Top 5 Black Clover characters: Official popularity poll results shock fans by including villain Dante Zogratis

Fan art of Dante Zogratis.
Fan art of Dante Zogratis. Pic credit: @KaysuoAE/Twitter

On October 10, 2022, reliable anime news leaker Shonen Jump News (@WSJ_manga) tweeted the results of the recent Black Clover popularity poll, which was featured in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine’s 45th issue.

Weekly Shonen Jump magazine issue #45 also contained information on the upcoming film titled Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King, which is set to premiere in theaters in Japan and worldwide on Netflix on March 31, 2023.

Soon after the Black Clover movie release date in 2023 we should be getting an update on when to expect Black Clover Season 5. You can read more about that here: Black Clover Season 5 release date predictions: When will Black Clover Episode 171 come out?

Weekly Shonen Jump issue #45 page.
Weekly Shonen Jump issue #45 page. Pic credit: @WSJ_manga

1. Noelle Silva

Fan art of Noelle wearing her Valkyrie Dress.
Fan art of Noelle wearing her Valkyrie Dress. Pic credit:

Winning the top spot at #1 is Noelle Silva, and Black Clover fans aren’t really surprised. Noelle is one of the characters in Black Clover who has shown some amazing character development.

Noelle started out as someone weak and very unsure of herself. But thanks to Asta’s influence and seeing how hard he worked despite the fact he has no magic motivated Noelle to work harder. Asta’s motto, “My magic is never giving up!” inspired Noelle not to give up on learning how to control her volatile powers, either.

Noelle and Asta fan art.
Noelle and Asta fan art. Pic credit: Johnny Azad

Slowly, we’ve seen Noelle gain more control over her powers through her efforts and she even managed to gain a cool transformation called “Valkyrie Dress”. Noelle also has the popular anime girl tsundere personality – she pretends she doesn’t like Asta and that he irritates her, but in truth, she has a huge crush on Asta! The Noelle X Asta ship is one of the most popular couple ships in the Black Clover fandom.

2. Asta

Fan art of Asta using his five-leaf grimoire.
Fan art of Asta using his five-leaf grimoire. Pic credit:

Coming in at #2 is Noelle’s crush – Asta. Asta is your typical “shonen jump” hero who wants to become the Pirate King, oops, wrong anime. I meant, he wants to become the Wizard King. Asta has a mysterious past that intrigued fans enough to want to keep watching the anime despite Asta’s slightly annoying voice and personality. Asta is an orphan, who was raised by the church in Hage Village after his mother abandoned him on the church’s doorstep.

Despite the fact that Asta was born without magic in a world where a person’s value is determined by their magical power he decides on pursuing the lofty goal of becoming the Wizard King – the most powerful individual in Clover Kingdom. In order to achieve this goal, Asta decides to concentrate on building up his muscles in preparation for the day he would obtain his magical grimoire. After Asta turned 15 he managed to receive a rare five-leaf grimoire, which contained an anti-magic devil, whom he eventually befriends, inside.

Asta’s likeability grew as Asta himself grew as a person. Despite all of the obstacles put in his way, Asta never gave up and never abandoned his friends. Asta’s magic of “never giving up” truly did appear to be magical after a while. Seeing Asta fight and never give up until the bitter end in many battles made him a very likable hero. His annoying personality began to appear more quirky and adorable until he managed to win over the hearts of Black Clover fans.

The mystery behind Asta’s five-leaf grimoire also keeps fans interested in seeing what Asta would be capable of in the future. Asta hasn’t let us down and has shown us some incredible transformations and abilities.

3. Yami

Yami Sukehiro fan art.
Yami Sukehiro fan art. Pic credit:

Coming in at #3 is Yami Sukehiro. Yami is a foreigner from the Hino Country (or perhaps the Naruto Universe) and the First Captain of the Clover Kingdom’s Black Bull squad of the Magic Knights. In the past, Yami was shipwrecked on the shores of the Clover Kingdom, and right away he found that he was very different from the people around him. When it came time for him to get his very own grimoire he ended up with one that gave him dark magic.

Yami was scorned due to his dark magic and began to live a solitary life until he encountered Captain Julius Novachrono, who instead of fearing Yami’s dark magic was fascinated by it. Julius asked Yami to join the Magic Knights and took him under his wing. I believe Yami has never forgotten the way that Julius simply gave him a chance and how that changed his life.

When Yami selects people to join the Black Bulls he doesn’t go by their reputation, he chooses people that he sees potential in as long as someone just gave them a chance. Right away, Yami sees the potential in Asta despite the fact Asta has no magic. Yami didn’t dismiss the idea that Asta could be a Magic Knight and instead decided to put Asta to the test. Every “shonen hero” needs a mentor and Asta’s is Yami.

Yami’s mysterious past also makes him an intriguing character as the only person we’ve seen so far in the anime to wield a samurai sword. Yami’s character had the overall feeling of a Japanese person that was transported to a sword-and-sorcery world, similar to an isekai hero. Apparently, in the manga, Asta and the others learn more about Hino Country, but anime watchers will have to cross their fingers and wait until Season 4 (or even Season 5) before getting a glimpse at Yami’s hometown.

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What also makes Yami a likable character is that he isn’t just a serious mentor, but a really funny guy that can laugh at himself. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. And Black Clover fans have a hard time taking him too seriously either when he ends up taking too long in the bathroom while taking a dump! Although, Yami might seem undependable due to his drinking habits, when his squad mates are in trouble he’s there to save them.

4. Yuno

Yuno fan art.
Yuno fan art. Pic credit:

Coming in at #4 is Yuno Ginberryall. Yuno, like Asta, is an orphan who was left under the care of the church in Hage Village. Unlike Asta, Yuno was left there because of the downfall of House Grinberryall – the former royal family of the Spade Kingdom. A rare four-leaf grimoire chose Yuno and he became a Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom’s Golden Dawn and Royal Knights Squad.

Every “shonen hero” needs a rival and Yuno is Asta’s rival. However, unlike Naruto’s rival Sasuke, who really let him down in the end and caused everyone a bunch of problems due to his egoism, Yuno is a great guy. Yuno is such a great guy, in fact, that while they were growing up together Yuno never once discriminated against Asta due to his lack of magical powers and instead respected Asta’s strong mental fortitude and spirit.

Sasuke never really saw Naruto as his rival and tended to belittle him. Yuno is the exact opposite – when others try to belittle Asta, Yuno steps in to his defense. Yuno isn’t just Asta’s rival – he’s Asta’s best friend. Whenever Asta is in a pinch Yuno has his back.

Even after Yuno discovers his royal roots he doesn’t let it go to his head and acts exactly the same as before. Yuno is later promoted to vice-captain of the Golden Dawn and later reaches the rank of Grand Magic Knight, but still doesn’t let this go to his head.

When Yuno discovered a scroll in a dungeon that the spirit of wind, Sylph, was trapped within she decided to serve him due to his kind heart. Yuno doesn’t apparently have a girl he likes, unlike Asta who proclaims he loves Sister Lily, but he does have a few girls who are interested in him. Personally, I’m a Yuno X Charmy shipper because they already appear to get along. Charmy has been seen cooking things for Yuno and he appears to enjoy her cooking. If Yuno ended up seeing Charmy in her “human” and not dwarf form I bet he might do a double take.

Fan art of Yuno and Charmy.
Fan art of Yuno and Charmy. Pic credit: Anne Lefebure/

5. Dante Zogratis

Fan art of Dante Zogratis.
Fan art of Dante Zogratis. Pic credit:

Coming in at #5 is Dante Zogratis. Dante is a member of the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad and the host of the devil Lucifero. It’s unusual for a villain to win in a popularity poll, but Dante is a villain Black Clovers fans loved to hate.

Dante grew up in the Spade Kingdom but became bored with his life. In order to spice things up, he decided to join the country’s military but killing others and military victories didn’t bring him much satisfaction. He later decided to overthrow the royal family and killed the king, but even that victory left him feeling hollow. Finally, Dante decided to conquer the Spade Kingdom along with his allies Zenon and Vanica Zogratis, and they began to rule as the Dark Triad.

16 years later, Dante orders Zenon to attack the Diamond Kingdom in order to assess his strength and devil powers. Six months later, he and the other members of the Dark Triad discuss who they should attack next. Zenon is sent to capture William Vangeance and Vanica is sent to attack Princess Lolopechka at the Heart Kingdom. Dante sets his sights on Yami Sukehiro whom he thinks will finally give him the challenge he’s been searching for all these years.

Thus ensued an epic battle between the Black Bulls and the Dark Triad. Yami’s blood and desperate fight against Dante and the way he ends up teaming up with Asta in order to finally take down this beast of an opponent was amazing to watch. The fact that Yami needed help really showed just how powerful Dante was.

You can watch a clip of Asta and Yami’s battles against Dante on Crunchyroll’s official YouTube channel here:

Yami and Asta vs Dante.

The clip of Yami and Asta’s battle VS Dante has garnered more than a million views!

Unfortunately, even though Yami and Asta managed to defeat Dante his ally Zenon showed up and retrieved Dante’s fallen form. And not only that, Zenon decided to whisk Yami away as well! Black Clover anime fans have been left with one hell of an evil cliffhanger in regard to Yami’s fate. Dante’s fate is also up in the air, but chances are he will make a reappearance in Black Clover Season 4, which is probably one of the main reasons he managed to win the #5 spot in the popularity polls. Black Clover fans are excited to see what nefarious scheme this evil villain will be up to next!

If you’re curious about the rest of the Black Clover popularity poll you can see the results here:

Black Clover popularity poll, second page as seen in Weekly Shonen Jump issue #45.
Black Clover popularity poll, second page as seen in Weekly Shonen Jump issue #45. Pic credit: @WSJ_manga

Do you agree with the official results of the Black Clover popularity poll? Which Black Clover character is your favorite? What is your favorite Black Clover ship? Let us know in the comment section below!

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