About Us

Anime Geek is an anime news publishing website focused on the Japanese and Asian entertainment industry on a global scale. We are a subsidiary, or sister site, of Monsters and Critics.

We bring you the latest news about anime, manga, manhwa, light novels, merch, and music. Launched in January 2022, we offer critical reviews and analyses of seasonal anime episodes. Our focus is on predicting what will come next in the anime world based on our insider sources and insight into the industry.

Our goal is to bring anime fans what they want while enjoying our work. After all, as one otaku once said, “I work since I have expensive hobbies.”

We are currently expanding and seeking to hire a team of anime news writers.

Please contact us at [email protected] for details. “Believe it!”


Patrick Frye — Editor

Darien Aris Kirst — Writer

Demos Antypas — Writer

Maja Djordjevic — Writer

Nubia Brice — Writer

Samantha Clough — Writer

Vishwas Kochar — Writer


Anjel Cohen — Writer

Jason Collins — Writer

Julia Kroeper — Writer

Michael Pao — Writer