Top 10 facts about Berserk: Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition to air in October: new scenes and more [Trailer]

Key visual for the Berserk Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition.
Key visual for the Berserk Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition. Pic credit:

Berserk: The Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition will air on TOKYO MX and other channels in Japan October 2022! A trailer and two key visuals have also been released to hype this upcoming treat. Berserk: The Golden Age Arc is a Japanese film trilogy, which adapts Kentaro Miura’s Berserk manga series highlighting the Golden Age Arc. The films were produced by Studio 4°C.

In February and June 2012, the first two films The Egg of the King and The Battle for Doldrey were released in Japan. In February 2013, the third film The Advent was released.

The English version of the film trilogy has been licensed by Viz Media for home video release in North America. The film trilogy has been made available for streaming on Netflix.

You can watch the trailer for Berserk: Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition on Aniplex’s official YouTube channel here:

『ベルセルク 黄金時代篇 MEMORIAL EDITION』 特報
The official trailer for Berserk: Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition.

10. Yume no Kagabiri and more scenes will be added

Guts in the Bonfire of Dreams (Yume no Kagaribi) scene.
Guts in the Bonfire of Dreams (Yume no Kagaribi) scene. Pic credit:

Scenes such as the original “Yume no Kagabiri” scene that was not present at the time of the 2012 theatrical release will be added to the Memorial Edition, as well as new scenes under the supervision of the Chief Animation Director, Naoyuki Onda. Existing scenes will also be remastered for even sharper images and dramatic effects.

9. Main visual drawn by Naoyuki Onda

The main visual promoting the Berserk: Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition was drawn by Naoyuki Onda, who is in charge of character design and is the chief drawing director, and can be seen here:

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Key visual for Berserk: Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition, featuring Guts and the members of the Band of the Hawk with embers from the bonfires floating in the air around them.
Key visual for Berserk: Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition, featuring Guts and the members of the Band of the Hawk with embers from the bonfires floating in the air around them. Pic credit:

8. Ending theme song is “Wish”

The ending theme of the Memorial Edition is titled “Wish” and will be sung by Mika Nakashima.

Picture of singer Mika Nakashima.
Picture of singer Mika Nakashima. Pic credit:

7. New music will be added

Composers Susumu Hirasawa and Shiro Sagisu will also be providing new music.

6. Who are the production team members?

Production team members include:

  • Original Work – Kentaro Miura
  • Memorial Edition Director – Yuta Sano
  • Theatrical Version Director – Toshiyuki Kubooka
  • Screenplay/Memorial Edition Screenplay Chief Supervisor: Ichiro Okouchi
  • Character Design/Chief Drawing Director – Naoyuki Onda
  • Animation Director – Satoshi Iwataki
  • Art Director – Go Nakamura Nozomi, Yusuke Takeda, Nozomi Shinbayashi
  • Video Inspection – Mutsuko Kajitani, Yukari Kaku
  • Color Design – Kumiko
  • Naruke CGI Director – Takayuki Kusaki, Yusuke Hirota, Akiko Saito, Chiaki Imanaka

5. Who are the main cast members?

Main cast members include:

  • Guts – Hiroaki Iwanaga
  • Griffith – Takahiro Sakurai
  • Casca – Yukinari Toa Judau
  • Judeau – Yuki Kaji
  • Rickert – Minako Kotobuki
  • Corkus – Yoshiro Matsumoto
  • Pippin – Takahiro Fujiwara
  • Gaston – Kazuki Yao

4. What is the plot of The Egg of the King?

Key visuals for the film trilogy Berserk Golden Age Arc.
Key visuals for the film trilogy Berserk Golden Age Arc. Pic credit:

When a mercenary named Guts kills a man named Bazuso during a siege he catches the eye of the leader of the Band of the Hawk, Griffith, who forces him into joining the group by defeating him in two different duels. The Hawks are later employed by the Kingdom of Midland during its Hundred Year War against the Tudor Empire and gain renown when they manage to defeat the Black Ram Iron Lance Cavalry.

During a bloody siege, Guts and Griffith have a chance with a catlike demon named Nosferatu Zodd. Zodd happens to notice the strange necklace that Griffith wears and recognizes it as being a Behelit.

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Zodd warns Guts that Griffith will be his doom. Griffith’s rise in status threatens the nobles who decide to send an assassin after him.

In order to protect Griffith, Guts is forced to kill Julius, who happened to be the King’s brother. In order to leave no witnesses Guts was forced to kill the noble’s son Adonis.

Guts becomes emotionally scarred by killing the young boy and begins to doubt Griffith’s methods and their friendship. When he happens to overhear a conversation between Griffith and Midland Princess Charlotte he begins to doubt Griffith even further when Griffith claims the Hawks are simply a means to his end.

3. What is the plot of Battle for Doldrey?

When Guts and Casca become separated from the Band of the Hawk they end up in a sticky situation together and end up facing off against the Tudor’s cruel commander Adon. Guts is forced to fight and defeat 100 men single-handedly in order to cover Casca’s escape. Afterward, Guts feels he needs to get stronger and decides to leave the Band of the Hawk so that he can become Griffith’s equal.

Guts participates in a bloody battle to exploit a civil dispute in Tudor to capture the impenetrable Fortress of Doldrey. First, he defeats Boscogn, the Purple Rhinos’ commander, and Casca manages to defeat Adon. Capturing the fortress wings the war and a month later, Guts decides to challenge Griffith to a duel – if Guts wins he will be allowed to leave the Band of the Hawk. Guts surprises everyone by besting Griffith.

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Griffith was blindsided by Guts suddenly leaving the Band of the Hawk. Seeking solace in the arms of his lover, the King’s daughter, Charlotte, he lets his guard down and is caught sleeping with her. Griffith is charged with treason for his actions and imprisoned in the Tower of Rebirth while the members of the Band of the Hawk become wanted men.

2. What is the plot of The Advent?

A year after Guts’ duel with Griffith, and his leaving the Band of the Hawk, Guts discovers that the Hawks are outlaws in Midland and seeks them out. As soon as Guts learns of Griffith’s imprisonment he decides to aid them to free Griffith from the Tower of Rebirth.

When they rescue Griffth they encounter the shadow of what the man once was. Griffith has been reduced to a broken, mute man suffering from the effects of endless torture.

When Griffith comes to his senses and realizes what he’s been reduced to he decides to commit suicide. But in that moment he is reunited with his cursed necklace – the Behelit.

The cursed object grants Griffith’s unspoken desire, and suddenly there is an eclipse that draws him, Guts, Casca, and their comrades into another dimension. There they encounter the archdemons known as the God Hand.

The God Hand informs Griffith that all of his trials and tribulations have been leading up to this exact moment – for him to qualify to become one of them. But in order to truly become a member of the God Hand Griffith will have to decide whether or not to offer up his allies as branded sacrifices.

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In order to achieve his dream, Griffith decides that the ends justify the means in this case, and decides to say “goodbye” to his human life and his friends. Guts attempts to “rescue” Griffith, and he and the others battle against the monstrous horde of Apostles, who are former humans like Nosferatu Zodd. However, one by one the members of the Band of the Hawk are defeated until only Guts and Casca remain and witness Griffith being reborn into a demon called Femto.

When Femto proceeds to take advantage of Casca right before his eyes, Guts tries to get Femto off of Casca and loses his left forearm and right in the process. Skull Knight rescues Guts and Casca and spirits them away back to their world, but Casca’s sanity has been lost by having to endure watching all of her friends die and having Griffith betray her.

Guts decides to leave Casca under Rickert’s care due to the fact that because he has been branded and creatures seek his life nightly. Guts embarks on a quest to hunt down the Apostles and the God Hand so he can get revenge on Griffith and becomes known as the Black Swordsman.

1. What happens in the Bonfire of Dreams (Yume no Kagaribi) scene?

Fan art of the Bonfire of Dreams scene.
Fan art of the Bonfire of Dreams scene. Pic credit: Denoro/

The scene takes place after Guts’ defeat of 100 men. While Casca is tending to his wounds and applying elf dust, Guts confides in her that while fighting 100 men may seem impressive that it’s nothing compared to how Griffith and Casca both fight for their dream. Guts says that all of the members of the Band of the Hawk have their own noble dreams that they are fighting for – except for him.

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Guts tells Casca their dreams are like the bonfires that have been set up all around camp. He says the fires are easily blown out on their own, so they decide to join a bigger, more powerful fire in order not to go out – Griffith’s dream.

Guts, however, feels that his fire, his dream, isn’t with the Hawks. Casca realizes that Guts wants to leave the Hawks, and is immediately worried, but Guts assures her he will only leave after they’ve won their current campaign.

Their conversation is interrupted by Rickert and Pippin, who informs them that Griffith has come after hearing that the two of them are alright. As soon as Casca is face to face with Griffith again she immediately apologizes for going into battle while she was feeling sick. Guts slaps Casca’s behind and tells her she’s being overdramatic.

Guts leaves with his comrades to go and drink and leaves Casca behind with Griffith. For once, Casca isn’t captivated by Griffith and her eyes are on Guts as he walks away and wonders if he will truly leave the Hawks.

Are you looking forward to the Berserk Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition and finally getting to see the Bonfire of Dream animated? Let us know in the comment section below!

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