Where is Milly Thompson in Trigun Stampede? Roberto de Niro character has fans worried about genderbent Milly, ‘damsel in distress’ Meryl Stryfe

Trigun Stampede key visual and original character designs for Milly Thomspon and Meryl Stryfe.
Trigun Stampede key visual and original character designs for Milly Thomspon and Meryl Stryfe. Pic credit: @trigun-anime.com and @tumblr

The Trigun Stampede release date is confirmed for January 2023.

On October 14, 2022, the staff for the anime adaptation reboot of Yasuhiro Nightow’s Trigun manga released a new Trigun Stampede trailer 2 and unveiled a new key visual that show some drastic changes to the original characters and basic story that many fans aren’t really happy with.

You can see the new key visual here:

Trigun Stampede key visual.
Trigun Stampede key visual. Pic credit: trigun-anime.com

Right away Trigun fans noticed that a very important character was missing from the key visual: Milly Thompson. In the original Trigun manga and anime adaptation, Milly Thompson and her friend Meryl Stryfe were insurance agents working for the Bernardelli Insurance Society, who were tasked with seeking out the “Humanoid Typhoon”, which was causing their company so much strife.

Basically, once Meryl and Milly finally managed to track Vash down their job was to keep him out of trouble so that the Bernardelli Insurance Society wouldn’t have to keep paying people money when their homes got destroyed in the chaos and destruction unwittingly caused by Vash. 

The official Trigun Stampede website also doesn’t have Milly listed as one of the characters. Apparently, Milly has been replaced with the character Roberto de Niro, who is a drunken veteran reporter.

Meryl’s job has also been changed from being an insurance agent to being a “rookie reporter”. Both Roberto and Meryl are after the big scoop on the “Humanoid Typhoon”. But once they find him why would they continue to follow him around like Meryl and Milly did in the original story, if they’re just reporters after a single interview?

Milly Thompson fan art.
Milly Thompson fan art. Pic credit: @solidgrafi.deviantart.com

Who will Nicholas D. Wolfwood fall in love with?

Replacing Milly with Roberto de Niro also means that the sweet and tragic love story, which occurs between Nicholas D. Wolfwood and Milly will never happen in the remake. Will Nicholas fall in love with Roberto instead? Another possibility is that Milly may appear later on as a lone insurance agent. But it’s sad to think that the dynamic duo of Milly with her enormous stun gun and Meryl with her nifty derringers will be no more.

Meryl appears to be armed with only a camera. This has me worried that Meryl will end up being a “damsel in distress” in the reboot, whereas in the original Trigun manga and anime Meryl was a powerful woman, who stood on her own two feet. There were also several occasions where she helped Vash get out of trouble due to her trusty derringers. How will Meryl be able to help Vash in all of the dangerous situations he finds himself in now if she only has a camera? Is the press really that terrifying in this new reboot world?

You can watch the new trailer here:

Trigun Stampede trailer.

Trigun Stampede is really A.U. Trigun fanfiction

After watching the Trigun Stampede trailer the reboot clearly has an overall feeling of being an A.U. Trigun fanfiction animated story. Vash is still a gunslinger, who doesn’t want to kill people, but everyone else has drastically changed.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood is apparently an undertaker and not a priest. Does that mean he no longer has his portable confession booth? That would be a real shame! The portal confession booth was hilarious. He’s also seen wearing what appears to be a Zorro mask in the key visual, but in the trailer, they appear to be dark sunglasses.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood’s original rugged look was much better in my opinion than this new hipster-wannabe look. I think the original Nicholas would think this new Nicholas was trying too hard to be “cool”. Hijikata from Gintama also wants his hairstyle back.

Meryl is now a feisty reporter and not a sharp-shooting insurance agent. Milly has been genderbent into Roberto de Niro, and her job has been changed from insurance agent to veteran reporter. Milly has also become a drunk. Maybe they wanted to have a love triangle between Meryl, Roberto, and Vash in this new reboot and that’s why they made these crazy changes.

Trigun Stampede does look like it will be an entertaining anime to watch, but personally, as someone who is familiar with the original anime and manga I won’t feel like I’m watching Trigun, but another new anime entirely. The “Vash” in this reboot could easily be Vash’s son. In fact, if this new Vash was the original Vash’s son, the new Nicolas was the old Nicolas’s son, Roberto was Milly’s son, and the new Meryl was the original Meryl’s daughter this entire anime would make much more sense. Really, they should rename this anime Trigun Descendants or perhaps Trigun Scions.

Are you looking forward to the anime Trigun Stampede? What do you think about the new changes? Love them? Hate them? Let us know in the comment section below!

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