Wolf Children anime 10th anniversary celebrated with special art

Hana with her two wolf children.
Hana with her two wolf children. Pic credit: Studio Chizu

Ten years after its 2012 premiere in Japan, Mamoru Hosoda’s film ‘Wolf Children’ celebrates its 10th anniversary on July, 22 2022.

Studio Chizu took to its official Twitter account to publish a special memorial illustration to commemorate the remarkable fantasy film’s anniversary. The work is credited to Takaaki Yamashita and Hiroshi Ohno who are the anime director and art director of the film respectively. 

The award-winning film was Mamoru Hosoda’s second anime feature film under his direction with Studio Chizu production and has since received an outpour of fan love after its release in Japan ten years ago. 

Wolf Children 10th-anniversary special illustration

The impressive illustration displays a bright, flowery scenery with a glowy view similar to the emotions the film emits. Additionally, the poster showcases the three main characters in the film, Hana (the wife of the wolf man and mother of the wolf children), Yuki (Ame’s older sister and the daughter of Hana and the Wolf Man), Ame (the son of the Wolf Man and Hana and the younger brother of Yuki). Check out the calming poster below:

Hana and her wolf children in a field.
Hana and her wolf children in a field. Pic credit: Studio Chizu

Fans of the anime welcomed the posters’ new release with excitement as the movie received worldwide recognition for its superb storytelling, animation, and design by character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, etc.). 

Wolf Children movie synopsis, awards and more

The romance and fantasy story takes a 13-year course that centers on Hana (Aoi Miyazaki), a 19-year-old student who falls in love and moves in with Wolf man (Takao Osawa).

They welcome their first child Yuki and later on Ame. Both children are mix breeds. As a crossbreed family, they live a happy and solitary lifestyle in the city while trying to conceal their identity.

However, their lives change with the sudden death of the Wolf man. Hana, left alone to protect her children, moves the family to a rural town to escape exposure where they try to navigate their new environment.

Wolf Children was successful at the box office in Japan, beating out Pixar’s Brave in its first week, and went on to win Animation of the Year at the Japanese Academy Awards 2013 and Best Animation Film at the Mainichi Film Concours. The film also received recognition at the Vancouver International Film Festival 2013, Tokyo International Film Festival 2016, and recently at the Melbourne International Film Festival 2021. The film is available to watch and stream on Funimation

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