Vinland Saga Season 2 anime hyped by Yuto Uemura, Kensho Ono cast with interviews, Viking recipes, and more

Kensho Ono, voice actor, who plays Knut in Vinland Saga.
Kensho Ono is the voice actor that plays Canute in Vinland Saga. Pic credit:

Fans of Vinland Saga have eagerly been waiting for more news about the Vinland Saga Season 2 release date after its production was confirmed and a trailer released. The Vinland Saga crew is hyped up for Season 2 and has been sharing specials and news while updating fans on Season 2’s progress.

Takahiko Abiru, the character designer for Vinland Saga recently tweeted about how production is slowly but surely moving forward.

“Before I knew it, a month had passed since we announced the production of Season 2. We are still moving forward day by day with the anime production, so we appreciate your patience for a bit longer,” Abiru said.

Vinland Saga anime debuted in 2019 under Wit Studio (Attack on Titan Season 1-3). Fans are hopeful Vinland Saga Season 2 will air in 2023 but fans may need to wait a bit longer.

Thorfinn from the upcoming season 2 of Vinland Saga.
Teaser image of Thorfinn from the upcoming Season 2 of Vinland Saga. Pic credit: Takahiko Abiru

Kensho Ono reveals what it was like to bring Canute to life

Here are some of the highlights from a recent interview with Kensho Ono – the voice actor behind Canute.

Canute’s personality is shy and timid due to the fact that he is the second prince of Denmark and has had to grow up while surviving bloody political disputes in court. Canute’s character evolves from a timid man to a ruthless king in episode 18 when Ragnar – who was a father figure to him – is killed.

Screenshot of Canute from Vinland Saga anime.
Canute with a sweet expression on his face. Pic credit: Wit Studio

The interviewer posed the question, “After Canute’s awakening his personality changed completely. What kind of impression did this transformation leave on you?”

Ono said, “After reading the scene, I thought he was a very rewarding person. If Canute continues to be weak his only future is death. However, this event gave rise to the awareness that ‘I must change the world’. I felt that way, so it left a strong impression on me.”

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“What do you consider a rewarding role to play?” asked the interviewer. 

“After all, a person like Canute who has growth as a person is worthwhile to play. I think viewers will get bored if there is no growth or change while looking at the events in the world through the work. I always wish I could change and grow together in the roles I play.”

“Please tell us about your performance when Canute awakens in episode 18,” requested the interviewer.

“His awakening scene was also in my audition. At that time, I didn’t understand the whole work in detail and didn’t know if I would be able to do it. However, what I wish I could show here was his change because what I believed was actually completely different.”

“It’s a philosophy about love,” commented the interviewer.

“Yes. Canute believed that ‘human beings can understand each other with love’ in the Christian way of thinking. However, in the circumstances of Ragnar’s death and his father’s life being targeted, he realized that ‘there is no love in the human heart’ and that turned into a grudge against God. Ragnar, the only one who he thought really loved him died, but even that turned out to be discrimination, not true love, leading to a grudge that ‘God created a cruel world’. I wish I could play his series of steps firmly.”

Screenshot of Ragnar from Vinland Saga anime.
Ragnar, Canute’s father figure, in Vinland Saga. Pic Credit: Wit Studio

“Duties of the King,” the interviewer remarked.

“Canute goes beyond one mountain of awakening after realizing and becomes a person who draws people as a dignified king. At the scene, Akio Otsuka said, ‘Hey, he’s changed’. After that, I was thrilled to see how the viewers who see it feel. What should I do if I’m told ‘Oh, another person is playing the role now’!” Ono said proudly.

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Screenshot of Canute from Vinland Saga anime.
Canute transformed after Ragnar’s death. Pic credit: Wit Studio

The highlighted parts of this interview have been translated from Japanese to English. You can read the rest of the interview in Japanese here on the official website.

Yuko Uemura and Kensho Ono try their hand at Viking cuisine

Yuko Uemura and Kensho Ono shared a special on the official website featuring a collection of Viking recipes for fans to try. I decided to translate one of the recipes that I think will be the easiest for fans to prepare and enjoy.

Roasted Chicken: Viking Style


1 whole raw chicken


100g bacon

1 boiled egg

Chopped green onions

2 Cloves garlic

2 Onions

1 Carrot

3 Turnips

Rosemary spice


1. Fill a round, room temperature chicken with 1 chopped boiled egg, chopped bacon, chopped green onions, and chopped garlic, skewer it and tie the legs together.

2. Rub salt on the surface of the chicken.

3. Chop onions, carrots, turnips and spread these vegetables over the bottom of a baking pan.

4. Place the chicken on top of the vegetables and place the entire pan into the oven at 230 degrees for 75-90 mins.

「上村祐翔と小野賢章のヴァイキング飯」 鶏肉の丸焼き編
Yuko Uemura and Kensho Ono cooking Viking cuisine together.

The Vinland Saga Season 2 story enters a new stage in Thorfinn’s life

If you haven’t watched Season 1 yet now is the time to watch it and get hyped for Season 2. In the story, Thorfinn was a Viking child who grew up listening to wild tales of travel and adventure at the feet of Leif Ericson – a famous Viking explorer and sailor.

During a brutal mercenary raid, Thorfinn’s father was killed and Thorfinn’s dreams were shattered. In order to one day avenge his father’s death by killing his murderer – Askeladd, Thorfinn trained hard to become a deadly warrior despite his short stature.

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In a strange twist of fate, Askeladd ends up raising Thorfinn to adulthood despite knowing the boy would one day try to kill him. Thorfinn’s dreams of one day traveling to a fertile westward land without war or slavery that Leif called ‘Vinland’ helped him to get through many ordeals by keeping hope alive in his heart.

Vinland Saga Season 2 will be a big transition for Thorfinn as he needs to build a new foundation for his life moving forward now that revenge has been snatched away by cruel fate. Some manga fans have termed the next story arc the Farmland Saga since Thorfinn finds himself in a much more peaceful existence, but you just know that quiet won’t last since fate is calling him toward a wild future.

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