One Punch Man Chapter 175 introduces the new villain Tsukuyomi that’s manga original

The new mysterious villain in One Punch Man

One-Punch Man Chapter 175 of the manga series defied readers’ expectations by introducing a brand-new enemy for the main character Saitama. The enigmatic group of espers (those with psychic abilities) going by the name of Tsukuyomi is currently headed straight for everyone’s favorite bald hero. Saitama’s new esper enemies One-Punch Man Chapter 175 tells readers … Read more

FaZe Clan x Naruto Shippuden clothing, PC gear collab unveils new Shinobi-worthy gear

Naruto finally bonding with Kurama

Although Naruto Uzumaki may have outlived his prime, the anime has endured for many years since its release. Even today, new collectibles and spin-offs are still being produced based on the popular series. Fans received some FaZe Clan merchandise earlier in May 2022.   We have now received the second batch of merchandise from the FaZe Clan … Read more

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Disney Plus streaming deal announced – Will Hulu USA stream in the United States?

Takemitchy being hopeful after being beaten up as usual.

As the Tokyo Revengers anime TV show prepares to make its triumphant comeback with the release of Tokyo Revengers Season 2: Christmas Showdown Arc in early 2023, the Walt Disney Company has now revealed that the series will be heading to Disney+ and other premium streaming services across the world! Because it differed from many … Read more

The Slam Dunk movie unveils new teaser video

The First Slam Dunk movie character poster.

A new teaser video for the upcoming Slam Dunk movie has been released, giving fans a fresh look at the upcoming film in motion! Slam Dunk will be making a massive comeback with a new feature film hitting theaters throughout Japan later this 2022! One of the most well-known sports series of all time has … Read more

Why Sakura is useless and the most disliked Naruto character, according to fans

Sakura caught under Kakashi's Genjutsu

The Naruto series is seeing a boom in popularity due to October 2022 being the anime’s 20th anniversary. As they recall their favorite episodes from the venerable series, fans worldwide enjoy the nostalgia. Regrettably, this remembrance has also caused many to recall some of their least favorite characters, one of which is Sakura Haruno. A lot still … Read more

Why the Boruto series will probably never live up to the success of Naruto

Kid Naruto and Boruto eating at Ichiraku ramen.

With its spectacular ninja moves, thrilling action sequences, and occasionally heartbreaking tales, the anime series Naruto and its follow-up sequel, Naruto Shippuden, captivated the anime community’s interest and affection in 2002. With more than 250 million copies of its manga reaching bookstores worldwide and an average sales per volume of 3.47 million, it is still … Read more