Yosuga no Sora anime celebrates Kiss Day 2022 in Japan with TV marathon on May 23rd

Haruka Kasugano from the anime Yosuga no Sora kisses 4 different girls.
Haruka Kasugano kisses 4 different girls in the anime Yosuga no Sora. Pic credit: Feel Studio

In Japan, May 23rd has been dubbed a holiday called “Kiss Day” or “Kisu no hi” in memory of the first ever release of a Japanese movie that included a kiss scene. My, how scandalous!

One may ask what movie that was? The movie that was released on May 23, 1946 was titled Hatachi no Seishun.

The website Abema will be streaming all 12 episodes of the romance anime Yosuga no Sora on its Anime Live2 Channel in honor of this special day. The marathon stream will be held three times a day from 2 PM to 1 AM. Abema also plans to stream other animes that had memorable kisses and the archive will be available to watch for free for a week afterward. Outlaw Star better make their list!

The live Japanese TV streaming website Abema is owned by the entertainment company Abema TV Inc. Abema provides over-the-top media services to customers primarily in Japan. The website acts as an online television network and includes multiple channels such as anime, entertainment, sports, and news. Most channels are available to watch for free but there is an option to become a premium member, which allows viewing past programs on demand.

From adult “visual novel” game to manga and then anime

Yosuga no Sora is a Japanese romance, drama, and adult visual novel developed by CUFFS (“Sphere”). On December 5, 2008, the game was released for Windows.

Due to its popularity Yosuga no Sora was adapted into a serialized manga and received an anime series. On October 24, 2009 a fan disk titled Haruka no Sora was released. The fan disk included new stories for several characters from the original game.

In 2015, Crunchyroll added the series to its streaming library. In 2016, the anime was released on Blu-ray by Media Blasters.

In four alternate universes Haruka falls for four different girls

The story centers on the Kasugano twins, who are tragically orphaned when their parents die in a car accident. They decide to move to the countryside where they have fond memories to live with their grandfather and hope to rebuild their family.

The twins may look very similar on the outside, but they could not be more different on the inside. The fact that their personalities are so different starts to cause them problems as they try to make new friends in the area that have certain expectations about the ways they should be behaving.

While living in the distant mountain village of Okukozome-cho, Haruka Kasugano finds himself reminiscing about the brighter past a lot as he struggles to find the spiritual strength he needs to take care of and protect his ailing twin sister, Sora. Sora may have poor health and a petite physique, but she is a spunky girl.

As the story develops three more girls enter the picture – each with their own unique story. The rich, pampered yet kind Kazuha Migiwa, the polite but sad Akira Amatsume, and the depressed but hopeful Nao Yorihime.

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