:

The Witch From Mercury will be the first brand-new TV mecha anime series in the Gundam franchise since Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury is set to premiere in October 2022 in Japan during the Nichi-5 slot on MBS/TBS TV channels (Sundays at 5:00 P.M. JST). Outside of Japan, the anime has a simulcast planned for October 2022.

The story is set during the era, A.S. (Ad Stella) 122, when a multitude of corporations entered space and built a huge economic system. The story centers on a young girl named Suletta Mercury, who is from the remote planet Mercury.

Suletta decides to transfer to the Asticassia School of Technology, which is run by the Beneritt Group that dominates the mobile suit industry. Suletta’s pure heart blazes with a scarlet light as she enters a new, adventurous world filled with advanced technology, Gundams, and dangerous enemies.

A recently released trailer teased, “This witch…rides a Gundam.” But who is Suletta, the mysterious red-haired witch, really? The Witch From Mercury Prologue gives a very interesting glimpse into Suletta’s past, and we discover that her true name is Ericht “Eri” Samaya. This also means that Suletta is hiding her true identity for some reason in the future. Perhaps, to get revenge, and here’s why:

The Witch From Mercury Prologue opens with a mysterious woman dressed in a spacesuit inside of a mobile suit. She tries to link up with the Gundam, but is unable to link up completely. When she exits the suit it’s revealed she was just doing a test run. The woman turns out to be a pilot named Elnora, who has striking red hair and green eyes.

10. Adorable Eri-chan makes her first appearance

While Elnora is speaking to Dr. Cardo about how she can’t pass Layer 33 an adorable, small, four-year-old girl suddenly appears on the walkway and floats down to greet her mother. Her daughter’s name is Eri and she will be the main heroine in the upcoming anime series The Witch From Mercury.

Eri finds out that the Gundam is named Lfrith (some translations say Lilith but we will have to wait for the official translation to be sure) and is like a younger sister to her since her mother created her. After that, we see that a controversy surrounding the Gundams has emerged on Earth and is being reported on the news, even on space channels.

Apparently, the Front District 3 passed a resolution for a budget to purchase Gundam-Type mobile suits manufactured by the Ochs Earth Corporation, which is the corporation Elnora and her husband Nadim work for. The corporation’s weapons systems are drawing concern from the public due to bioethical issues for the pilots. The accountability of both Ochs and the Mobile Suit Development Council is called into question.

The GUND-Format was originally a medical technology designed to assist with the bodily dysfunctions that occurred in people while in outer space. When the Ochs Earth acquired the Vanadis Institute the source of the research, they converted the GUND-Format Mobile Suits into military use and an issue emerged. So-called “data storms” would cause physical harm to the pilots as they linked up with their suits.

The news reporters start a debate on how difficult it must be to link the human mind to an 18-meter tall metal body and that the load placed on the pilot is immeasurable. The public is worried that Earth plans to expand its military might by producing Gundams and things will escalate between the Earthians and Spacians as a result.

Next, we see Eri’s father, Nadim, lamenting that the public opinion on the Gundams he’s worked hard to develop is poor. Eri and Nadim have decorated their room in order to celebrate Eri’s 4th birthday. Elnora arrives and tells Nadim she’s worried that she can’t get past the 33 Layer in order to connect with the Gundam and that they might lose their sponsor. Nadim is more worried about what the Council might end up doing.

Meanwhile, the members of the Mobile Suit Development Council are discussing their next move in light of all the controversy surrounding the Gundams. They believe Vanadis won’t complete the Gundam in time for it to be useful to them. Ultimately, the Council decides to “put the hammer to the witch”.

9. The true purpose behind the Gundams is revealed

Elnora’s mechanical arm malfunctions and as she fixes it she remembers how Dr. Cardo saved her life by giving her that artificial arm. Elnora sees Dr. Cardo not only as a mentor but also as a close friend. Dr. Cardo is adamant that Lfrith is the future of GUND that they’re fighting for, and for Spacians to have bodies that can survive in space. She wants to open a new door for humanity’s future.

8. Main villain is revealed to be Delling Rembran

The Council holds a press conference and Ochs Earth is sneakily excluded from it. The Council declares they have made their decision to suspend all development of Gundam-type Mobile Suits. The Council plans to foreclose the Ochs Earth Corporation under the “Corporate Administrative Act”. They’ve also decided to establish the watchdog organization Cathedral with Delling Rembran as acting director. Delling justifies his actions by saying the Gundams kill not only the enemies but also the pilots.

Meanwhile, a ship arrives from the newly establish watchdog organization Cathedral and tries to dock at the space station where Elnora, Eri, and Nadim are. When Dr. Cardo notices this she warns the personnel not to let the ship dock. Unfortunately, Cathedral soldiers manage to infiltrate the space station and begin killing all personnel.

7. The Och Earth Corporation fights back

One soldier launches a Gundam and immediately starts to engage with an enemy mobile suit. An exciting space battle ensues. The soldier manages to defeat his enemy, but the Swarm technology is exacting a toll on him. A female pilot named Wendy exits the space station in a Gundam of her own and is determined to avenge the death of her friend Nyla.

6. Ace enemy pilot Kenanji is revealed

The Och Earth units appear to be gaining the upper hand until the enemy tells a pilot named Kenanji to launch his mobile suit Beguir-Beu. Wendy fights against Kenanji, but is defeated. Meanwhile, assassins arrive at the command center and point their guns at Dr. Cardo.

The Och Earth soldier continues his fight against Kenanji. Meanwhile, amidst all this chaos Eri is hiding inside the Gundam hanger. Although we find out that Dr. Cardo was killed we don’t get to witness that event.

5. Eri links to the Gundam and it becomes alive

Eri and Elnora prepare to flee and enter Gundam Lfrith together. That’s when Elnora realizes there is a callback from Layer 33, but she’s not the one that has become linked to the Gundam – it’s her daughter Eri.

4. Eri pilots the Gundam and defeats her enemies

After that Eri pilots the mobile suits and thinking that everything is a game begins to destroy the enemy suits one by one!

3. Nadim saves his wife and daughter

However, that’s when the ace pilot Kenanji appears and engages in battle with Eri. Eri is quickly overpowered and just when Kenanji is about to destroy Lfrith along with Eri and Elnora, Nadim appears in a Gundam of his own and daringly protects them.

2. Touching flashbacks of Elnora, Nadim, and Eri’s family life are seen

Eri and Elnora are forced to leave Nadim behind and make their escape. Nadim begins to fight Kenanji, but he is sadly outclassed. As Nadim fights Kenaji his life with his family flashes before his eyes.

1. Nadim sings Happy Birthday to his daughter one last time

Because Nadim knows he will not survive this confrontation he begins to sing Happy Birthday to his daughter one last time. Eri hears his voice over the comms and begins to sing along with him. Kananji defeats Nadim and destroys his Gundam while Eri and Elnora watch. Only Elnora knows the truth of what she is witnessing as she watches the explosion in the distance with tears in her eyes. It is a very touching and poignant moment.

The emotional ending song is the perfect way to end the episode and is sure to tug at your heartstrings. You can listen to the ending song by BGM here:

Official ending song of The Witch From Mercury Prologue.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming anime series The Witch From Mercury? Let us know in the comment section below!

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