Top 10 hilarious, over-the-top American stereotype or satirical anime characters for July 4th!

Fan art of American eating a hamburger.
Fan art of American eating a hamburger. Pic credit:

With July 4, Independence Day, drawing near, American anime otaku are remembering the American or American-inspired anime characters that were the most patriotic, and also the ones that were the most ridiculous or over-the-top representations of Americans they’ve ever seen in their entire lives, and that had them snorting milk out of their noses! (Note: Do not drink any beverages while reading this funny list).

American characters that appear in Japanese anime tend to embody certain amusing American stereotypes, but there are cases where their American-ness is so crazy it becomes hilarious. In my Top 10 list I’ve tracked down the most amusing and funniest American or American-inspired anime characters that have over-exaggerated, humorous American qualities, habits or tendencies.

Get ready to laugh at some of the things these American anime characters are known for doing!

10. Alexandra Garcia – Kuroko’s Basketball (2012-15)

Key visual from Kuroko's Basketball featuring Alex, Taiga and Tatsuya
Key visual from Kuroko’s Basketball featuring Alex, Taiga and Tatsuya. Pic credit:

Alexandra Garcia is the basketball teacher of Taiga Kagami and Tatsuya Himuro in the anime Kuroko’s Basketball. One common American stereotype is that all American men and women have blonde hair and blue eyes.

Alexandra fits the bill with her long, blonde hair and teal-blue eyes. American women are usually depicted in anime as having voluptuous figures, and Alexandra has an athletic yet curvy physique.

In the anime Alexandra is usually seen wearing a white shirt, a black sweater, and jeans, but she is often seen wearing nothing but her panties while indoors. There is also a stereotype that American women tend to wear very revealing clothing, but Alexandra takes that to the next level by walking around naked in Taiga’s apartment!

Alexandra is also a very flirty person and acts affectionately towards Taiga Kagami and Tatsuya Himuro, her disciples, by trying to steal kisses from them occasionally. Personally, I think that the “kissing thing” is more European than American, but it’s still entertaining to watch everyone freak out when Alex tries to kiss them. She’s even kissed Riko Aida (a girl) in the anime.

Alexandra is not only sporty, but also highly knowledgeable about basketball tactics and techniques. Alexandra is good at seeing if someone has the talent for basketball or not. She became a champion in the college tournament NCAA as a member of the UCLA (University of California in Los Angeles) and later played in the WNBA. When an unknown disease impaired her vision she was forced to retire from professional basketball.

Feeling discouraged about being forced to retire, Alexandra went to bettering courts on the streets to play basketball for money. That’s when she was approached by Taiga Kagami and Tatsuya Himuro, who asked her to teach them how to play basketball. At first, Alex mostly felt annoyed at having to teach two “brats” basketball, but their enthusiasm for the sport was contagious. She began enjoying teaching them and teaching basketball in general. Later, Alexandra began teaching basketball to kids on the street.

If Alex were a Spice Girl she’d definitely be Sporty Spice! This has earned her a spot on my list at number 10.

9. Mr. Kouhei – Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi (2002)

Screenshot from episode of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi featuring Mr. Kouhei.
Screenshot from episode of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi featuring Mr. Kouhei. Pic credit: Madhouse

Mr. Kouhei is a hilarious, eccentric, Elvis-inspired character that appears in the anime Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. He only appears in one episode and is seen selling hotdogs to a couple of kids, pouring excessive amounts of ketchup and mustard onto the hotdogs, and dropping F-bombs that would fill a swear jar in a few minutes.

Not much background is known about Mr. Kouhei other than the fact he’s supposed to be “American” and he makes fully loaded hotdogs that look very delicious. His hairdo definitely appears to be inspired by Elvis and he wouldn’t be out of place at an Elvis-themed tourist trap in Las Vegas!

With the anime’s wacky plot it comes as no surprise that some of the characters are wacky too! The story centers on a young boy named Imamiya Satoshi a.k.a “Sasshi” who has grown up in the Abenobashi Shopping Arcade in Osaka. His life seems perfectly normal until his family’s bathhouse is shut down and demolished, and his childhood friend, Asahina Arumi, who has a crush on, is moving to Hokkaido along with her family.

In the middle of all this chaos, something happens to the framework of reality and Sasshi and Arumi travel to a strange parallel world. Sasshi and Arumi find themselves in an Abenobashi that is not their Abenobashi. Sasshi and Arumi set out to discover the truth behind Sasshi’s true origins and why they were sent to another world.

You can watch the short clip where Mr. Kouhei appears here: (Make sure to beware those F-bombs!)

Mr. Kouhei sells hotdogs clip.

8. JP – Redline anime film (2009)

Fan art of JP and Sonoshee from the anime film Redline.
Fan art of JP and Sonoshee from the anime film Redline. Pic credit:

Mr. Kouhei isn’t the only anime character that was inspired by Elvis Presley. JP, nicknamed “Sweet JP” is the protagonist of the anime film Redline (a story about the most popular racing event in the galaxy, the Redline, and the various eccentric racers, who participate in it). JP is 28-years-old and drives a heavily-customized Trans Am 20000 WR. His childhood friend Frisbee is the same age as him and is a junk dealer.

JP became eligible for the 8th Redline Race despite not qualifying in Planet Dorothy’s Yellowline when two other races decided to drop out. JP was voted into the empty slot by way of a viewer popularity poll.

Even though JP is a pacifist and doesn’t like to fight, he ends up in fights with other characters due to his arrogance and usually ends up getting his butt kicked. JP also manages to get himself hurt due to his overconfidence in his driving skills.

JP had a rough childhood, but he never let the bullying get to him. He grew up to be a bit of a “man child” as a result, however, since he concentrates on finding ways to entertain himself and is easily excited.

JP has a dark past that haunts him within the film. He owes a lot of money to the Inuki gang and was sent to prison in the past for failing to pay off his bail. JP ended up going to prison in order to protect his friend Frisbee, who did everything he could just so JP could race. JP’s main skill is driving while Frisbee and Old Man Hole are in charge of taking care of his racing vehicle the Trans Am.

JP’s appearance was inspired by the typical “American Greaser” and sports an Elvis Presley-style Pompadour hair-do, which JP is seen being very concerned about throughout the film, and is constantly brushing it back with his comb. There is also a Duck Tail spoiler on his Trans Am. JP’s vehicle was named after an American muscle car. If that’s not “American” enough for you, during one scene in the film he is seen riding a Harley-style hoverbike! This has earned JP his spot at number 8.

7. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald – Bungo Stray Dogs (2016-19)

Screenshot from the anime Bungo Stray Dogs of Francis using his power The Great Fitzgerald.
Screenshot from the anime Bungo Stray Dogs of Francis using his power The Great Fitzgerald. Pic credit:

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is a character in the anime Bungo Stray Dogs, who was inspired by Jay Gatsby – the protagonist from Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. In the anime Francis is the leader of the American organization known as The Guild. His ability’s name is The Great Fitzgerald.

Like most American anime characters he has blonde hair and blues eyes. Other similarities that Francis has to Jay Gatsby are the fact they’re arrogant, optimistic, and flawed, but are determined and work hard to obtain the things they desire. Both Francis and Gatsby made a fortune, but its origins are unknown except for that fact it came from “illegal activities”. Francis and Gatsby use their money as a “power” to get what they want, and both of them end their sentences with “old sport”. In the anime, Francis is seen as being very proud, self-confident, and often boasts about his fortunes.

Fitzgerald’s supernatural battle ability, The Great Fitzgerald, allows Francis to gain more physical power according to the money he spends. During the final battle over the Moby Dick, he shows strength, speed, agility and super-human endurance. If he throws off his checks this is considered to be “spending” his wealth and activates his ability.

He definitely embodies the saying that “Americans are big spenders” and earns his spot at number 7.

6. Morgans – One Piece (1999-present)

Screenshot from the anime One Piece featuring Morgans taking a picture while falling through the air.
Screenshot from the anime One Piece featuring Morgans taking a picture while falling through the air. Pic credit: Toei Animation

Not every American anime character needs to be inspired by an American person. There is one anime character that is obviously inspired by the bald eagle, which happens to be the national bird of the United States of America!

“Big News” Morgans is the president of the World Economy News Paper and one of the emperors of the Underworld in the world of One Piece. When Morgans’ Devil Fruit powers are active he resembles a white-feathered, humanoid, eagle-like albatross with small eyes and a large beak. He is dressed in very patriotic colors: red, white and blue. Morgans sports a blue top hat with a large, red and white striped feather, a light-blue, button-down shirt with a yellow bowtie, and red and white-checkered pants.

Morgans is seen getting excited by the startling turn of events during the Whole Cake Island Arc and is eager to report the news to the world. He exclaims “Big News!” when he witnesses anything he believes is newsworthy. Morgans is willing to risk his life if he’ll get a good picture of a newsworthy event and even decided to write an article about Big Mom’s defeat despite knowing the possible deadly consequences.

5. Ham Burger – One Piece (1999-present)

Screenshot from the anime One Piece featuring Ham Burger.
Screenshot from the anime One Piece featuring Ham Burger. Pic credit:

Morgans isn’t the only “American” inspired character in the anime series One Piece. Ham Burger is the king of the Ballywood Kingdom in the world of One Piece. Ham Burger’s appearance is obviously inspired by United State’s sixteenth president Abraham Lincoln.

Ham Burger is depicted as a man with conviction and he claims to have never turned around. As the king of the Ballywood Kingdom, he has control over its citizens, and was qualified to attend the Levely. The World Government appointed Ham Burger as temporary chairman of the Levely/Reverie to conduct the discussions that took place during the event.

Ham Burger is a stern-looking older gentleman with high cheekbones, a long, pointy pink nose, and square jaw. He sports a bushy, black hair and a beard. Ham Burger is usually seen wearing a black suit with a white, frilly shirt, white gloves, star-covered top hat, and dark-blue bow tie in the anime. His outfit resembles the one seen worn by American symbol “Uncle Sam”.

In Japanese culture, hamburgers and other fast-food items are associated with the U.S. and the Ballywood Kingdom was most likely named after Hollywood. I think being named after a hamburger makes this guy very American and earns him his spot at number 5.

4. Barnaby Brooks Jr. – Tiger and Bunny (2011-present)

Screenshot from the anime Tiger and Bunny featuring Barnaby and his battle suit.
Screenshot from the anime Tiger and Bunny featuring Barnaby and his battle suit. Pic credit:

Barnaby Brooks Jr. is an American character in the anime Tiger and Bunny. Barnaby is a rookie hero, who does not conceal his secret identity, and in the beginning of the series he is the newest addition to Hero TV.

It’s not surprising that Barnaby has blonde hair due to his American heritage, but instead of the usual blue eyes that Americans are depicted as having in anime he has green eyes. Talk about a risky move there, Sunrise Studio!

Barnaby is partnered up with Wild Tiger, who possesses the same ability as him called Hundred Power. Barnaby prefers to use his brains over brawn. Once he becomes a hero he gathers a large fan base that sees him as being cool and handsome, and eventually earns the nickname “King of Heroes”.

The design of Barnaby’s battle suit is an ode to the fact that the word “usa” (in other words the U.S.A.) sounds like the Japanese word for rabbit or bunny. Barnaby’s helmet has two metal extensions that resemble rabbit ears. When Kotetsu first saw Barnaby sporting the helmet he said, “And you have long ears like a cute bunny rabbit.”

On Barnaby’s birthday, Saito upgraded his battle suit so that it now sports a bunny symbol that matches the tiger symbol on Kotetsu’s. Pretty much everyone in the show calls Barnaby “Bunny” instead of his real name, which earns him his spot at number 4.

3. Patricia Martin – Lucky Star (2007)

Screenshot of Patricia from the anime Lucky Star.
Screenshot of Patricia from the anime Lucky Star. Pic credit:

There’s a stereotype that Americans who travel to Japan are hardcore anime and manga otaku and that they’re very proud of it, whereas most Japanese are shy about admitting to being an otaku themselves. Patricia Martin embodies this particular stereotype.

Patricia Martin is a character in the anime Lucky Star. She is the co-worker of Konata Izumi and is a transfer student from the United States, who is getting to live her dream of getting to travel to Japan.

She learned Japanese by watching lots of anime and reading manga, so in the show her take on the Japanese language is rather unique, which makes for some hilarious moments. Patricia is also a huge fan of yaoi or “boys love”, and it’s amusing to watch her gushing about her favorite yaoi stories to her shocked and scandalized classmates.

Her fun antics made her a very popular character to watch in Lucky Star and has earned her spot at number 3.

2. All Might – My Hero Academia (2016-present)

Fan art of All Might doing his signature attack move.
Fan art of All Might doing his signature attack move. Pic credit:

Toshinori Yagi, more commonly known as All Might, is the central protagonist of the My Hero Academia franchise. All Might is the former No. 1 Hero and the eighth user of the quirk One For All that gives him supernatural abilities. He currently teaches Foundational Hero Studies at U.A. in the anime and manga.

After a fierce battle against All For One where he used up the remnants of his power in order to gain victory, he retired. With All Might’s era coming to and end, he was replaced by his rival, Endeavor, as the No. 1 Hero.

All Might isn’t an American character, but his design resembles a generic American comic book superhero and was obviously inspired by such heroes, like Marvel’s Captain America. While in his “hero form” All Might is extremely tall, muscular, and his hair splits in two like the comic book character Wolverine. All Might wears a patriotic, red, white and blue bodysuit for his “hero costume”, along with a pair of golden gloves and boots. Sometimes, All Might is seen wearing a cape similar to DC comic book hero Superman, and may in fact be a homage to the hero.

One American stereotype is that all Americans have bright, dazzling, white smiles. All Might takes this to the next level, and is known for always smiling while he fights villains in order to put people’s fears at ease.

Another “American” quality is that All Might enjoys watching movies. And if that isn’t American enough for you, just wait, All Might has named all of his signature attack moves after states and cities in the United States! This has earned All Might his spot at number 2.

1. America – Hetalia anime (2009-11)

Screenshot of America from the anime Hetalia: Axis Powers.
Screenshot of America from the anime Hetalia: Axis Powers. Pic credit:

America is the main character in the anime series Hetalia: Axis Powers and leads the Allied Forces. In 2008, when Himaruya gave the characters “human names” he was named Alfred F. Jones since Jones happens to be one of the most common surnames in the United States. Some fans think that “Jones” might also be a reference to the action movie hero Indiana Jones since America’s hobby is archaeology.

It is believed that “Alfred F” was most likely inspired by Alfred E. Neuman and that the “F” was possibly inspired by John F. Kennedy – one of the most recognized Presidents of the United States. “Alfred F” may also have been inspired by the USS Alfred, which was the first ship to fly the Grand Union Flag. The sailor, who hoisted the flag, was named John Paul Jones. Some fans like to think “Alfred F” comes from Alfred Hitchcock, explaining America’s interest in video games and horror films. Although, Himaruya hinted that the “F” may stand for Foster or Franklin his true middle name has yet to be revealed.

America has short, blonde hair with a cowlick, representing Nantucket, and blue eyes. In the anime he is usually seen wearing a tan uniform and in the manga he wears a brown bomber jacket with a “50” on the back. America’s glasses represent Texas. In the anime America is often seen eating hamburgers from a plate piled high with them, eating junk food, and drinking lots of soda. Another “American” quirk he has is flashing people a thumbs-up for a job well done.

America’s birthday corresponds with July 4th, 1776, also known as Independence Day – when the Declaration of Independence was approved by the U.S. Continental Congress. Some official merch has his full name as “United States of America” or “U.S”. Fans often portray America with a pet rabbit in artwork since “usa” sounds like the Japanese word for rabbit. In the manga, the child version of America was seen with a rabbit following him.

America is an optimistic person, who is obsessed with heroes, justice and freedom – to the point that in one scene in the anime he suggests that a giant robot be created that could shield the entire Earth from danger. America is a “meddler” and has a hard time making friends because of this. True to most Americans he has an interest in sports.

And if you didn’t think America was “American” enough there was a manga strip titled Supersize You! where America is shown becoming concerned over his weight. America invents strange weight loss machines and becomes paranoid about his increasing weight, not realizing that he is gaining weight as he begins to put on muscle from all his working out. America dreams that he will have a heroic, happy ending. If that’s not the American dream, I don’t know what is!

All of these qualities and quirks has earned America the top spot on my list at number 1!

Do you agree with my Top 10 list? Let me know in the comment section below!

Honorable mentions:

  • Roy Flocker – Macross
  • Silva – Shaman King
  • Graham Acker – Gundam 00
  • Revy – Black Lagoon
  • Isaac and Miria – Baccano
  • Bandit Keith – Yu-gi-oh!

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