Shangri-La Frontier anime production confirmed by PV trailer

Shangri-La Frontier

Gamer and anime fans unite because Shangri-La Frontier is getting an anime! Shonen Magazine News on Twitter confirmed this on June 29, 2022. Unfortunately, that’s all they’ve confirmed, but if it turns out to be as good as the animation in the PV, then I’ll have no complaints. What do we know about Shangri-La Frontier? … Read more

Uzumaki anime delayed again for production reasons


On June 24, 2022, the Uzumaki Anime Production Team sent a Tweet on their official account stating that the anime adaptation of Uzumaki is being delayed again. The reason stated is they want to take more time to adapt as good as possible before releasing it to the public. In other words, they want to … Read more

Mashle manga ending soon? Final arc in Volume 12 confirmed by Mashle: Magic and Muscles creator Hajime Komoto

Mashle Logo

The Mashle: Magic and Muscles manga’s ending is coming up now that Mashle manga creator Hajime Komoto has officially confirmed that the series is entering its final arc starting with Mashle Volume 12. The announcement was made in the Afterword section of Mashle Volume 11. (Coincidentally, the Mashle anime TV show was officially confirmed by … Read more