Top Gun: Maverick x Uma Musume poster reveals anime horse girl Mayano Top Gun

Top Gun Maverick x Uma Musume crossover announcement
The Top Gun: Maverick x Uma Musume crossover announcement. Pic credit: uma_musu/Twitter

What do anime horse girls and fighter jets have in common? Well, the Top Gun: Maverick movie has just unveiled an Uma Musume crossover poster to promote the Top Gun sequel in Japan.

Top Gun: Maverick’s promotional materials in Japan are a little different. This is because the aerial blockbuster teamed up with Uma Musume.

Uma Musume is a popular mobile gaming and anime brand in the region. Uma Musume follows a group of rising pop singers who are also the human manifestations of renowned racing horses from history. The human equivalent of a legendary Japanese thoroughbred named Mayano Top Gun is central to the new crossover.

Top Gun Maverick x Uma Musume crossover

The Uma Musume project’s official Twitter has posted a collaboration poster to publicize the forthcoming Top Gun: Maverick movie in Japan. The latest Tom Cruise picture will be released in theaters globally on May 27, 2022.

Mayano Top Gun not only has the exact name of the high-flying movie series, but she also wears a Navy-style bomber jacket everywhere she goes. This cements her link to Goose and Iceman.

The collaboration was initially revealed in September 2021. Uma Musume just published fresh artwork of Mayano in front of one of the upcoming film’s fighter planes. More crossover material is anticipated to be published before the Japanese premiere of Top Gun: Maverick on May 27.

Mayano Top Gun in the Top Gun maverick poster
The collaboration poster featuring Uma Musume’s Mayano Top Gun as part of the promo for “Top Gun: Maverick”. Pic credit: Uma_musu/Twitter

The character Mayano Top Gun appears in the Uma Musume poster. Mayano Top Gun pays homage to the Top Gun film series, including wearing Maverick’s jacket. Uma Musume stated on August 28, 2021, that Mayano will act as a “promotional pilot” for Top Gun: Maverick across Japan.

Before the poster collaboration, the official Japanese Twitter account of Top Gun: Maverick stated that Mayano Top Gun will join the public countdown event for the film’s premiere in Japan.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

Uma Musume made its debut in 2018 with a simulation game on iOS and Android. The game invites players to assist in training their preferred horse girl/idol so that she can excel on the racetrack as well as in her music career.

Studio P.A. Works (the company behind one of the biggest surprise hits of Spring 2022, Ya Boy Kongming) adapted the game into an anime series in 2018. The anime’s second season, created by Studio Kai, premiered in Japan in early 2021. Umayuru, a spinoff series, will air in Japan sometime this year.

in the first season, we see Special Week, a high school horse girl from the countryside who has recently relocated to Tracen. She is determined to fulfill her mother’s pledge to become the finest horse girl in Japan. She stops at the racing track on her way to school and falls in love with Silence Suzuka’s flair. This motivates her to compete on the same team as her.

The second season focuses on various side characters including Mejiro Mcqueen, Rice Shower, and Mihono Bourbon. We also see Tokai Teio as the main character. She, like the horse on whom she is based, suffers from repeated injuries and battles to stay one of the top racers.

Top Gun: Maverick

The first Top Gun movie premiered in 1986. Although initially receiving a lukewarm reception from reviewers, the picture went on to become one of the year’s biggest box-office hits. It made over $350 million and became one of the decade’s most memorable blockbusters.

The film stars Tom Cruise as the reckless but gifted fighter pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. It also starred Val Kilmer as his adversary, Tom “Iceman” Kazansky. Top Gun: Maverick will release in the United States on May 24, 2022. The sequel, helmed by Tron Legacy’s Joseph Kosinski, sees Maverick return to teach a new generation of pilots.

What do you think? Have you seen the first Top Gun movie? Have you seen the Uma Musume anime or played the games? Finally, what do you think about how Top Gun: Maverick x Uma Musume unveils a crossover poster? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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