We Never Learn Season 3 release date: Bokuben OVA 2 confirmed for 2020 – Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai manga’s ending to be different from S2 Episode 13’s original ending? [Spoilers]

We Never Learn key art
We Never Learn: Bokuben Season 3 has many stories to tell from the Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai manga series. Pic credit: Taishi Tsutsui

Bokuben anime fans may be wondering whether We Never Learn Season 3 is even possible after the anime original ending in S2 Episode 13. After all, the Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai manga is getting close to its ending.

In fact, Season 2’s ending jumps way ahead of the manga’s story by showing the girls after graduation and teasing that Uruka is the girl that won Yuiga’s heart. Besides killing off the chances for Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Season 3, what does the ending mean for the manga itself?

Over on Twitter, manga creator Taishi Tsutsui is already teasing fans by hinting that the manga’s ending might be slightly different from the anime’s ending.

“Thank you for watching the last episode of the anime. Thank you very much for making such a wonderful animation with the cooperation of many people,” Tsutsui wrote shortly after Episode 13 released in Japan. “Regarding the relevance between the last episode of the anime and the future development of the original story… No comment (laughs). I hope that the original story will continue to be enjoyed. Thanks!”

Assuming the third season is somehow greenlit, and the ending of the second season is retconned, it’s possible the same animation staff will be returning for creating We Never Learn: Bokuben Season 3. Co-created by animation studios Studio Silver and Arvo Animation, the project was helmed by director Yoshiaki Iwasaki (Love Hina, Miss Monochrome, The Familiar of Zero).

Go Zappa (Eromanga-sensei, Beatless, Lupin III: Part 5) wrote the series composition. The character design was by Masakatsu Sasaki (A-Channel, Saki Achiga-hen), and music composing was by Masato Nakayama (You and Me, My Little Monster).

Satoshi Motoyama (WorldEnd, Oreimo) is the sound director at anime producer Magic Capsule.

The We Never Learn Season 3 opening (OP) music theme song and ending (ED) have not yet been announced.

The first season aired during the spring 2019 anime season, and the second season aired during the fall 2019 anime season, with 13 episodes releasing as six Blu-Ray/DVD box set volumes. Hulu, Funimation, Crunchyroll, and HIDIVE have been streaming the anime series thus far.

  • Updated December 28, 2019: Revised article based on Season 2’s original ending.
  • Updated December 23, 2019: Added key visual for We Never Learn OVA 2. Finalized manga comparison.

This article provides everything that is known about We Never Learn: Bokuben Season 3 (Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai 3) and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

We Never Learn manga compared to the anime

The story for the anime is based on the Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai manga by writer and illustrator Taishi Tsutsui. The manga started serializing in early 2017 in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The Japanese manga is already up to Volume 14 (which includes up through Chapter 123) as of November 1, 2019.

We Never Learn Volume 15 is scheduled to release on January 4, 2020, while Volume 16 is set for April 3, 2020. New volumes are available as both a paperback and a digital eBook.

Lucky for English-only readers, the official translation was quickly picked up by VIZ Media. The English version is up to We Never Learn Volume 7 already, with Volume 8 scheduled to release on February 4, 2020, Volume 9 on April 7, 2020, Volume 10 on June 2, 2020, and Volume 11 on August 4, 2020.

The English We Never Learn chapters are also published simultaneously on Shueisha’s Manga Plus app and website. Both the first three chapters and the latest three chapters can be read for free. Unfortunately, the chapters in-between are not available via the Manga Plus service right now.

Manga fans enjoy it when an anime is faithful to the source material or is produced as a panel-by-panel adaptation. Unfortunately, the Bokuben anime cannot make that claim.

Due to episodic time constraints, it’s not unusual for individual chapters to hit the cutting room floor. The ordering of story events contained in the manga are sometimes shifted around for the anime and manga story arcs are condensed to focus on critical plot points.

The most significant criticism is that Bokuben’s first anime season cut out a lot of content to maintain specific pacing. The anime introduces the characters while barely allowing for the character development contained in the manga. Therefore, fans of the story should pick up the manga to read what they missed.

The good news is that the second season slowed down the pacing significantly, adapting only 27 chapters. Most of the episodes adapted only two chapters instead of three episodes like the first season, which adapted 36 chapters.

The titles of the We Never Learn episodes were named after the manga chapters (which are listed as “Questions”). Here’s a guide for what Bokuben S2 episodes’ titles corresponded to which chapter (please see our older article for a similar guide for Season 1):

  • S2 Episode 1 named after Chapter 44/45 “He and a Genius Each Consider a Decision Pertaining to [X]” and adapts Chapters 44, 50
  • S2 Episode 2 named after Chapter 54 “At Times, an Elder’s Pride Is in Direct Opposition to [X]’s Circumstances” and adapts Chapters 54, 56
  • S2 Episode 3 named after Chapter 51 “With the Changing Seasons, a Genius Experiences the Sorrow of [X]” and adapts Chapters 51, 62
  • S2 Episode 4 named after Chapter 59 “Sometimes a Genius Struggles with a Limited [X]” and adapts Chapters 57, 59
  • S2 Episode 5 named after Chapter 78 “A Heartfelt Gift Sometimes Becomes a Complicated [X]” and adapts Chapters 78, 79
  • S2 Episode 6 named after Chapter 61 “Wherefore Might They Fathom the Aspirations of the Immediate [X]” and adapts Chapters 80, 61
  • S2 Episode 7 named after Chapter 81 “A Genius Secretly Responds with [X] to Their Conjectures” and adapts Chapters 81, 75
  • S2 Episode 8 named after Chapter 76 “The Flow of [X] Never Ends…” and adapts Chapters 63, 76
  • S2 Episode 9 named after Chapter 85 “The Star of Ultimate Love and the Name of [X] (Part 1)” and adapts Chapters 85, 86
  • S2 Episode 10 named after Chapter 87 “The Star of Ultimate Love and the Name of [X] (Part 2)” and adapts Chapters 87, 88, 89
  • S2 Episode 11 named after Chapter 65 “[X] Descends Like Wildfire At The Festival’s Beginning” and adapts Chapters 64, 65
  • S2 Episode 12 named after Chapter 67 “[X] Treads a Thorny Path as the Festivities Continue…” and adapts Chapters 66, 67
  • S2 Episode 13 named after Chapter 69 “A Post-Festival Celebration of [X], Both Dazzling And Lonely” and adapts Chapters 68, 69

The first season mixed up the ordering of events a little during the final two episodes. Similarly, the second season did the same, with many episodes jumping back and forth between Volumes 6 through 11 instead of being adapted in linear order.

As you can see, We Never Learn Season 2 picked up with the story again in Bokutachi wa Benkyo ga Dekinai Volume 6, jumped all the way up to Volume 11, but the final episode was based on the Cultural Festival story arc, which ended in Volume 8.

As previously noted, the major issue is that the last five minutes of the final episode introduced a time skip where the ending of the story is briefly hinted at.

Therefore, it’s possible but unlikely that We Never Learn Season 3 could pick up again with Chapter 90 of Volume 11, but the third season could also back up a bit to adapt previously skipped chapters.

All in all, there is plenty of source material for creating We Never Learn: Bokuben Season 3. By the end of 2019, there will be over 150 chapters and only 63 (or 65, including OVA 1) have been adapted into anime episodes.

English-only manga fans can read the skipped chapters as they release in 2020. Alternatively, it’s possible to catch up using fan-made scanlation projects that are online.

We Never Learn OVA 2 episode creates an original wedding story

A 25-minute long We Never Learn: Bokuben OVA episode was packaged with the special edition of manga Volume 14, which released on November 1, 2019. On top of that, Volume 16, which releases on April 3, 2020, will receive a second OVA episode that is 25 minutes long.

The story for the first We Never Learn OVA episode is based on manga chapters 48 and 49. To summarize, it’s beach antics when Nariyuki Yuiga and Asumi Kominami fake a beach date because her father complained that they hadn’t gone to the beach once during the summer.

Not to be outdone, Mafuyu Kirisu also makes a showing (or tries not to) when she accidentally loses her bikini top when a crab pulls it off!

We Never Learn OVA 2 will be an original story, and manga creator Taishi Tsutsui will be involved in the production in an advisory role. The crazy part is that all five main female characters will be involved in a wedding ceremony!

We Never Learn: Bokuben Season 3 release date

As of the last update, Shueisha, Aniplex, Studio Silver, Arvo Animation, or any company related to the production of the anime has not officially confirmed the We Never Learn Season 3 release date. Nor has the production of a sequel been announced.

Once the news is officially confirmed this article will be updated with the relevant information. In the meantime, it’s possible to speculate about when, or if, the We Never Learn: Bokuben Season 3 premiere date will occur in the future.

To determine the likelihood of future seasons, we can consider the tale of two anime — both of which have the premise of a tutor working with multiple beautiful yet academically hopeless women. Bokuben Season and The Quintessential Quintuplets Season 2 were both renewed very quickly, but which series has the potential to be renewed until the true ending?

Both were popular on Crunchyroll, but the Quints managed to break 7,563 Blu-Ray sales on the Oricon charts in the first week. The Bokuben Volume 1 Blu-Ray release did not perform nearly as well, only pulling in 1,165 sales. The second season’s discs won’t release until late December 2019, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the numbers were similar.

Now, streaming revenue is the largest determining factor in whether an anime production committee will greenlight a second season, not Blu-Ray sales, so that’s the good news. The bad news was Season 2’s original ending, so it’s possible that the streaming revenue was not good enough to justify We Never Learn: Bokuben Season 3 and beyond.

We Never Learn Bokuben Manga Girls
Who will Nariyuki Yuiga choose in the end? Pic credit: Taishi Tsutsui

Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Season 3 spoilers (Plot summary/Synopsis)

Note: Assuming that the anime’s story has ended completely, these spoilers should be treated as manga spoilers.

One of the biggest drivers for the TV show is that it’s not apparent who Nariyuki Yugai will end up with. Each of the five female leads received story arcs, but it’s not yet clear who will be the primary love interest… at least in the manga.

Most of the manga chapters tend to be self-contained stories, which is why the anime can get away with skipping so many chapters without mangling the plot. Then there are story arcs spanning several chapters that have been consistently adapted by the anime. In recent volumes, there have been many multi-part stories focused on certain girls.

Near the beginning of the manga, Rizu Ogata seemed like she was being set up as the obvious frontrunner. Rizu even had “first girl” status by being featured at the top of the first panel right next to a drooling Fumino Furuhashi.

But Rizu has failed to rank well in We Never Learn popularity polls in both Japan and the Western world. In fact, poor Rizu has often been close to tying with Asumi Kominami as the least “best girl”. So, it’s possible the manga creator will defy the obvious choice and go with another girl.

Now, the real question is if Tsutsui will go the path already paved by the Domestic Girlfriend anime or Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher!? It just so happens that Sensei Mafuyu Kirisu dominates the popularity polls for best girl — and one of the next major story arcs covered by We Never Learn Season 3 will focus on the teacher.

Called The Ice Flower Dances with [X] at Twilight, the three-part arc tells of Kirisu’s earlier life as a high school student. She competed as an aspiring professional figure skater due to her parent’s expectations.

But Kirisu just wanted to live an average teenage life and rebelled against her parent’s wishes due to a teacher that she admired.

Kirisu not only gave up figure skating, but she also left home and decided to follow in the footsteps of her Sensei by becoming a teacher herself. She even connected with a student and tried to support that person’s dreams.

But trying to be like another person caused her student’s dreams to fail. It’s then that she realized that she couldn’t be the same type of teacher. Now in the present, Mafuyu-Sensei can’t choose between remaining a teacher or becoming a figure skater again.

And, of course, Nariyuki finds himself involved.

Unfortunately, anime fans will have to wait until the We Never Learn Season 3 release date to see how the rom-com harem drama pans out. (Or, you can go pick up the manga.) Stay tuned!

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