Blue Orchestra anime releases video featuring magnificent violin music by Ryota Higashi

Blue Orchestra key visual and picture of Ryota Higashi

On October 23, 2022, NHK’s official twitter account promoted the upcoming anime adaptation of Makoto Akui’s Ao no Orchestra (The Blue Orchestra) manga by releasing a promotional video, featuring Ryota Higashi playing uplifting violin music for the character Hajime Aono. Blue Orchestra will premiere on the NHK Educational TV channel in Japan in April 2023! … Read more

Ao No Orchestra anime has John Williams composing the Blue Orchestra anime music OST

Aono main character of Ao no Orchestra anime

Author Akui Makoto stated that the manga Ao No Orchestra manga or (Blue Orchestra) would be adapted into an anime via his official Twitter account. The project’s production was also verified by the official Twitter account of the service sleeve one, but no production information, anticipated Blue Orchestra anime release date, or format (TV series, … Read more