Top 10 moments in Cindereki Sk8 the Infinity animatic and Jonah Scott’s (Joe’s dub voice actor) reaction

Fan art for the animatic Cindereki.
Fan art for the animatic Cindereki. Pic credit: @doko_dokosan/Twitter

On August 14, 2022, a trailer was released for Sk8 the Infinity, which revealed an upcoming SK8 the Infinity OVA episode, and confirmed the production of SK8 Season 2 of the popular skateboarding anime series! In celebration of this news the Sk8 voice actors got together to watch a Cindereki Animation/Animatic.

The Cindereki Sk8 the Infinity Animatic premiered on August 8, 2022, and has gained more than 38k views! An amazing group of talented artists from around the world got together to bring the Love Masquerade Sk8 the Infinity Drama CD to life.

The drama CD features the original Japanese cast doing a retelling of Cinderella featuring all of the characters from the anime Sk8 the Infinity. The animatic took months to make.

You can watch the Cindereki Sk8 the Infinity animatic here:

『 CINDEREKI 』 - SK8 The Infinity Animatic
Cindereki Sk8 the Infinity Animatic.

The Cindereki Sk8 the Infinity Animatic had some great moments. Here are my Top 10 picks!

The animatic begins with Adam narrating, “One upon a time in a land far away there was a very unfortunate girl named Cindereki. She lived with her evil stepmother and stepsisters and was forced to do the cleaning and laundry all day.”

10. Reki sports pigtails while dressed like Cinderella

Reki dressed like Cinderella and sporting pigtails.
Reki dressed like Cinderella and sported pigtails. Pic credit: SpookyPoopy

We see Reki dressed up like Cinderella doing chores and sporting some adorable pigtails. Miya, who is dressed up like Cinderella’s stepsister, suddenly interrupts Cindereki. Miya starts to tease Cindereki until they’re interrupted by Cheery, who is dressed up like Cindereki’s oldest stepsister and fanning herself. Cherry complains that Cindereki is taking too long to make dinner. That’s when Shadow, who is dressed up like Cindereki’s evil stepmother, appears.

9. Miya, Cherry and Shadow’s fabulous cross-dressing

Shadow, Miya and Cherry cross-dressing.
Shadow, Miya and Cherry cross-dressing. Pic credit: Shaky-flakes

Reki, Miya and Cherry pull off wearing dresses marvelously, but Shadow…not so much. Shadow announces there will be a ball at Crazy Rock Castle and that the prince of Awayuki (Light snowfall) will be at the ball. Apparently, Prince Langs is looking for someone to marry through an S match.

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Cindereki’s stepmother and both of her stepsisters like the idea of marrying Prince Langa and getting to be rich. Miya teases Cherry that she better hope Langa likes older women and that she has great skin, which causes Cherry to flip out entertainingly. Shadow hilariously tells his daughters not to worry because they’re both beautiful because they look like her. Cherry quickly says they got their looks from their deceased father.

That night Cindereki’s evil stepmother and her stepsisters go to the castle and leave the unfortunate Cindereki behind. Cindereki is just lamenting her fate when suddenly Joe appears dressed as a Fairy Godfather.

8. Magician Kojirou performs muscle magic

Joe doing muscle magic squats.
Joe doing muscle magic squats. Pic credit: Qrbits

Joe uses his “muscle magic” and does a bunch of squats with Cindereki in order to gather enough magic to perform a spell. Once he has enough magic he transforms Cindereki’s dress into a gown and a glass skateboard appears.

7. Cindereki’s gown came with gloves and a glass skateboard

Cindereki's rags are transformed into a gown and glass skateboard.
Cindereki’s rags are transformed into a gown and glass skateboard. Pic credit: Anh

After that, Joe flexes his abs in order to use some six-pack magic to create four horses and a coach along with a permit sticker that would allow Cindereki to enter S at Crazy Rock Castle. Joe warns Cindereki that the things he created will disappear at midnight. Cindereki headed towards Crazy Rock Castle with her glass skateboard in hand.

Meanwhile, around that same time at the castle all the ladies are eagerly awaiting for Prince Langa to make his appearance. Prince Langa shows up with Chamberlain Snake by his side and the girls immediately grow excited over Langa’s good looks.

Langa introduces himself dryly, mirroring the way he introduced himself to his new class in the anime. The S challenge is to catch Prince Langa on the S racing track anyway the girls can and they’re allowed to use any means necessary, including violence.

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6. Cherry has Carla shoot out caltrops

Cherry has Carla shoot caltrops at Shadow while she contorts her body to dodge the attacks.
Cherry has Carla shoot caltrops at Shadow while she contorts her body to dodge the attacks. Pic credit: Yesi and NortedWayfinder

The girls start to go a little crazy as they get competitive over who will catch Langa first. Predictably, Shadow starts using bombs on the course to thin out the competition. Miya wants to know why her mother is participating, and Cherry declares she won’t go easy on Shadow just because she’s her mother. Cherry has her skateboard Carla shoot out caltrops in Shadow’s direction.

5. Langa’s impressive snowboarding jump

Langa does a complex skateboard jump in order to avoid Shadow.
Langa does a complex skateboard jump in order to avoid Shadow. Pic credit: Birdybomb

Shadow doggedly pursues Langa and almost catches him until Langa executes an impressive jump to avoid Shadow’s clutches. This jump mirrors the impressive jump Langa was forced to make during Sk8 the Infinity Episode 1 when the S course suddenly ended and Langa needed to cross a huge gap in order to reach the finish line. In that moment, everyone saw snow as they envisioned Langa snowboarding.

The girls continue to try and catch Langa on the course, but none of them are fast enough. Langa grows sad when he ends up all along, just like how he was in the Land of Snow. But that’s when an out-of-control Reki knocks into Prince Langa. This is when the Reki/Langa Shippers went wild.

Cindereki doesn’t know Langa is the prince and invites him to skateboard with her. Langa compliments Reki’s skateboard and says that it’s pretty. For a moment, Cindereki thought Langa was complimenting her.

While Cindereki and Langa skateboard together, Cindereki can’t help but notice that Langa doesn’t look very happy and tells him to have fun when he skates. Cindereki then demonstrates to Langa a very reckless but fun way to skate.

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4. Langa holds Cindereki’s hand and they skate together

Cindereki loses her balance but Langa grabs her hand.
Cindereki loses her balance but Langa grabs her hand. Pic credit: Kyyhky

When Cindereki loses her balance Langa catches her hand. Cue all the fangirls watching this crying out, “Kyahhh!” Cindereki and Langa begin to laugh together and then an ice road appears at their feet. As they skateboard together across the ice road, Langa begins to smile.

However, that’s when the clock begins to strike midnight and Cindereki explains hurriedly to Langa that she must go. In her haste to run away, Cindereki leaves her glass skateboard behind.

One week passes since S at Crazy Rock Castle and Cindereki is doing chores and thinking about how much fun she had skating with Prince Langa. Shadow laments he didn’t become Queen. Miya says she’s too young to get married and teases Cherry that she needs to get married soon.

Cherry retaliates by using a brush to write complicated sayings on their faces in kanji, which is reminiscent of the A.I. calligrapher persona that Cherry has in the anime.

Meanwhile, Prince Langa has disappeared from the castle. Next, we see Langa and Chamberlain Snake walking through town and discussing how Langa is unable to find Cindereki. Langa tells Snake that all he really knows is that Cindereki had a “weird” face. Snake scolds Langa for saying so, and Langa corrects himself by saying Cindereki had a “unique” face.

Langa reveals he has another clue that might help them to discover Cindereki’s true identity and whips out the magic glass skateboard. Langa declares that if he skates with her again he’ll know if it’s her.

Prince Langa travels to all of the houses that have eligible daughters in his kingdom and has them skateboard with the glass skateboard. However, none of the girls who ride the skateboard are able to produce the magical ice road.

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Finally, Prince Langa and Chamberlain Snake make it to Cindereki’s mansion where they are immediately greeted by an overly enthusiastic Shadow. Shadow tries to convince Langa to let her try to ride the skateboard when Cherry declares she skated with the Prince. Miya skates down a banister and says that in the end, it’s the prince’s decision.

3. Cherry and Magician Kojirou flirt?

Cherry and Joe start to flirt, I mean, argue.
Cherry and Joe start to flirt, I mean, argue. Pic credit: JMBad

All of a sudden, the moment the MatchaBlossom fans were waiting for happens when Joe suddenly appears in a poof of smoke. Joe immediately says that Cherry wasn’t the one who skated with Langa and introduces himself as Magician Kojirou.

Cherry and Joe immediately start fighting with their faces extremely close together. (I mean, just kiss already!) Apparently, Joe used to be their neighbor and begins to accuse Cherry of hilarious things like adding a centipede to a stew that was not a magic potion and eating the breadcrumbs he tried to use so he wouldn’t get lost in the forest.

That’s when Langa spots Cindereki cleaning out of the corner of his eye and approaches her despite Shadow telling him not to. Cindereki recognizes Langa and finally realizes that Langa is the prince.

2. Cindereki and Langa skate along the “wedding road”

Cindereki and Langa skateboard together along the wedding road.
Cindereki and Langa skateboard together along the wedding road. Pic credit: Sen

When Cindereki takes Langa’s hand and places her foot on the skateboard the ice road appears. (Fans immediately started a petition to get Cindereki better shoes). The narrator begins to say, “Prince Langa gently took Cindereki’s hand and the two of them lived happily ever after…”

1. Demon Emperor Adam makes his grand entrance

Adam skateboarding with Langa trapped in his clutches.
Adam skateboarding with Langa trapped in his clutches. Pic credit: Alex

However, that’s when the narrator, Adam, appears while looking fabulous with a masquerade mask on his face that is very Phantom of the Opera-esque. When the group begins to make fun of Adam’s flashy mask he uses his magic to put masks on everyone. Miya ends up wearing a cat mask, Cherry a bird mask, and Joe a butterfly mask.

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Adam reveals his identity to be Demon Emperor Adam. Adam declares Snake used to be his “dog” aka servant and orders Snake to bring Langa to him. Chamberlain Snake’s brainwashing is triggered when Adam says his true name and he kidnaps Langa before delivering him to Adam.

Adam starts to skateboard with the unwilling Langa and spins him around. Langa calls out for Reki to save him. Narrator Adam declares that is how he and Prince Langa got rid of the “trash” and lived happily ever after while Cindereki objects vehemently.

That’s when Reki, who’d been reading the story of Cinderella to his younger siblings, begins to wake up in the real world to discover everything was just a dream. Meanwhile, Reki’s phone is ringing with a text from Langa that says he just had the strangest dream.

You can support the official Drama CD by purchasing the physical CD here.

You can see the Sk8 cast reacting to Cindereki in a video here of their live Twitch broadcast, which aired on August 14, 2022.

Video of the Sk8 cast reacting to the animatic Cindereki.

You can watch the official trailer for the upcoming Sk8 the Infinity Season 2 here:

「SK∞ エスケーエイト」新アニメプロジェクト特報映像|新作OVA&TVシリーズ第2期制作決定!
The official trailer for the upcoming Sk8 the Infinity OVA and Season 2.

Did you enjoy the animatic Cindereki? Did it have enough MatchaBlossom? (Fun fact: The ship name MatchaBlossom comes from Matcha Green Tea and Cherry’s name meaning Cherry Blossoms). Should they do a sequel where the evil stepsister Cherry falls for Magician Kojirou? Are you looking forward to Sk8 the Infinity Season 2 and the OVA? What do you think the OVA will be about? Joe and Cherry’s mysterious trip to Europe? Or perhaps they will show Reki visiting Canada! Let us know in the comment section below!

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