Voice actors Ayana Taketatsu and Yuki Kaji pregnant, expecting their first baby together

Voice actors and married couple, Ayana Taketatsu and Yuki Kaji.
Voice actors and married couple, Ayana Taketatsu and Yuki Kaji. Pic credit: Ayana Taketatsu and Yuki Kaji / Instagram

Eren Jaeger has changed dramatically in the fourth and final season of Attack on Titan, with the series’ protagonist inheriting the power of the Founding Titan and vowing to use it to exterminate anyone living outside of Paradis’ borders.

While things appear to be bleak for the Attack Titan character, the voice actor who plays Eren, Yuki Kaji, has just announced that he and his wife Ayana Taketatsu are anticipating their first child soon.

The Joyful news by Yuki Kaji and Ayana Taketatsu

On Thursday, June 30, 2022, the couple revealed the happy news via handwritten letters published on their individual Twitter and Instagram pages. Taketatsu issued a statement explaining her current situation and stating that her future timeline would be affected.

Her message is below:

Ayana Taketatsu's official statement on twitter
Ayana Taketatsu’s official statement on Twitter regarding her pregnancy. Pic credit: Ayana Taketatsu

The statement directly translates as so:

“I am able to grow a new life. Now that I am in a stable period, the little life in my stomach is growing up quickly, and both my husband and wife are happy. At first, I wanted to report after giving birth safely, but due to work reasons, it will affect my future schedule, so it was decided that I will report at this opportunity.”  

When it came to the big announcement, Eren Jaeger’s voice actor, Yuki Kaji, had this to say:

Yuki Kaji's statement on his wife's pregnancy.
Yuki Kaji’s statement on his wife’s pregnancy. Pic credit: Yuki Kaji / Twitter

The statement directly translates to:

“I am in good physical condition, and I am doing well every day, thanks to you! I would be grateful if you could warmly watch over me, everyone who always supports me. Thank you for your continued support. I will continue to do my favorite work as much as possible while being careful about my physical condition.”

The couple got married on June 23, 2019, which also happened to be Taketatsu’s birthday.

Ayana Taketatsu and Yuki Kaji: a bio

Yuki Kaji is a Japanese actor, singer, and voice actor. Since 2006 he has appeared in several anime series, films, video games, and live-action films. He is most known for his role as Eren Yeager in the hit anime series Attack on Titan, for which he received two awards in 2014: Best Voice Actor in the 36th Anime Grand Prix and Best Actor in the 8th Seiyu Awards.

Ayana Taketatsu is a Japanese singer and voice actor. Since 2009 she has voiced and dubbed various anime films and series, video games, and live-action films. Her voice acting as Azusa Nakano in K-On! is one of her most notable performances. Taketatsu began her singing career as a member of the singing group Hokago Tea Time in 2012, and she has been in seven singles and one album. She received Best Musical Performance with her music group at the 4th Seiyu Awards in 2010.

The couple has also worked on Star Driver, High School DxD, Guilty Crown, and Pop Team Epic.

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