This Yu-Gi-Oh cosplay perfectly reenacts Joey’s chin

Joseph wheeler (Joey). Picture of his infamous jaw.
The face of Joseph Wheeler, aka Joey. Pic credit: Toei Animation

One unexpected Yu-Gi-Oh cosplay has gone viral on social media for flawlessly emulating Joey’s now-famous chin!

Kazuki Takahashi’s classic manga franchise has grown significantly since its inception. Yu-Gi-oh was initially intended to be a much darker series with magical death sports. The series took a huge turn after card games were added to the mix and became the series’ new core.

As a result, it has spawned many sequels and multiple editions of a real-life trading card game. But it wouldn’t have gotten this far if it hadn’t been for the original appeal.

The sensational Yu-Gi-Oh cosplay

The original cast of characters, who left an impression on fans in one way or another, is at the center of all this success. This is particularly true for Joey, who has moved on to enjoy a new life well beyond the conclusion of the anime and manga, owing to fans who have always emphasized his aggressively pointy chin.

Now, artist pumpkin6non on Twitter has gone viral with admirers for pulling off not just a flawless costume, but also the iconic chin. Take a look at it below:

If you want to see more of Joey’s chin firsthand, the whole original manga run by Kazuki Takahashi is now available with a paid membership in Viz Media‘s digital Shonen Jump vault. The anime is now available to view on Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

Joseph Wheeler Yu-Gi-Oh character background

Joey began as a rough, tough child trying to make it through the terrible streets. He also tormented Yugi since he was younger, stealing a component of Yugi’s unfinished Millenium Puzzle. But, after Yugi risked his life to protect him and Tristan from Ushio, Joey returned the final puzzle piece to Yugi, and the two became friends.

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Joey devotes himself to Dueling in the second season after receiving a video message from his sister, Serenity [Shizuka], who is losing her vision.

Their parents got separated, and the two of them had previously lived with one of their parents. Joey knows of just one way to earn a lot of money: the prize money from the Duelist Kingdom Tournament. He plans to use it for his sister, which is her sole chance for permanent eyesight. When Yugi learns of this, he offers Joey one of his two Star chips, allowing him to compete for the prize money.

Joey was immersed in the competition after releasing the vanquished Weevil Underwood from his dueling gauntlet.

Joey’s name appears on a screen as Jyonouchi in episode 187. Because it’s intended to be an actual joke. Yu-Jyo is derived from the initial syllables of Yugi and Jyounouchi, resulting in the Japanese term Unity, which is the show’s central theme.

What are your thoughts? Did you like Joey in the original Yu-Gi-Oh series? What is his place among your favorite characters from the series? Leave your thoughts on Yu-Gi-Oh and this incredible cosplay in the comments!

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