Sword Art Online Re: Aincrad manga is coming in 2022

Sword Art Online
Kirito and Asuna are enjoying a meal. Pic credit: A-1 Pictures

Sword Art Online is back with Sword Art Online Re: Aincrad, a retelling of the Aincrad arc from SAO Season 1 in a new omnibus manga addition.

SAO will forever be one of the anime that people will hate or love, and the various manga adaptations haven’t fared any better. Does this mean we should ignore this new offering? No.

The Aincrad arc was the main event and is still being returned to or referenced in multiple seasons. And like many fans, I thought Aincard was season 1.

But I was wrong, and I’m ok with the Fairy Dance arc. It’s not my favorite, but it won’t appear in the Re: Aincrad books. And despite the flaws in the anime, we can all find something to love in the Aincrad arc.

Cover of Sword Art Online Re: Aincrad. Pic credit: Kadokawa

What is Sword Art Online Re: Aincrad?

Re: Aincrad is a retelling of the Aincrad arc, but it has both Aincrad volumes and a new side story that never made it into the anime called Hajiri no Hi. The SAO Re: Aincard manga will tell events in chronological order, including the timeslips.

Kou Kawahara and Mito Sato are bringing this version to life, and it looks like it’ll be an enjoyable read. Sword Art Online Re: Aincrad is currently only available in Japan.

If you’re like me and can’t wait to dive into it, check out the other 11 manga adaptations, or try some of the light novels and novels. There’s plenty of SAO content to choose from!

The future of Sword Art Online is bright.

Are you one of the fans who’d rather play a game than read/watch one? Not a problem because SAO has 15 games available, and a 16th is right around the corner.

Do you love live-action adaptations? Netflix purchased the rights to produce a live-action series back in February 2018. I don’t usually like live-action adaptations, but I’m interested in this one.

In case this is your first time hearing about Sword Art Online, here is the plot of the Aincrad arc. In 2022, 10,000 players logged into Aincrad, a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.

Using a device called a NerveGear, players wore a headset and lie down to play. But several hours later, the players realized that they couldn’t log out, and that’s when they were transported to The Town of Beginnings and met a cloaked figure.

The person claimed to be the game’s creator, and they’re all trapped inside it. If they want to exit the game, someone has to beat all 100 floors of Aincrad Castle.

Each floor contains a boss battle and various events, but if they die in the game, someone removes their helmet, or they’re disconnected from the game’s servers. They die.

But all is not lost because out of the 10,000; there are 1,000 beta testers with in-depth knowledge of the game. And our main character Kirito is one of them.

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