Overlord Seasons 1- 4 review: Best isekai I’ve ever watched!

Visuals from Overlord Season 4
Ains Ooal Gown in Overlord Season 4. Pic credit: Studio Madhouse

In an age where most of the upcoming titles are isekai, there is one that rises above the rest. Does it have mistakes?

Are they major? Not to me, and this review is about all four seasons of Overlord. If you haven’t watched the final episode, do it.

Do it now. Because even though Overlord Season 4 has followed the same formula as the rest. The ending is still shocking in the best way possible!

Overlord 4 anime
The key visual for the Overlord Season 4 anime was released in December 2021. Pic credit: Studio Madhouse

A journey into true evil?

One of the many debates in Overlord is if Ainz is evil. And after watching four seasons, the safe answer is yes.

If you are not part of Nazarick, if you don’t have anything Ainz wants or needs, and if you cross him, you’re dead. However, you might be able to survive if you’re a Player or know of one, especially if it’s one of his guildmates.

But only a tiny portion of people will fit any of these requirements. So the best way to ensure survival is to prostrate yourself in front of him, no questions asked.

If he lets you because Ainz isn’t interested in collecting weaklings, he sometimes wants you dead. It doesn’t matter if you did something.

You’ll die if your death serves a greater purpose for Ainz’s goal. And sometimes death is better.

Since Ainz can resurrect you and has plenty of minions who know how to torture, a quick death may be your best option.

Mysteries that still need to be solved

The anime does a great job of moving the plot forward without needing to info dump or have filler. Such as how Ainz and the Great Tomb were transported to a new world, how Ainz became fused with his character, whether there are any other players from his generation in this world, and what’s going to happen if Ainz ever gets an actual opponent?!

It’s disappointing that we’ve only seen Ainz in a tight spot twice across four seasons. The first being against a brainwashed Shalltear and the second against the Dragon Lord’s puppet, Riku.

All the other encounters were dealt with little to no problem once Ainz decided to act. However, seeing him lose his cool when the Tomb was invaded was satisfying.

But even then, it was always under control. Ainz is rarely surprised by his opponents, and it seems he can take over the world.

The ending to Overlord Season 4 was perfect!

Renner may be my favorite princess of all time. Ever since her introduction and watching her character development has been a blast.

She is one of the rare humans with the floor guardians’ attention, and she’s now a demon! What kind isn’t clear, but we know it must be pretty good since the item to transform her was The Seed of the Fallen.

Albedo gave it to her in episode 41, and Albedo gave her a second one so she could turn Climb into a demon. I did feel bad for Climb, but I loved the mind game Ainz played with him during their duel.

There’s another way for Renner to have blood on her hands, and Albedo smirked when Climb accused Ainz of murdering the king. But the best part was Renner’s song.

The lyrics flowed into the scene and showed how depraved she truly is. Will we see a demon Climb in the upcoming movie?

I don’t know, but we need more Overlord to show the rest of the isekai how it’s done!

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