Top 5 new isekai (Alternate World/Parallel World) Summer 2022 anime you should be watching: Isekai Ojisan, Harem in a Fantasy World Labyrinth, and more

Key visual for Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life.
Key visual for Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life, featuring Yuuji and a demon girl. Pic credit:

Fans of isekai anime are in luck with several new interesting isekai anime having premiered already for this Summer 2022 anime season. There’s something for everyone in this lineup from isekai that are a part of the harem genre to sword-and-sorcery isekai anime that are filled with epic adventure and exciting battles.

My Top 5 list has the best isekai anime that you should already be watching. Some of the isekai anime have already aired up to three episodes, so you’ll have a lot of binge watching to do after reading my list.

What makes an isekai anime the best? The isekai anime that I’ve recommended have likeable main characters that can pretty much “float the show” due to their unique personalities, likeable female romance interests due to their strength and skills, a splash of romance, action, adventure, magic, and intriguing plots.

Strap on your seatbelt and get ready to be transported to Another World!

5. Isekai Meikyuu de harem wo (Harem in a Fantasy World Labyrinth)

Key visual for Harem in a Fantasy World Labyrinth, featuring Kaga and Roxanne.
Key visual for Harem in a Fantasy World Labyrinth, featuring Kaga and Roxanne. Pic credit:

Although, I don’t particularly like the “harem genre” (I mean, just pick one girl, okay?!) I decided to give Harem in a Fantasy World Labyrinth a shot because I do love the isekai genre. I was pleasantly surprised by episodes 1 and 2.

There’s not as much ecchi (smut) as I thought there was going to be, and the plot so far is interesting. Also, the main character, Michio Kaga, is likeable and you find yourself rooting for him.

The story begins when high school student, Michio Kaga, is feeling depressed about his humdrum life and finds a strange website while surfing the web. Kaga believes he’s found a cheap virtual reality game and immediately answers the questions the website asks him.

Using a point-based system Kaga creates skills and abilities for his in-game character. Once his character is completed he’s transported to a game-like fantasy world.

The village he starts out in is immediately attacked by bandits, but he’s able to kill several using his sword Durendal, which gives him 5 times normal attack power. The village chief, Somara, rewards him with the bandits’ equipment. Later, when Kaga attempts to log out he discovers he’s unable to and that for the time being this world is his new reality.

The only way to exit the game might be to “beat the game”. Kaga also suffers when he realizes that he’s killed people. In a strange turn of events, a villager, who tries to steal one of the items Kaga earned, is sentenced to slavery. Afterwards, Kaga sets out to the city of Vale in order to sell his loot, the thief, and collect the bandits’ bounties.

While in the city Kaga collects the bounties and visits a slave trader named Alan, who purchases the thief, and informs Kaga about a new Labyrinth that has been discovered nearby. When Alan notices that Kaga appears to be an adventurer he suggests purchasing a slave that can aid him in combat.

Kaga then encounters a beast-woman slave named Roxanne, who is apparently a virgin and isn’t against the idea of sleeping with her new master. Alan smoothly informs Kaga that Roxanne is for sale, and Kaga decides that he wants to purchase her so she won’t wind up in someone else’s perverted clutches. Unfortunately, he needs to make 450,000 gold in 5 days in order to buy her.

Personally, I think the story would have been more interesting if it had just been about Kaga and Roxanne, and how their relationship would develop under these strange circumstances, but from certain scenes that foreshadow the future it’s obvious that Kaga will indeed one-day have a harem of women that love him instead of just one.

Fans of isekai should definitely give this anime a try, and fans of the harem genre this one is definitely for you. Kaga goes through so much you end up thinking to yourself, “This poor boy deserves a harem!”

You can watch a teaser trailer that has been released on Kadokawa Anime’s official YouTube channel for Episode 3 here:

Teaser for Harem in a Fantasy World Labyrinth Episode 3.

4. Isekai Yakkyoku (Alternate World Pharmacy)

Cover of volume 1 of Isekai Yakkyoku.
Cover of volume 1 of Isekai Yakkyoku, featuring Pharma his magic teacher and maid. Pic credit:

Another new isekai anime that has premiered this season and that has a likeable hero is Isekai Yakkyoku. After losing his little sister to an incurable disease, world-famous researcher, Kanji Yakutani, gives it his all to cure patients by dedicating his life to inventing new medicines. Unfortunately, he ends up working himself to death at the age of 31.

The Karma of the Universe grants him a second chance at life, however, and he’s transported to an Alternate World. Pharma wakes up as a 10-year-old boy whose body had been struck by lightning.

Kanji realizes that he’s been reincarnated into a medieval sword-and-sorcery world as Pharma – the scion of a noble line of court healers from the De Medicis family. In a world where divine arts (magic granted through blessings from guardian deities) exist Pharma realizes that his body is host to the guardian deity of medicine.

Pharma has been granted the mythical divine arts of creation and reduction (as seen in Episode 1 he can create things like gold and jewels out of thin air and then make them disappear) as well as the ability to instantly diagnose illnesses in people’s bodies using Panactheos’s Divine Eye. This ability seems to freak out Pharma’s magic teacher, Ellen.

Later, Pharma discovers the terrible state of medicine in the world – only nobles are able to afford medical care, which is ineffective at best and detrimental at worst. Using modern knowledge and his divine powers, Pharma gradually makes a name for himself as a pharmacist despite his young age and eventually earns the imperial court’s recognition. When Pharma eventually opens a pharmacy of his own he sets out to pursue his goal of improving healthcare in the San Fleuve Empire and making it accessible to all.

Pharma is an admirable hero due the way he keeps moving forward as he tries to overcome his sad, haunting past. You really feel for him that he failed to save his sister in his past life, and understand his motivation for doing his best to save as many lives as he can in his new reality. You want to see Pharma succeed in his dream and ambition.

It’s hard to say if his cute maid or his magic teacher is his “romantic interest” due to their age differences, but this anime seems interesting enough that it might not even need romance to keep me interested!

Trailer for Isekai Yakkyoku.

3. Kuro no Shoukanshi (Black Summoner)

Key visual for the anime Kuro no Shoukanshi, featuring Kelvin and an elf girl.
Key visual for the anime Kuro no Shoukanshi, featuring Kelvin and an elf girl. Pic credit:

Kuro no Shoukanshi is an isekai anime that appears to have a lot of potential! Kuro no Shoukanshi was inspired by the Japanese light novel series of the same name written by Doufu Mayoi.

The story centers on a young man named Kelvin, who used to be Japanese but died early and was reincarnated into another world. Unfortunately, when Kelvin wakes up in the strange new world he has no memory of his past life. The very goddess, who brought him to the new world and who is now his follower, informs him that he’s bartered away those very memories in exchange for powerful new abilities during his recent transmigration.

Kelvin discovers that he is a Summoner and begins his new life as an overpowered adventurer. Episode 1 revolves around Kelvin getting settled into the new world with the help of the goddess, who is currently just a guiding voice, until Kelvin gains enough MP to be able to summon her. During Episode 1 Kelvin spots a crowd of people and when he approaches them sees a slave trader with different female slaves for sale in cages.

One of the slaves is a beautiful blonde half-elf. Kelvin and the she-elf share a moment where they just stare at each other before Kelvin walks off. He appears to be uninterested in purchasing her right away, but he did think to himself that since he has “summoning slots” available, a slave would make a useful party member. A key visual that was released for the anime has a blonde she-elf as part of Kelvin’s party, so that must mean he eventually goes back and purchases her.

Apparently, “Japanese men, who are reincarnated in another world, end up getting a beautiful (sex) slave” appears to be a trend this anime season. Although, Kelvin appears to be less of a pervert than Kaga, so I can only assume Kelvin’s relationship with his she-elf slave will begin with him gaining her trust and friendship before he might move on to romancing her. Kelvin doesn’t look like he’s going to really “wine and dine” his beast-woman slave and plans to seduce her as soon as he manages to purchase her.

Later, Kelvin discovers his hidden disposition as a battle junkie, which may be why this anime has a second title “The Berserker Rises to Greatness”. From the Black Knight of the Ancient Castle of Evil Spirits to the demon within the Hidden Cave of the Safe, Kelvin revels in the fight against one formidable foe after another.

Another reason why this isekai anime is sure to be a winner is because in Episode 1 the first creature that Kelvin tames is a slime monster. Isekai anime that have slimes are usually very good! If you haven’t watched the anime That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, it’s a must-watch for isekai fans.

Official trailer for Kuro no Shoukanshi.

2. Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life (My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became the Strongest Sage in the World)

Key visual for Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life anime, featuring Yuuji and his slime army.
Key visual for Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life anime, featuring Yuuji and his slime army. Pic credit:

Speaking of slimes, in the new anime Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life, not just one slime monster appears, but hundreds! Yuuji Sano, a Black Company employee, is summoned to another world while finishing his work at home. It’s not entirely clear whether or not he “worked himself to death”, but that does appear to be a common trend in these isekai anime.

In this new world Yuuji’s profession is Monster Tamer. Unfortunately, it’s considered to be difficult to become an adventurer with that profession, and so the people around him underestimate him.

Yuuji has a stroke of luck, however, when he tames a slime that appears to be a rare intelligent slime. It guides Yuuji to a mysterious building where several other slimes are living that appears to be a library.

Yuuji asks the slimes if they want him to tame them and they agree. As soon as they’ve been tamed, the slimes begin to read all of the magical books inside of the building, and Yuuji realizes that he gains magical powers and a second profession as a Sage as a result.

Yuuji acquires overwhelming power, but he doesn’t appear to be conscious of his strength just yet as seen in the first 3 episodes. Usually, people’s strange reactions to his abilities have Yuuji thinking he’s done something wrong, when people are reacting that way because he is accomplishing incredible feats easily.

Yuuji discovers a way to transfer his skills and spells to his slimes, which ends up blessing Yuuji with his own monster army. With hundreds of slimes that are able to shoot off a variety of spells, Yuuji is literally a one-man army walking around, but doesn’t seem to realize it. It will be interesting to see how Yuuji continues to use his tamed slimes in interesting ways.

So far, there isn’t much romance in Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life, but two cute girls have joined him in a party. If Yuuji were interested in them, I’m pretty sure they’d like to date him, but Yuuji appears to be more concerned with keeping a low profile and surviving in this new world than finding a girlfriend. Will the aloof Yuuji fall for one of the cute girls in his party?

Trailer for Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life.

1. Isekai Ojisan (Uncle from Another World)

Key visual for Isekai Ojisan. Pic credit:

This is the hidden gem of this summer anime season, and if you haven’t given Isekai Ojisan a chance I highly recommend it. I almost didn’t watch this anime since I hadn’t heard anything about it, and the key visual was a bit off-putting.

I didn’t think that the hero would be likeable since he appeared to be obnoxious on the cover, but true to one of the biggest themes in this anime “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. Uncle is a very likeable guy and I’ll explain why!

The story begins when Japanese college student, Takafumi Takaoka, goes to the hospital to pick up his uncle who recently awakened from a 17-year coma after being hit by a truck. (Truck-san strikes again!)

Uncle tells Takafumi that he was actually sent to another world while he was in a coma and lived there as a “guardian hero”. Takafumi doesn’t believe him until he manages to cast a water spell in front of him. That’s when Takafumi quickly changes his tune and invites his uncle to move in with him.

Takafumi decides to take advantage of his Uncle’s incredible magical abilities and they make a series of YouTube videos, which end up gaining millions of views. Takafumi grows curious about how his uncle lived his life in the other world and Uncle decides to use one of his magical abilities to create a screen, which can play out his memories from the time he lived in the other world.

Takafumi discovers that everyone in the other world was abnormally beautiful, and his homely uncle was considered to be so ugly he was oftentimes mistaken for an orc and hunted down by villagers. Even though Uncle was persecuted for his looks and discriminated upon, he takes everything in stride and helps the people in the other world out of various predicaments from monster attacks to dragon slaying.

When Takafumi asks his uncle if he met any girls while he was in the other world, Uncle reveals there was this one red-haired elf, who apparently followed him around and gave him a hard time. Takafumi is dumbfounded when he realizes that Uncle doesn’t understand the concept of a “tsundere” – a girl who pretends she doesn’t like you when she actually does, or rather someone who is harsh on the outside but soft on the inside.

And the red-haired elf fits the bill! As Takafumi continues to watch videos of the red-haired elf saying things to his uncle like, “No one asked for your help. Don’t touch me! Don’t misinterpret me! I must be the only one who can stand being with an orc face like you. I didn’t mean together forever or anything!” he realizes that the elf girl secretly liked his uncle! There’s also one scene where Uncle accidentally proposed to the elf girl, but later takes it back when he sells the ring and gives the elf girl the money.

Uncle is apparently completely oblivious to the fact that the elf girl actually likes him, and that’s what makes it all so entertaining! From a key visual that was released for the anime we can deduce that the elf girl will somehow follow him into modern-day Japan.

I’m excited to see what will happen when the two of them encounter each other again. Hopefully, Takafumi will help his uncle to realize that the elf girl likes him.

Joined by Takafumi’s childhood friend, Sumika Fujimiya, they spend the days helping Uncle adjust to modern society while also watching his memories of the other world. Takafumi has to catch his uncle up on two decades of history – smartphones, high-speed Internet, modern anime tropes (especially tsundere girls) and the traumatic outcome of the ‘90s console war. Poor Sega.

What makes Uncle so likeable is his humble, self-deprecating personality, and the way he was kind to the people in the other world and continued to save them despite how cruel they were to him. He’s clueless when girls have an interest in him, which makes him adorable.

This anime is a classic “Nice Guys Finish Last” scenario, but hopefully this nice guy will get the girl in the end. All I know is that I’m rooting for Uncle! He’s definitely #1 in my book.

Trailer for the anime Isekai Ojisan.
Volume 1’s cover of Isekai Ojisan featuring the red-haired elf tsundere. Pic credit:

Honorable mentions from the Spring 2022 anime season include:

  • The Rising of Shield Hero
  • Skeleton Knight

Overlord IV would have made my list but I wanted to focus on new isekai anime that people might not know about yet. But if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t watched the masterpiece that is the isekai anime Overlord yet, you should definitely check that anime out as well!

Do you agree with my Top 5 picks? Let us know in the comment section below!

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